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My Subway Stories – NY Tales from the Underground part 7

On The Seventh Heaven Train

Seven Train

I am full of excitement like a freshman on his first day of high school or college as I ride the number <7> Flushing Express subway train. My destination is the brand new $2.4 billion 34th Street – Hudson Yards station, which opened yesterday, September 13, 2015, to the public. It is the first new subway station in more than 25 years. I am curious to see how the new station looks. My objective is to smell that fresh aroma of the new station and check it out before the morning ends.

As I look around the nearly deserted and quiet subway car, I notice they are four Asians, one African-American woman with braids, and a middle-aged Caucasian man with a bald head still present. What a coincidence that they are seven of us riding the number 7 train heading to the same train stop. It is as if we all have the same idea to see the new station this morning.


34th Street – Hudson Yards station

Hudson Yards Entrance

At exactly 10:57 a.m., the train pulls into the new swanky 34th Street – Hudson Yards station. The door slides open, me, and the rest of the passengers exit off the train. As I am walking up the stairs, I feel like I am going to a famous venue like Madison Square Garden for a sporting event. The new subway station has a column-free space, incline elevators, three public floors, stainless steel tiles, and colorful mosaics. The escalators, which are the longest in the transit system, really impress me. Riding up the escalator has me pretending I am Spider-Man scaling the Chrysler Building.

“I hope these people are not afraid of heights!” I murmur. “This is an amazing, breathtaking station!”

As I leave the glass canopy entrance of the station, the sun and breeze feels refreshing on me. There are news reporters talking to commuters about the new station. Also, employees from the Javits Center are handing out bottles of water to people. I take one and on the label, it reads:


By Shamarie Knight, 14th Sep 2015


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