Black Erotica

South Beach Sex Magic


I was out in Miami doing a photo shoot. The weather was gorgeous, sunny, and warm. I was shirtless, garbed in long white shorts and matching white/ black-cement grey Air Jordan IV sneakers. The woman I photographed for my double summer edition of Goodfella$ magazine was sexy-ass Latina Havana Ginger.

She was short with olive skin and big brown eyes! I liked her slim body and 34D tits! She wore a lavender top and thong bikini. Havana was fierce with her posing and the onlookers cheered.

“Baby girl, remove your top,” I ordered.

“Alright,” she said delightedly.

Havana removed her top and exposed her big dark brown areolas. They looked like small pancakes. The crowd went crazy as they whistled and clapped. Havana smiled and laughed, and her poses were incredible! I gazed at Havana’s wet thong that made me have a prominent erection. I began to fantasize myself making love to Havana on this hot beach under the sunset.

After the shoot, Havana put on a long, plush, white robe. Even covered up, she still looked sexy from the shoulders down!

“You were great out there!” I told her.

Havana smiled and said, “Thanks! I really had a great time. I can’t believe I’m going to appear in a magazine.”

“Believe it, because you’re a star now.” I felt. “Look at all the admirers you have out here cheering for you. It was awesome!”

I leaned forward and pressed my lips firmly against Havana’s lips. Our tongues danced to a nice rhythm. I felt her soul melt in my warm mouth. What a kiss!

Later on that evening, we were in my drop-top powder blue Bentley Continental GT cruising up the dark Miami streets. We decided to go out and celebrate. After a short ride, we arrived at the nightclub. We walked inside and were instantly the center of attention. We took pictures with the fans of Goodfellas magazine. Havana enjoyed the attention and love she got from both sexes.

On the dance floor, Havana and I had a great time. We had enough space on the floor to bump and grind like sex-starved freaks. The energy felt perfect that I did not want to stop dancing with Havana.

After about four hours of partying hard, we left the nightspot and began heading back to my suite. In the Bentley, the rap music blared that still had us in a party mood. Havana laughed about what we did in the club and the kiss we had on the beach. I loved the loud roar of Havana’s laughter. Damn, it sounded so sexy!

In my suite, we relaxed on the white leather sofa, watching television. Havana pulled off her short top and dropped to her knees. With a naughty smile on her face, she slowly took off my pants and boxers. My dick was in the warm, wet confines of Havana’s mouth and throat. I felt like she sucked me in as my feet lifted from the floor.

I began ripping off her clothes like a crazed maniac. I loved her body because it just exuded sexiness. She sat there nude with one finger in her mouth sucking it erotically. I gazed at Havana’s wet perfectly trimmed pussy.

“Do you like what you see, babe?” she asked. “Come and get it.”

“You know I am, baby girl!” I responded.

I went down on her, licked her clitoris gently, and fingered it. Havana closed her eyes and moaned. She licked her lips and then shrieked. I knew I was doing a great job pleasing her! Havana’s body shook wildly.

“Oh, you’re going to make me cum!” she hollered.

I pushed my tongue deep in her pussy. Havana screamed and climaxed. Her love juice poured down my tongue. Havana got up and ran to the master bedroom. I was right behind her and Havana dove in the bed. Smiling, I got on top of Havana and she laughed uncontrollably holding me tight. I gazed into her big brown eyes. I was yearning for her love. I felt her inserting my dick between her legs.

“Oh, it feels good inside you!” I told Havana.

“Oooh, daddy, be gentle with this pussy,” she expressed.

I chuckled. “You know I will.”

I was fucking Havana slowly while palming her breasts. Little by little, I picked up the pace and developed a nice rhythm. Havana moved up and down on my dick like an elevator.

“Oh my God, look at that shit!” Havana murmured, watching my dick move in and out of her pussy. “Damn, that fucking dick! Oh, fuck me! Right there, daddy.” She moaned. “Oh, you’re hurting me, but it feels so good! Tear this pussy up.”

I slowly entered Havana’s perfect ass, going in and out, gradually picking up the pace. The faster and harder I went, the wilder Havana had gotten. She moaned and screamed in ecstasy. I fucked her ass faster. Havana’s cried of pleasure grew frantic. I felt her have multiple orgasms as her love box milked my dick.

I had my way with Havana sexy body. When we finally climaxed, I felt so exuberant! I stood by the window taking in the view of South Beach. Then I stared at Havana and admired her beauty. She lay in the bed, curled in a ball completely spent from the sex. What a night in Miami!

Copyright © 2010-2014 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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