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Nuttin’ But Love for Heavy D

We’ll Always Love Heavy D

Heavy D

Dwight Erring Myers better known as Heavy D was one of the most beloved rap figures ever. He helped bring love, happiness, and fun in the rap world for everybody. When I think of Heavy D, the first thing that comes to mind is choreography. I loved watching him dance every time he performed live on stage. Heavy D proved that not only big men can move with the smaller dudes, but they can also be sexy. He was the smooth, elegant big man that knew how to put on a show.

Heavy D formed the group Heavy D & the Boyz in the mid 1980s and became the first act signed to Uptown Records. They dropped five commercially successful studio albums laced with new jack swing, a sound that dominated the music scene from the late-1980s into the mid-1990s. Heavy D was the significant figure of Uptown Records. By the mid 1990s, Heavy D would become the new CEO and president of Uptown Records. At the time, it was historic because it made him the first rapper to run a major music label. As a music executive, Heavy D helped developed the careers of Soul for Real, R&B singer Monifah, and Harlem rapper Herb McGruff.

After establishing himself as a platinum-selling rapper, Heavy D made the transition to acting. He was a natural on TV and motion pictures. He appeared on popular sitcoms and comedy films such as A Different World, Living Single, Roc, Who’s The Man?, Life, and Tower Heist. Heavy D was a major player in the entertainment world. The sky was the limit for this talented big man! Most people knew he had not reached his full potential.

Heavy D returned to the music scene and dropped two reggae albums Vibes and Love Opus. Then Heavy D shocked the hip-hop world when he performed with R&B singer Tyrese at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards. It was monumental because it was Heavy D’s first televised live performance in over a decade. Sadly, it would be his final live performance. Heavy D passed away at the age of 44 on November 8, 2011. The tragic news stunned the rap world and fans globally.

One word to describe Heavy D is love. The world will forever have Nuttin’ But Love for Heavy D!


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