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“Iron” Mike vs. “Clubber” Lang



From the moment the bell rang, the two heavyweight prizefighters began trading power punches, with “Iron” Mike Tyson trying to get inside and to pin “Clubber” Lang to the ropes. In the process, he succeeded in stunning Lang with a hard left hand. Lang tied up Tyson and then traded power punches with Tyson, who was still the aggressor. The slugfest continued for the next two and a half minutes as both fighters traded heavy blows with little regard for defense or pacing. When the round ended, everybody at  Madison Square Garden stood up and gave them a standing ovation.

By the beginning of the second round, the two fighters continued their fast paced slugfest. Lang delivered an uppercut to Tyson, which knocked his mouthpiece out of his mouth. Lang found success countering Tyson’s hooks and uppercuts. By the end of the round, Mike Tyson pinned “Clubber” Lang to the ropes, successfully landing a volley of punches, but Lang caught Tyson with a right that stumbled him before the round ended.

In round three, facing the new threat of losing the undisputed heavyweight crown, Tyson attacked Lang with the aggression of the first round. A tremendous overhand left to the head drove Lang back to the ropes. Lang backed away, smiling to suggest the punch had not hurt him. Tyson landed a hard right hook high on Lang’s head. The blow staggered Lang, who awkwardly stumbled backwards into the ropes, Tyson ran after him in hot pursuit. The champion smashed a vicious right hand to Lang’s chin. Lang went limp and fell forward, as Tyson landed two uppercuts. Clubber Lang fell to the canvas. He was knocked out, which was fitting for “Here Comes The Pain.”


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