short story

The Big Chill

Staying Warm

This is a WINTER BLAST! It is dangerously cold outside in New York City! As I am walking up 125th Street in East Harlem, the wind is blowing fiercely! It is 8 degrees, but it feels worse! The temperature is brutal! It is not normal for the temperature to be this treacherously cold this time of year. As I put my face down, the tears are rolling down my face. I have my hands in my North Face’s pockets to keep them warm. I have on so many layers of clothes including a hoodie and it still feels like wind is whistling in my ears. The sun is not helping too much. I have been out here for a half an hour, and I think I am close to being thaw. I cannot even feel my face! This is the coldest it has been in New York City in a very long time. Days like this, I do not mind staying on warm crowded MTA buses or trains.

There are a few brave heavy-layered New Yorkers out here in this cold. They are rushing to get their destinations to warm up. I know most of them wish they could take the day off from work to stay in their warm and cozy apartments. Kids clad in bubble coats seem to love this very cold weather.

I am thankful to have hot water and heat in my building. I hope everybody in the tri-state area and other locations affected by the cold snap or secure and warm.


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