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There Aren’t Many Nights Like This in New York City

Winter Storm Juno

Columbus Circle

It was in the evening on January 26, 2015 at 8:48PM, when I received a message on my black smartphone from Imminent Threat that read, “Extreme Emergency Alerts. All non-emergency vehicles must be off all roads in NYC by 11PM until further notice.”

The message excited me. For some strange reason, I wanted to experience this blizzard. I put on my Soïa & Kyo down coat with fur hood and metal colored Ugg Butte boots. I decided to take the train downtown prior to 11PM to deposit my adventurous self with the intention of walking from Columbus Circle back to my apartment in Harlem.

When I exited the 59th Street – Columbus Circle Subway station complex and began walking, the streets were eerily empty. I felt like the character Dr. Robert Neville from the post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film, I Am Legend. Not a soul was in the streets. The whole area was white. Snow coated parked cars, ankle-deep slush submerged the streets, and heavy snow continued to fall from the sky. Since there was a ban on all vehicles and taxis aside from snowplows and emergency services, there were practically no cars at all on the streets. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, which was weird in a city like New York.


The Upper West Side

Upper West Side

The news of the blizzard really had New Yorkers full of anxiety. I always felt New Yorkers had a tough reputation. When I finally hit the Upper West Side, there were a few explorers on bicycles, walking, and taking pictures with their smartphones. Being a New Yorker my entire life, the sight of that was not surprising. Very few things shocked most New Yorkers!


Back Home in Harlem


When I finally made it back to uptown, my deserted Harlem block greeted me. As I walked inside my building, feeling relieved that I survived the ‘blizzard’; I thought to myself, There aren’t many nights like this in New York City.

God Bless!

By Shamarie Knight


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