short story

Are We Snowed In?

It was an extremely frigid Friday evening in New York City. The blizzard was fierce, and the snow was coming down hard. The snow buried the streets, and just everything shut down. This reminded me of the severe blizzard of 1996, which paralyzed the city for two days.

I was at Denise’s brownstone on the Upper West Side hanging out with four other friends: Vanessa, Juan, Alex, and Jeannie. We were all great friends, and graduate students at Hunter College. We were in the living room eating hot pizza and drinking cool iced teas. Both the sausage pizza and iced tea tasted good, and I felt so relaxed in Denise’s home.

“I can’t believe how bad it is outside.” Vanessa said. “The meteorologist on Fox News didn’t say anything about a blizzard. He is such an idiot!”

Juan laughed and said, “Well, you can’t believe everything they say. Meteorologists aren’t always correct.”

“That is so true, Juan.” Alex agreed. “I was disappointed many times with their bad information. I get out of bed thinking it’s a nice sunny day, I look out the window, and it’s raining hard!”

“You’re funny, Alex.” Denise smiled. “I was looking forward to going out tonight rocking my new dress. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I can finally chill and relax.”

“My time usually consisted of writing papers and working at the hospital.” Jeannie continued. “When I finally get a day off to go clubbing, I can’t even do it.”

“Yeah, I wanted to go out and own the scene.” I expressed. “I was ready to flash and pop some bottles.”

Moments later, Denise suggested that we play some spades. As Denise went to find the playing cards, I put the radio on Hot 97 to help enhanced the mood. Vanessa and Jeannie were not much of card players, so they were standing by the window watching the snowflakes danced in the dark sky and talking about the epic science fiction film Avatar. The rest of us were sitting at the table in the dining room playing spades. Denise and I were partners, and I was very impressed with the chemistry we had. The card games were so intense as if we were debating at the United Nation. We rarely spoke, as we slammed the cards down and competed like real athletes. Denise and I won all three games and it took us about two hours to do so.

Vanessa and I were ready to leave, but our attempt to get out was unsuccessful. The snow had piled up in front of Denise’s door almost to the knob. The idea of us walking to the subway was definitely absurd.

“My God, it looks like we were hit by an avalanche.” Vanessa described. “The snow is blocking the door.”

“Well, look like we’re staying here a little longer.” I replied.

“Now we can do some serious partying, amigos!” Denise announced. “Let’s turn this living room into the dance floor! We’re not going to let this blizzard ruin our evening.”

We move the table and chairs back, and tossed the pizza boxes in the trash. Denise increased the volume to the music and we all screamed. Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” was blaring from the Bose system. At the same time we all said, We are, yeah, I said it, we are, this is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance. Get y’all fatigues on, all black everything. Black cards, black cars, all black everything —

We were all dancing, hugging, and laughing a lot, clearly having a great time. We guzzled down the liquor like cold spring water on a summer day. The energy in here felt as if we were at a midtown Manhattan nightclub celebrating. We generated so much heat, that we took off our sweaters and continued to party wearing our tank tops. Juan tossed Jeannie in the air and caught her like a toddler. Jeannie shrieked, and Juan chuckled at her reaction. They both enjoyed it. Alex and Vanessa were dancing together, trying to outdo each other. Denise pulled out her new digital video camera and began taping us. I was standing there laughing, drinking, and being an observant. All of this was so hilarious and crazy! I put my drink down and became part of the dance battle with Alex and Vanessa.

Salsa music came on, and Denise walked over to me dancing all provocative. I knew this was her favorite type of music. I just stood there with a glass of Jack Daniel’s and Coke in my hand smiling. In the back of my mind, I was thinking Denise is up to something and she looked good dancing like an erotic dancer.

“Come on Maury, dance with me?” She said.

Denise grabbed my hand and led me out in the center of the floor. We danced to salsa, and the feeling was exquisite. Our hands roamed freely to every body part imaginable. Her movements and timing were incredible, and I impressed her on how well I move. We worked up a sweat in frenzy, and the pleasant aroma of Denise’s sweat enhanced her Pour Femme perfume. Our friends paused and stared at us. They cheered and complimented on how well we danced to salsa music.

The party was over at five A.M., and we were all exhausted and weary. The music was off, and Denise and I were still awake. Denise’s disheveled hair made her looked wild and sexy. Passed out on the couch and floor were our friends. I walked over to the window and noticed that it stopped snowing, but I was not in any condition to push the door open or walked to the subway. Denise turned the lights off, and I wound up sleeping with her in the bedroom.

I must admit, even though the weather had us snowed in, I had a great time with my friends. I look forward to the next blizzard in New York City!

By Shamarie Knight, 19th Dec 2009


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