Black Erotica

The King of New York & The Predator In Paradise

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It was the last weekend of the summer and I was on vacation at Seychelles with one of my best friends, the avowed lesbian Monica “the Predator”. We never had dull moments while hanging out and I anticipated us to end the summer 2015 with a huge BANG!!!

At the beach in La Digue, we were lounging on granite boulders sipping on coconut drinks and bopping our heads to Bananarama’s classic 1983 song, “Cruel Summer”. The warmth of the summer and the fresh cool breeze coming from the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean relieved us of the weariness.

“This is paradise!” I said. “I love chillin’ on the beach, with a drink in my hand watching the tides! Such scenes like this don’t make me miss New York though. I can’t believe the summer is about to end! This is by far the remarkably short summer of my life!”

“It did fly by quickly!” Monica agreed. “I’m not complaining; it has been great for me! If you are not having fun, you are an undead, booo!” She laughed and I smiled back at her. “Life is all about enjoying every second of time. I can say I’ve lived a great life when I leave here!”

Clad in a rainbow-colored bikini, Monica looked amazing sporting her black close-cropped hair and rainbow-tinted aviators! Since knowing her, Monica remained in tremendous physical shape. Boxing, crossfitting, and wild sex with her girlfriends kept Monica’s body toned and lithe as a granite sculpture. I teased Monica that she could be the next WWE Diva.

“Monica, we’ve always been honest to each other,” I continued. “We double-teamed the nymphs over the years. What do you think was our greatest pussy conquest?”

“Ahh, that’s a rather serious question Maestro! Well, Namitha Kapoor was yummy! I enjoyed Mya Jane, too! Plainly, I love them all!”

I grinned. “You’re a bad girl! Yeah, they were both hot! For me, Namitha was on the top! We fucked her to the ultimate gratification!”

“She was the yummiest peach!” Monica confessed. “I wish I were still in contact with her! I know Samantha wouldn’t mind me sharing with her!”

“I know she wouldn’t!”

“But Samantha’s still my dream lover!” Monica confirmed. “Maré, you banged just as many girls as I have! Who is your greatest lover, by the way?”

I was not expecting that question from Monica. My sex life had been great. I banged porn stars, models, and dancers. As I recalled, faces whirled one after the other in my head. It felt like my mind was playing sex clips of the delicacies, vulnerably open.

“Tazzy is arguably my greatest lover!” I replied. “We have the best sex! All of my sexual encounters with her have been awesome! We could fuck for hours! You know, I had a wet dream about you and her! It was hot!”

“Ewww, you must be kidding!” Monica responded.

“Why, y’all two were over each other! Now, that would have been an epic lesbian porn scene if it was real!” I wisecracked.

“You never know, your greatest lover may be the prey I’d be devouring sometime!” Monica said, giving me a wink.

We went on a boat trip around La Digue. Then we did some snorkeling that was fun. We took so many selfies and pictures that captured the beauty of the island and our watery adventure. We immediately posted the exclusive pictures on our Instagram and Tumblr accounts.


Later that evening, we went to a restaurant called Snack Bellevue for dinner. From the center of the eatery, the view of the islands of La Digue and Praslin looked awesome. The water reminded me of a mirror because I evidently saw my reflection.

After sipping on some palm wine, we had an amazing three-course meal that consisted of cold cuts, cooked fish, lobsters, and ice cream. Perhaps, I ate too much. Thanks to Monica, the service was extra great. The short brunette female waiter, with starlet’s smile, thought she was Ruby Rose and the manager let us eat free. Yet I tipped $100 to the waiter for that wonderful service.

Surveying the restaurant, I located a duo of blonde-haired women sitting in the far back; they were staring at us. When I made eye contact with them, they started giggling catching Monica’s attention like a shot.

“Do you know them, Maestro?” She asked me.

“Not really,” I said. “They just keep looking at us, probably desiring to enact their Ruby Rose fantasy!”

Monica laughed, playfully hitting me in the chest. “They’d be wanting the company of Shemar Moore then! You’re the king of New York! They are kind of cute!”

With a sultry smile on her face, Monica motioned the blond-haired women to come to our table and complied with her. It really was amazing, the effect that Monica had on so many women. The sexy blondes introduced themselves as Kenzie Taylor and Viola Paige. The former was an attractive blonde starlet who recently made a splash in the adult industry. Blessed with mesmerizing blue eyes and the body of a Barbie doll, she had those appealing bubbly looks. The latter was a short, busty blond-haired Latvian with hazel eyes. She was also a popular adult erotic model and porn star. Her smile and friendly demeanor really stood out. She was one of those young girls I could see myself partying with in the nightclubs and fucking.

“Y’all make a hot couple!” Kenzie complemented us.

Monica laughed. “No, not a couple hun! We’re just friends!”

“Yes, she’s my homie!” I added.

“There is just one thing we have in common,” Monica remarked dryly. “He’s into girls and so-I AM!”

Kenzie and Viola gasped in admiration. I could see the effect of Monica’s confession of being a lesbian. Their faces flushed in an instant.

We instantly hit it off with Kenzie and Viola. I could tell Monica was attracted to Kenzie because she had an uncanny resemblance to her muse, Samantha, especially for that vivid beautiful face and voluptuous body, despite the golden tresses that waved down to her waist. It was obvious they were candidly arousing each other. Hence, I turned my attention to Viola who reciprocated the flurry of attraction. We exuded the energy like those sexually active freaks around us.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Viola asked.

“No, I don’t.” I rejoined. “I’ve been out of circulations for so long that I forgot how to talk to women. Besides, I’m out here for some wild sex!”

Viola giggled and I perceived the glint of naughtiness in her eyes. “Well, since you’re looking for some wild sex and I’m looking for a hot black guy, maybe we could help each other out!”

“Hell, yeah!”

Just like that, we locked lips and I got an abrupt erection.

“How long will you be staying in La Digue?” Kenzie asked.

“Our last night here,” Monica answered. “We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon to fly back to America.”

“Oh no, that’s not good!” Viola said softly. “It’s not good to make us miss you.”

“If you haven’t planned doing anything, come hang out with us at our guesthouse by the beach!” Kenzie suggested.

“Cool. Sounds great!” I was with it.

“Yeah, we’ll be there! I’m not leaving Seychelles without playing!” Monica said excitedly, staring at Kenzie’s exposed cleavage.

After taking a group selfie, we left the restaurant and agreed to meet up later.


After a few hours, Monica and I were riding our rented mountain bikes up the dusty road heading to the guesthouse where our beautiful hosts expected us. The moon shone brilliantly and the fresh air rejuvenated our spirits for the venture, most anticipated! Some of the locals waived at us and we rode past them.

“Sex is in the air, Monica!” I shouted. “Can’t you feel it? It makes hard to think of anything else.”

“Tonight’s the night,” Monica affirmed aloud. “We devour the Barbie’s!”

Arriving at our destination, we parked our bikes and walked over to the entrance. Monica knocked on the door twice and the door opened. There stood our hosts, welcoming us with smiling faces. Kenzie nodded, letting us step into their abode. The duo led us to the back of the guesthouse where they had an outdoor lounge. There were colorful dimmed lights, a bar counter containing the liquor bottles, two beds, chairs, and a black boombox.

“Nice setup!” I said. “It reminds me of a club!”

“Let’s have a party!” Viola suggested.

Viola hit the play button on the boombox and K. Camp’s “Comfortable” song started playing in a medium volume. We began dancing, quite innocently at first but then like freaks. I danced with Viola and we could curb no laughing. Lustfully, I patted her shapely ass. Monica ran her hands up and down Kenzie’s toned back, and the latter clung to her. Signs of their arousal were perceptible to my eyes.

We decided to play Jeu de Oser, the game of dare. I dared Viola to show her breasts. Viola removed her blouse and bra, and tossed them aside. We cheered. Viola’s waist looked very tiny in contrast to her natural big boobs. My attention to her tits hit the nail on her head. Her pink nipples hardened, a clear sign of her arousal!

“A treasure,” Monica complemented Viola, “so erect and vigorous.”

Viola laughed, holding me closer. “I love exposing my treasure!”

Monica dared Kenzie to strip for her. Like a pro, Kenzie shed her clothes off. Monica’s icy blue eyes feasted on every inch of Kenzie’s naked body. I smiled, making out the possibility of an erotic fantasy that Monica could have for our host.

“Do you like what you see?” Kenzie asked Monica.

The question seemed expected because Monica had smiled. “Yes I do,” she said. “I can’t wait to make you my prey!”

It was Viola’s turn. She said, “Maré, I dare you to strip down and show us your big black cock!”

“Anticipitated indeed,” I drawled. “Everybody wants to see the big black dicks!”

“You don’t have to count me then,” Monica broke in.

I took off my white/black Air Max 95 sneakers, pulled the shirt over my head, and yanked the shorts down unleashing my dick. Viola looked shocked but her eyes met with mine there and then. She shuddered, looking down anew. I laughed.

“Oh, my God, Maré, that thing…” Viola quavered.

“Don’t worry! I’ll be gentle with you!”

Finally, it was Kenzie’s turn and she hollered, “Let us all get naked and fuck! This is your last night here!”

It was simply amazing to Monica and me. We were going to fuck Kenzie and Viola outdoors, where we might be seen by locals or anybody walking by. Despite that we were so horny that we didn’t give a damn. Monica’s predator mode was on! She shed her clothes off. Kenzie knelt down, tracing Monica’s abs with her tongue and working her way down to her wet pussy. She began lapping Monica’s nectar up. It wasn’t long before Monica moaned as she rode Kenzie’s mouth. Then Kenzie licked her way up to Monica’s mouth.

Viola got on her knees and began performing fellatio on me. My attention was now on Viola as she sucked, licked, and rolled her tongue around the head of my cock.

“Yes, baby!” I said softly. “Suck that dick! I love how your lips feel wrapped around it!”

She kept on sucking as she reached up, gently massaging my shaved balls. Looking up at me, she smiled and licked all the way from the tip to the base of my cock, and then down to my balls. Then she put each ball in her mouth.

“I like black balls!” Viola winked.

“You’re the best cocksucker!” I groaned.

After a few minutes of Viola’s oral worship of my cock, I lifted her by the hips and softly placed her on the bed. We began kissing. I liked the warm touch of her full lips. My tongue went on a voyage on Viola’s supple body but hanged around her perfect breasts and belly. I moved up between her outstretched legs to tease her wet pussy with my dick. The sensation was there, on the head and clit.

“Don’t tease me, Daddy!” Viola murmured. “Stick it in me!”

“You got it, baby!” I replied.

When I slid my cock in her pussy, Viola shuddered. I began penetrating her at a slow pace but gradually got wild. Thanks to Viola’s copious juices that eased the entry.

“Fuck me with that big black cock of yours, Maré!” Viola spoke in a husky voice. “Yess… fuck me!”

“Oh, you got one hot pussy, baby!” I groaned. “I’m going to make sure you don’t ever forget what the King of New York has to offer!”

I continued jamming her wonderful pussy, slamming against her clit. Viola screamed. I knew her tits bounced and toes flexed. I savored every sensation with effortless, full, rhythmic strokes. Gazing down at her beautiful flushed face; I could see lust and hear the chanting of erotic dalliance.

“I’m there!” Viola quavered.

She dug her nails into my back as her pussy milked my dick. Intense orgasm rocked her body as I continued pounding her pussy. I knew I was getting ready to blast off and I filled her quivering pussy with my sticky golden cum. Viola kept moaning and grinding her pussy against me, reaching her resolution.

To my right, Monica was on top of Kenzie kissing her lips. She sucked her tits, licked her neck and cleavage, made lingual twirls along her linea alba, kissed her mons and thighs, sucked each knee, and licked her shins down. After sucking her toes, she flipped Kenzie over and continued the osculatory tour on her backside. When she made Kenzie lie on her back and captured her lips anew, they French kissed. Monica was always a pro, arousing her preys to undeniable pleasures. She went to the South, stroking the dripping petals that utterly needed an amatory attention.

“Is this my pussy?” Monica asked.

“Yes, take it!” Kenzie moaned.

Monica lowered herself to inhale the aroma of Kenzie’s neatly trimmed pussy. Then she flicked her tongue up and down Kenzie’s slit. Kenzie’s mouth opened in an ecstatic “O”. The pleasure incited her to squeeze her own tits and shudder all over, grabbing her guest’s head that bobbed between her thighs.

“I love this pussy!” Monica spoke up. “That’s right, my Barbie doll, cum for me! Let me taste your exquisite flavor!”

“I’m g-gonna cum!” Kenzie stammered. “K-keep that tongue on my clit!”

Monica kept her mouth glued to Kenzie’s engorged pussy lips. Crying aloud, she flooded Monica’s face with her juices. Monica voraciously swallowed them and continued licking the quivering womanhood until it emitted the delicious nectar once more. Climbing atop her host, Monica kissed her face and sucked her lips with genuine passion.

While Viola rode me in cowgirl style, Kenzie and Monica got in the good old 69 position. I could perceive Monica’s mouth clamping over Kenzie’s pussy lips and the feast continued boisterously. She voraciously fucked Kenzie, utilizing her tongue like a cock while fingering the asshole so open to an onslaught. Kenzie sucked on Monica’s clit and shoved a wet finger into her cunt at the same time. They pleasured each other to the maximum, which was one of the best lesbian action I always enjoyed watching.

When we climaxed, the passionate moaning and groaning echoed in the night. We could put on a show before any outdoors and anybody who passed by.

Monica and I switched our partners and fucked them to exhaustion. I don’t remember the times we effed and cummed but I knew it was a record! Perhaps, it was the most erotic sexual experience and the best venture to end the summer of 2015!

The End.

Copyright © 2015 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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