short story

My Subway Stories – NY Tales from the Underground part 1

Ride of Tranquility

5 train express

The vermin roams around freely on the dirty, muddy tracks as I am waiting for the downtown express train in the 125th Street (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) subway station. According to the subway time schedule that hovers a few feet from me, the downtown 5 Lexington Avenue Express train to Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn College will arrive in four minutes, which is not too bad. I am not in the mood to be standing in this hot, sticky station longer than ten minutes. After gazing at the Mosaic with the depiction of the bridge on the wall, I turn to my right and see the lights of the speeding train in the dark tunnel.

Seconds later, the metallic 5 express train pulls into the station. The dirty doors slide open; a handful of people exit the train and me and several other people boards. I find a seat in the corner next to a tall Asian woman who is listening to her Beats headphones and texting. The doors close and the train races out of the station.

The soft humming sound of the air conditioner serenades the train. I could not believe how quiet it is on the train during the morning rush hour. As I survey the train, I notice no one is conversing. Everyone seems stuck in his or her own world. Faces of various nationalities are glued to the amNewYork and Metro newspapers, iPhones, Nooks, and hardback books. The energy on the train is different from the usual and surprisingly I love it. The tranquility on the train has me smiling. I am praying to myself that the subway break-dancers, subway hustlers, and false prophets do not ruin this moment for me. I put my head back, close my brown eyes, and begin getting comfortable on this hard cool seat.

I finally left the subway at Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall. There is nothing like a quiet subway ride. My day is starting out perfectly. Now, it is time for me to take my daily walks around Manhattan.

By Shamarie, 3rd Jul 2015


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