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“Reunion Ex-plosion” Chapter 2: Caught Up

The next morning, all the dudes hit the gymnasium in the townhouse for a workout. The girls were still asleep. Besides the weights, we utilized every machine in the gym. The perspiration poured down our bodies. It was amazing how hard we attacked our calisthenics. We took a break to converse about the girls.

“What do y’all think of the girls?” Sonny asked.

“They’re still hot.” Joquim answered.

“Yes, they kept themselves up!” I agreed. “They look good!”

“Some hook-ups are going to take place before we leave here.” Christopher predicted.

“I’m not even going to front, all the girls are hot, but Bonny is flawless.” I felt. “I’m feeling her.”

“Yeah, she’s a dime.” Sonny agreed. “Murphy, you should definitely take that.”

“Oh, don’t worry player.” I continued. “I’m going to get with that!”

“Fellers, all I want to do is just have a fun time while I’m here.” Joquim said. “I know there’s going to be sexual chemistry in here.”

That moment Bonny walked in the gym wearing shorts and a tank top. Her long disheveled hair made her looked naughty. Bonny still had crust in her eyes. She greeted everybody with a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s really good?” Bonny asked us dryly.

“I can’t call it.” I answered.

“We just talking about who might hook-up in the house.” Christopher told her.

Bonny said, “Well, if I see something I want I will have it.”

“Holla.” Joquim smiled.

“I already know you guys are all about sex.” Bonny said clearly.

“It’s not about the sex.” I said. “I just want to be held.”

Bonny was not going for that as she said, “Oh, you so full of it.”

We laughed and continued on talking about personal relationships. After that, we had breakfast in the living room with all the housemates present. This was something new for all of us, and it felt natural. It was as if we lived together for many years.

Christopher and I decided to hangout since Sonny and Joquim wanted to stay indoors with the girls. We walked from Park Avenue to Christopher’s old neighborhood on 83rd Street and Amsterdam. It took us no time to get there as we reminisced the whole way. While chillin’ in front of Christopher’s old apartment building, we recognized many faces from the old school. Some of them even came over to our direction to acknowledge us. It was nice to hear that they were doing well.

“I miss this neighborhood, man.” Christopher said, as he lit a cigarette. “So many fun memories I had on this block. Cutting classes to meet up with the crew at the pizzeria, sexing girls, running from the cops and selling crack to the dope fiends from West End.”

“You selling crack?” I was shocked.

“Yeah, I was selling crack.” Christopher confirmed. “This is the hood so you either sticking up kids or you selling crack rocks.”

“I’m not trying to knock your hustle or anything; it’s just that I can’t imagine you being a drug dealer. You were one of the few classmates I remember always getting.”

“I didn’t sell crack just for the money, but for the adrenaline rush.” Christopher claimed. “There is nothing like running from the cops and getting away. I think that’s the difference between living in the hood and the suburbs. In the hood, just outside there’s action and you always find something to do. Feel me?”

After eating a quick slice at the pizzeria on the corner, Christopher and I strolled down the street. We were about to catch a cab to go downtown, but two Hispanic girls screamed Christopher’s name out.

“What’s up, Chrissy poo?” The white-looking Spanish girl said. “I haven’t seen you in a minute. This is my girl, Kathleen.”

“Jeannine, what’s good?” Christopher said. “This is my boy, Murphy, and we’re just chilling.

Jeannine was a nice looking Puerto Rican girl with blond hair and blue contacts. At first, I assumed she was Caucasian until I saw her killer curves and heard her strong Spanish accent. In my mind, I kept on calling her Jenny from the block.

Now, Kathleen was hot! She was Dominican with reddish-brown wavy hair, beautiful honey skin tone, and breasts that gave me an instant erection. I wanted to bang her. The way she kept on eyeing me, it was obvious she liked me too.

“Where are y’all about to go?” Jeannine asked.

“We were about to hit Times Square. Why, what’s good?” Christopher said.

“You and your friend need to come to my house and find out.” Jeannine smiled.

Christopher and I smiled, and decided to go to Jeannine’s apartment on 94th Street and Columbus Avenue. We chilled in her small well air-conditioned living room drinking liquor and listening to the latest tunes on Hot 97. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air. It was just a matter of time before someone was going to break the ice.

“Let’s play strip poker.” Jeannine suggested.

“Whatever.” Christopher jumped up. “Let’s do this.”

“Hell yeah, I’m with that.” I said excitedly.

While we sat at the dining room table, Jeannine went to find the playing cards. Christopher and I were giving each other pounds. We were excited about the things that do go on during and after a strip poker game. Kathleen was laughing, and I took quick glances of her erect nipples. I think she also had freaky things on her mind.

During the card game, Christopher and I had winning on our minds even though I was shirtless and Christopher lost his pants. I believed the girls lost a few hands on purpose to arouse us. Soon, they were down to their bras and panties. Instead of continuing the game, Jeannine put the cards away and whispered in Kathleen’s ear. Then she grabbed Christopher by the hand.

“Let’s go to my bedroom.” Jeannine suggested. “I want to do something else. Kathleen, entertain Christopher’s cute friend for an hour.”

Kathleen smiled at me and laughed. Then we started kissing. I loved the way her lips felt on mine. She stripped me down and I put on a condom. Bouncing up and down, Kathleen rode me like a wild cowgirl. I lifted her up by the hips and lay her on her back. I slowly entered her. I started my pumping action. Kathleen’s eyes rolled in the back of her head, and her soft voice wailed cries of pleasure. Her excitement triggered my own orgasm, as well as hers.

The sun was setting and Christopher and I felt it was about that time to head back home. Therefore, we left Jeannine’s house and decided to walk instead of jumping on the train or catching a cab. As we were walking through Central Park to cross over to the East Side, we are joking around, laughing, and sharing every detail of our sexual encounter with the girls. Unexpectedly, a Mexican dude with facial hair approached us and pointed a gun at Christopher’s chest.

“Remember that time you and your boys were talking shit on that corner?” He said. “Well, talk shit now!”

That moment, the world stopped. I could not hear the sound or smell the air around me. This was the first time I was in a deadly situation like this. I really did not know if Christopher and I were going to survive this.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Christopher replied nervously. “I’ve never seen you before.”

“Don’t try that with me, you remember. It doesn’t matter anyway; I’m gonna murder you and your friend.” The Mexican warned Christopher.

The look on the Mexican’s face, I knew he was serious. I had to do something fast so I just threw a stack of singles at his direction knowing that it will take him out of his focus. When he bent down to picked it up, both and Christopher and I scattered. We ran different directions to throw the Mexican off in case he decided to shoot. I did not hear any gunshots fire so I was praying that Christopher do make it back to the townhouse safely. I was not worried about the twenty singles I tossed because it helped Christopher and I make our escape.

When I arrived in front of the townhouse, I stood there to get me thoughts together. In just a matter of seconds, Christopher came around the corner with a smile on his face when he noticed me. It was such a relief to see him make it back unharmed.

“You’re alright kid?” Christopher asked, after giving me a pound. “Yo, thank you for that thing back there.”

“Don’t even worry about that.” I told him. “The important thing is that we’re alright.”

“I got you playboy, you’re not going to lose out.” Christopher said. “That incident in the park was just another indication that our lives are not guaranteed.”

His words stayed in my head the rest of the day.


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