Lesbian Erotica

More Than Friends


New York city had its majestic illumination in the evening, like that of the moon in the sky. Everything, even the glass penthouse of the King of New York, Maré, illuminated. He sat in the living room watching the popular American comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black on Netflix with his all-time favorite gal, Tazzy. She stared, awestruck, at the huge Samsung glassless screen.


“Amazing!” Tazzy said excitedly.


“Come on?” Maré querried, without taking his eyes off the screen.


“Your TV,” She said. “I feel like the characters are right in front on me. I love it! The picture and sound are incredible!”


“Thanks!” He said. “When I first saw it, I knew it was for me! There is nothing like eating soul food or popcorn, and watching shows like Power and Empire on a 3D TV. How long have you been following Orange Is the New Black? I heard a lot about this show. This is actually my first time watching the show!”


“Oh, you have some catching up to do!” She continued. “I’ve been following since its first season! I just love the characters and storylines! The show is almost like the female version of Oz!”


“Oz was my shit when it aired on HBO!” He affirmed. “Maybe, I should start watching this TV series!”


Then suddenly Stella Carlin, played by Australian model Ruby Rose, appeared in nude as she spoke with Piper Chapman. The scene itself was steamy and tantalizing. Maré’s and Tazzy’s eyes were glued to the screen as if they could hear no ovation from the crowd. Ruby’s sex appeal oozed through the television screen when she brazenly showed off her slim physique, painted all over along with her dark razor-cropped hair.


“Wow, look at her!” Tazzy remarked; her voice trembled quite audibly. “She is so hot!”


“Yeah, she is a bad gal!” Maré admitted. “This is definitely her year! She has an appeal, even turned some straight women out into lesbians!”


“I’ll do some things to her.” Tazzy gave him a wink.


“My homegirl Monica is her Doppelganger!”


“Shut up!” Tazzy rejoined, laughing.


“Seriously,” He said, curbing an urge to chuckle. “Monica Hershel looks exactly like Ruby Rose. The only difference is she doesn’t have any tattoos but there you won’t ever miss the tan and glow!”


He took his smartphone out and showed her Monica’s pics. “See! We’re vacationing in La Digue!”


Tazzy took the smartphone to get a better view. “She does look like Ruby Rose and…” She paused, bitting her lip.




“I want her, silly!”


Smiling wryly, he said, “That can be arranged, baby girl!”


Maré spent seven minutes texting Monica. Smiling to himself, he reminded Monica about that wet lesbian dream he had of her and Tazzy. Clearly, he felt it was amusing. Tazzy sat back on the couch and observed. Even she couldn’t control herself from laughing.


“Well?” Tazzy was curious.


“It’s set up for tonight. Monica eagerly waits for your arrival.” Maré affirmed. “We’re going to spend a night at her place.”


“Let’s go!” Tazzy said excitedly.


They hopped into Maré’s silver 2015 Porsche Panamera Turbo S car and hit the West Side Highway. As he sped off, Fetty Wap’s self-titled debut album began playing in a medium volume. The melody serenaded the car smoothly. Maré looked over at Tazzy and closely observed a tinge of anxiety.


“What’s wrong baby girl? Why are you so quiet?” He asked.


“Do you think Monica is going to like me?” She asked in return.


“Yeah,” The answer emitted from his mouth as he turned to right.


“You sure?”


“What makes you think I’m not? You’re damn hot!” He spoke up. “You have a pretty face, mouth-watering tits, and nice fat ass! Monica will love you, don’t worry!”


“Have you and Monica fucked? Be honest.” Tazzy was curious.


“No, she’s not into dudes.” Maré continued. “She is a proud lesbian. There is nothing bisexual or bi-curious about her. She loves pussy, clearly! Ahh… the only thing we did was merely a peck. It happened when we pleasured this South Indian hottie named Namitha. It was a wild experience! Monica is perhaps the best at pleasuring women!”


“Is she a good kisser?” Tazzy was smiling.


“Yes, when her partner’s a girl with good curves. You’ll know that soon!” Maré told her.


Tazzy laughed. “Interesting so far,” she said. “I’d love to try!”


“Maybe y’all are more than friends when the night is over.” Maré winked at her.


Tazzy playfully hit him in the arm. “Now you both are going to share my body!”


“What is wrong with that?” Maré expressed. “You’ll be getting the greatest black cock and the best tongue from a lesbian; the best of both worlds, my Tazzmanian Devil!”


“You’re so nasty!” Tazzy remarked laughingly.


They arrived at Monica’s West Village condominium in twenty minutes. Maré rang the doorbell twice and the door opened. Monica, dressed in a black sleeveless shirt and jean shorts, greeted them with a smile. She let them step inside. Maré and Tazzy walked in the living room.


“Chillin’ as always, Predator?” Maré asked.


“I’m good; I’m glad y’all came through.”


“No doubt, she is my friend, Tazzy! And Tazzy, this is Monica, the Predator!” Maré introduced them.


Tazzy stood speechless. Her eyes roamed over the lesbian with looks of the woman she fantasized about.


“See! She’s one Ruby Rose for you!” Maré spoke with a grin, shaking Tazzy out of her reverie.


“What… Oh yes! She really looks like Ruby Rose.”


Monica laughed.


As if in a trance, Tazzy smiled back at Monica and approached her. Their lips met in a deep kiss, tongues intertwined in a seductive feast.


“Ooh, you’re a great kisser.” Monica moaned.


“It’s just begun.” Tazzy murmured, before claiming Monica’s lips with her own.


“Alright, alright, take it easy, Tazzmanian Devil!” Maré jested. “You have all night to do that g-g action!”


Both Monica and Tazzy giggled as they sat on the couch.


“You know I’m gonna be bad, Maestro!” Monica winked at him.


“Yes, you definitely know how to work your magic on femme.” Maré continued. “Well, I don’t want my swag to be a distraction! I’m going to take a shower and call it a night. I have things to do in the morning!”


“You know where the bathroom is!” Monica told Mare, before turning to Tazzy. “Would you like something to drink, doll face?”


“Sure,” Tazzy replied softly.


Clasping Tazzy’s hand, Monica led her to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled a bottle of Hpnotiq out. Then she poured the liquor in two champagne glasses. They sipped their drinks while still staring at each other. The sexual tension was at a maximum in the kitchen. Monica was getting to her “Predator mode” as her eyes roamed over Tazzy’s sensual body.


“The Predator can’t wait any longer. I must make you my prey!” Monica spoke in a husky tone. “Are you ready to enliven your wildest fantasy?”


Tazzy laughed, laying her head on Monica’s shoulder. Monica took the gesture as an affirmation. She cupped Tazzy’s firm breasts and pinched her nipples. The effect instantly hit Tazzy’s senses to boost. She trembled as her juices oozed out, drenching her shorts.


“Mmm… take me!” Tazzy murmured.


They wandered into the bedroom, leaving the door ajar. Like the best erotic dancer at the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in Manhattan, Tazzy put on a seductive striptease act as Monica ogled at her. The former pulled her top over her head and shred her tight jeans without a bit of hesitation. She stood there nude, salaciously smiling at her partner.


“Stupendous!” Monica responded.


Monica skinned out of her clothes exposing her perfectly toned physique. Tazzy seemed as satisfied by Monica’s slim body as she was by her big tits and ass. They both gazed at each other while rubbing their pussies.


In classic lust fashion, the two sexually-charged girls were all over each other. They were rolling around in the bed, billing and cooing, until they aligned themselves in the 69 position. Without further ado, they squared away as if to sort out the alpha and beta.


Maré inhaled the aroma of the peppermint pure-castile soap as he wallowed in the warmth of shower. He still couldn’t believe that the wet dream he had of Monica and Tazzy months ago was about to be a reality. The wild images of that dream flashed in his head like a top rated porn movie, which aroused him like a shot.


“I can’t believe they are going to fuck!” Maré murmured. “Wow. I teased Monica about my wet dream on our vacation. I’m not a voyeur, but I’ll watch them ravish each other!”


Soon, he left the bathroom and quietly closed the door. He could hear soft moans and laughter, emitting from the bedroom. The door was ajar and Maré stood by with a good view of girls’ erotic game. His dick sprang back to its vigor as he watched Tazzy have her way with Monica’s pussy.


“Yes, yes!” Monica screamed.


Tazzy continued fingering and licking Monica’s pussy at a rapid pace. Monica rocked back and forth in rhythm to Tazzy’s hot tongue. Shrieking, Monica let her stomach muscles be tightened as she squirted on Tazzy’s face. The orgasm was too intense for her to keep still.


“Fuck, you taste good!” Tazzy said. “I’m glad my Ruby Rose fantasy’s come true!”


After her orgasm subsided, Monica said with burning lust in her eyes, “You made your predator cum and now its her turn to take you to the seventh heaven!”


Monica climbed atop Tazzy and they began tribbing. The motion seemed to lose its rhythm but the Predator wanted a ride to the climax. The sight of their pussies rubbing together had Mare stroke his cock. Their chanting and moaning were an upbeat to his ears.


“It feels so good! P-please, don’t stop!” Tazzy implored.


Monica pushed back harder and now they were locked together like a couple of giant scissors, wildly humping against each other. Tazzy pinched Monica’s erect nipples, receiving kiss on her hands in return.


“Oh God, I’m gonna c-cum… g-gonna cum!” Tazzy yelled.


She pulled Monica, clawing at her shoulders. Her pulsating pussy squashed with Monica’s and they made love, shuddering out of lust. Their juices gushed forth, copiously wetting the merged privates and mattress.


“Fuck.” Monica sighed.


“That was so good!” Tazzy murmured.


“I’m not done with you, yet.” Monica winked.

She had Tazzy completely at her mercy, going south and licking her spent pussy to taste the essence of femininity. Tazzy clutched at Monica’s head, urging her to have the box lunch. The latter seemed to have made her mind up as she forced her head free and rolled Tazzy over on her face. She parted her ass cheeks, began licking her ass crack, and flicked wet circles on her salty starfish.


“Oh, my God!” Tazzy squealed with a giggle.


“Your ass will have a nice cleaning, I promise!” Monica spoke up, before resuming her butt-fest. Massaging Tazzy’s tits, Monica was having a great time poking her tongue into the welcoming butt hole. Tazzy cooed, trembling out of pleasure. Monica continued to probe through her intimate depths, which triggered another orgasm.


After licking Tazzy’s pussy anew, Monica reached for her 9” strap-on that sat upright on her dresser; the thing had a curved and polished platinum shaft. As fast as the lightning bolt, she strapped it to her groins and hips. Then she pushed the shaft into Tazzy’s butt hole and fucked her, pulling her hair and making her beg for more invasion. Drenched and sweaty, they grunted and howled. Tazzy shuddered under her ravisher, yelling and seizing the bed sheet in abandon. The amorous dalliance brought them on the verge of cumming, which they did in unison.


Pre-cum oozed out from the tip of Mare’s erect cock as he watched. He wanted so badly to join Monica and Tazzy in their hot fuck session but it was strictly a lesbian affair.


Monica pulled her shaft out of Tazzy’s ass and turned her on her back. While Monica was wiping the sweat off her forehead, Tazzy was beaming at her.


“I’m going to be your part-time ho!” Tazzy joked.


Monica laughed as she positioned herself between Tazzy’s damp toned thighs. She easily slid in Tazzy’s love box and began moving in and out of her slowly. Then she went faster, getting incited by Tazzy’s moans. The latter pulled Monica in an embrace to get every inch of the shaft into her pulsating cunt. Monica kept on slamming against her burning clit.


“The Predator… loves… devouring… the Tazz…” Monica spoke as she continued shoving her shaft.


Indeed, she was savoring the rewarding pleasure with effortless, rhythmic strokes. Tazzy’s moans echoed through the bedroom. Monica gazed down at her beautiful flushed face, watching as her eyes rolled and closed. She knew Tazzy was nearing even more yet an epic orgasm. Her hips moved in unison with the rapid thrusts. Love juices trickled down her thighs and Tazzy bellowed, declaring her gratification, as she passed out.


Monica removed the dildo from Tazzy’s pussy and collapsed atop her. As they lay close-eyed, Maré quietly walked inside the bedroom and stood by the bed. Both Monica and Tazzy looked alluringly sexy and peaceful as they slept.


“It was better than the dream!” Maré said to himself. “Now, they are more than friends!”


Copyright © 2015 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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