short story

Makavelli & Destiny


Makavelli Knight was still looking for love. He been single and lonely for so long, and wanted to share his world with that special woman. He traveled the world and searched, but did not find her. Even with all the wealth he possessed, he knew he could not buy happiness. He was willing to give up almost anything and trade it for true love. He walked around in his upstate New York estate alone and miserable. His home was missing a great woman.

Makavelli Knight was a slim, dark-skinned clean-cut man with striking features. His eyelashes were like small Japanese fans, which complemented his warm corn bread brown eyes, and the eyebrows were dark and thin. He had nice high cheekbones and keen nose. His wet lips were thin and dark pink. He was forty years-old, but did not look a day over twenty-five. Makavelli Knight was the wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of $1 trillion. Even though he had so much wealth, he was shy and did not understand why he could not find the right woman to complete him. He felt that the women he did encountered were users, and only with him so they can advance in life. For that reason, he was not dating as much. Makavelli Knight devoted most of his time running his publishing, real estate, and Telecommunication empire.

In his loneliness and pain, Makavelli Knight locked himself in his master bedroom and worked on a sculpture. Day after day, night after night, Makavelli Knight poured all his emotions on his creation until it was finally completed. He made a marvelous statue of a woman out of oatmeal soap. The statue was more beautiful than any living woman walking on the planet was. She was tall, tanned, with a voluptuous figure, and a gorgeous face. Makavelli Knight himself was in awe with the perfectly detailed statue.

He knew he had to show the statue to somebody. Therefore, he showed it to his personal servant Jon-Paul who was a dark-skinned middle-aged burly man with glasses, who often read many Harlem Renaissance books. Jon-Paul worked with Makavelli Knight for almost twenty years, and always had his best interest. He was probably the main reason Makavelli Knight continued living a clean healthy life.

“Wow, sir, this is amazing!” Jon-Paul expressed. “I never saw anything like this. She’s prettier than the Mona Lisa.”

“Thanks!” Makavelli Knight smiled. “I was not expecting a compliment like that. This is my greatest creation.”

“People need to see this creation, sir.” Jon-Paul suggested. “It should be displayed in museums across the world.”

Makavelli Knight laughed and said, “Oh, no! This statue is staying here. I will show it at my next party. I know my guests are going to love this! Let’s start working on the list of invites.”

“I’m ready to start, sir! We’re going to have a ball!”

Makavelli Knight threw a party in his elaborate estate in Bridgehampton, Long Island. He invited his family, closed friends and associates. Most of the guests were rich and powerful African-Americans from New York City. The best soul food around catered the party. Makavelli Knight watched his guests danced to classic R&B tunes beneath his custom-made rock-crystal chandeliers. He observed many happy couples having a great time, and he so desperately wanted that. He wished his creation was alive, and standing next to him so, he could flaunt her to his many guests. When Makavelli Knight finally revealed the statue, many of them wanted to buy it from him. They offered him millions of dollars but he refused to sell it. He was in love with his own creation.

Later on that night, Makavelli Knight was in his bedroom polishing his statue. He marveled the way it sparkled in the light. He was so obsessed with the statue, and prayed that it would someday come to life. A tear raced down his face because he knew it was only a dream.

“I’ll give her the world if she was alive!” He confessed. “I’ll give her paradise! Please God let my statue have life. I need her in my life. Without her, my life is incomplete.”

Makavelli Knight blew a kiss to his statue and went to bed. Moments later, a phoenix flew inside his bedroom and covered the statue with golden flames. A transformation was happening in Makavelli Knight’s bedroom. The statue began moving, and indeed came to life. She was attractive as ever, but now a living, breathing woman. She walked slowly to the massive mirror to get a viewed of herself. She stood about five feet, seven inches tall and had jet-black hair that cascaded over her shoulders and around her brown angelic face. Her naked perfectly shaped firm breasts were not large, but a nice size. She liked what she saw, as she touched herself. Makavelli Knight’s snoring caught her attention so she sat on the edge of his bed and observed him. She smiled and chuckled to herself like a girl laughing at a clown.

“Makavelli,” Her voice was so pure and innocent.

Makavelli Knight opened his eyes and jumped up. “Oh my God you’re alive! This can’t be real.”

“Yes, this is real, my creator.” The woman said. “I came to life to be with you.”

“What?” Makavelli Knight was puzzled. “What do you mean? Look at me; I am not the most handsome or any close to it. If you’re a ghost, and is here to haunt me I’ll give you my entire fortune — ”

“I don’t care about your looks or status. I care about your inner beauty. I care about your heart!”

Makavelli Knight touched her body, and knew she was real. Her skin was moist, and very soft. The way she moaned, it was obvious that this beauty was experiencing this kind of sensation for the first time. Makavelli Knight hugged and kissed her on the face. He thanked God repeatedly for answering his prayers. The beauty just stared at him with her radiant smile.

Makavelli Knight kissed her on the lips. “What is your name?”

“I’m your creation; it is whatever you want.”

“Goddess, you’re my destiny. That is what I’ll name you…Destiny.”

They made passionate love until they lay spent, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Makavelli Knight heard her soft voice say I Love You. He opened his eyes and she was gone. The statue was gone. The sweat of his body drenched the bed, and the smell of a woman’s sweet body filled the air. What just happened? Was this a dream? He said to himself. Makavelli Knight got up, walked over to the open window, and looked out at nature. He hollered her name, but only heard an echo of his voice. She was out there, and he would be looking for her.


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