short story

Back to the Future 4?

Back to the Future


There were three sonic booms and three flashes of blue light. I glanced down at the diamond-sized digital display and saw that the present date is July 10, 2014. I was home, after traveling in the future for a day to test this unique invention. I felt alleviated to see familiar scenery of Manhattan: The Time Warner Tower, Lincoln Center, and the Apple Store.

It was in the evening, and I drove the upgraded platinum-colored DeLorean DMC-12 time machine up the energetic streets. I had a date with my girlfriend, Myra, and I stopped in front of her West End building. I took out my smartphone and texted her to come downstairs now because I have a surprise for her. We were going on an adventure on this rendezvous instead of the usual dinner and a horror movie.

The short door attendant with the green uniform stared at the car nonstop. Clearly, the DeLorean fascinated him. I threw open the gull-wing door to get some air. Minutes later, Myra walked out the building smiling. She looked radiant in her black and white gown. I loved her flawless brown skin, baby face, and perfect teeth.

“What is this? Where you get this old car from?” Myra said jokingly.

“This is a classic, baby.” I answered. “It is a DeLorean, one of the greatest, cool sports cars ever invented in the 20th century.”

We lowered ourselves into the DeLorean and shut the gull-wing doors. I put the time circuits on and punched in a new date on the car’s keypad. Then I floored the accelerator like a racecar driver. Racing down the deserted streets, I took glimpses at the speedometer. I was soon up to 70-80 miles per hour.

“Where are we going?” Myra asked.

“To the future, my dear,” I murmured with a smile.

“You better have me back at my house by tomorrow afternoon.”

“This is a time machine; I’ll get you back home in time.”

The speedometer now read 88 miles per hour. The flux capacitor began to glow, and I heard three sonic booms, and saw three flashes of blue-white light — I hope Myra was ready for this adventure in the year 2088…

By Shamarie Knight, 10th Jul 2010


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