Black Erotica

Maré’s Snow Bunny


I was still thinking about the wild orgy last Saturday night as I stood by my bedroom window in my Sutton Place penthouse looking at the aftermath of winter storm Jonas. 26.8 inches of snow blanketed the cars and streets below. The afternoon sun was out, but it seemed the solar energy did very little in melting the snow. Anyway, I was still thinking about the wild blizzard party last night.

“That party was lit!” I murmured to myself as I put on some street clothes. “Thank God, Bracha was my blizzard sex buddy.”

I paused for a moment to marvel Bracha, whom I fucked to a deep sleep. She was still in my bed sleeping and she looked so sexy laying nude on top of my golden Versace covers. I was just about to kiss her lips when my phone started vibrating. I smiled as I read ‘Kate Calling’ on the screen of my smartphone.

“Hi, what’s up, baby girl?” I answered.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Kate asked me softly.

“I am getting ready to head out and get some air.” I answered.

“Oh, yeah, so when can I get on top of you and slowly ride you? I’m so horny.” Kate expressed. “I cannot control myself.”

“You can ride me anytime you want, baby.” I told her. “What’s good?”

“You make me wet just thinking about it. I’d love the feel of your cock slowly entering me. Oh, I’m rubbing my pussy now. Please come over, Marè. I want to fuck!”

“I’ll be there in an hour, my snow bunny.”

After kissing Bracha in the lips without waking her, I left my penthouse and hopped in my black Tesla Model X SUV. My destination was Kate’s home on the Upper West Side. The thoughts of us fucking had me driving with a serious hard on. Luckily, the roads were nearly deserted, which took me less than an hour to arrive at Kate’s place.

The door to her apartment was ajar and I just walked in. There was my short, sensuous blonde with a nice body standing there clad in a thong waiting for me to take her.  I locked the door and we began kissing. I reached down and took hold of Kate’s pearly missile tits, one in each hand. I stroked them softly and delicately, massaging the erect nipples, giving them loving attention. Kate moaned and sighed passionately as she stroked my hard cock.

“Fuck me with this big black cock of yours, Mare!” Kate said in a sultry voice loaded with desire. “I want to feel your hard cock all the way up my pussy.”

“Oh, best believe I’m going to beat up your pussy.” I promised.

“I hope so, baby.” She smiled.

Kate lowered herself and slowly took my dick in her warm mouth. She began sucking me off like the ultimate pro. The eye contact she was giving me was amazing as she licked the entire length of my cock and slowly pulled it back into her mouth. I started moving my hips; really getting into fucking Kate’s mouth. The fellatio was so superb that I felt myself nearing an eruption.

“You’re about to make a brotha bust!” I declared.

Kate pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, “Ah-ah! You don’t get to cum until I do.”

She winked at me, took my hand, and led me to the immaculate lavender bedroom with the diamond-shaped windows. Standing beside the queen-sized bed, our wet tongues wrestled passionately. I grabbed the waistband of Kate’s thin white thong and in one quick jerk ripped it in two.

“The King of New York is ready to devour his Snow Bunny.” I licked my lips.

Kate crawled in the bed and laid on her back with her legs spread. She made a small gasp as I entered her love canal. It felt good inside her as I gradually began thrusting her pussy. Kate was moving up and down on my dick rapidly as I quickened the pace. I held on to her tits to maintain the tempo.

“Yes, give it to me. You like fucking my tight little pussy.” Kate squealed. “Oh, feels so good! You like this tight fucking pussy. This tight pussy wrap all the way around your cock.”

Her dirty talk turned me on even more. I kept looking at her frigid-blue eyes as I continued pumping her. My big black cock was coated with Kate’s pussy juice. She nodded fast and then shrieked as she orgasmed. I stopped to catch my breath and savored the feeling of Kate vibrating with erotic pleasure beneath me.

“I love smashing this pussy.” I told her as we lip locked.

After a few seconds of kissing, I lowered myself and licked my way down to her tits, flat belly, and then finally buried my face in Kate’s quivering pussy. I went to work licking, sucking, and rolling my tongue all over her clit. Kate’s satisfying sighs filled the bedroom as the intense pleasure engulfed her body.

“I’m gonna cum all over your face!” She announced. “Fuck. Fuck!” Then she released with a loud cry and added, “Oh, God, I’m sorry. I bet you make all the girls shake.”

“Just the ones I like.” I replied. “You wanna be on top?”

“Yeah.” She answered. Her eyes shining with enthusiasm.

Kate climbed on top of me and got in the reverse cowgirl position. Panting, Kate began riding me slowly, but then quickened the pace. I don’t remember the last time I had sex in this hot position, but the view of her ass bouncing up and down on my cock and the pleasure were crazy! When she started twerking on my dick, it drove me wild!

“Oh, fuck me, girl!” I shouted. “Pop that ass!”

I craved more action from Kate’s ass so we switched to the doggie-style position and I started smashing her from behind. I reached around and grasped Kate’s pointy tits, and pumped her deeper and faster. The erotic sounds of our sweaty skin smacking, the groaning and moaning were epic. This was raw sex at its finest!

“Oh, my God, it feels so fucking good!” She shouted. “Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum again! Yes!”

Kate began thrusting her ass back while I thrust forward. Seconds later, she shrieked a climaxing moan, and came again. Her sticky fluids squirted all over my cock.

“Yeah, baby!” I sighed. “That was phenomenal.”

Kate rolled on her back and said, “I want some more. It is time for you to cum.”

I mounted her missionary style and continued our fuck session. We gazed at each other without blinking, which was sexy. The fast pace I was going, I knew I was minutes away from cumming.

“I want to leave my cock in your pussy for eternity.” I whispered.

“Feels so good, Nature Boy! Oh, my God. Fuck.”

“I’m gonna fucking cum.” I continued. “I’m gonna cum. Do you want me to cum, Snow Bunny?”

“Yes, I want you to fucking cum. Yes, yes, yes.” Kate replied.

I was thrusting faster and harder. I felt the perspiration pouring down my muscular body. Kate was encouraging me to cum with her nodding.

“Oh, cum with me, cum with me.” Kate uttered.

“Tell me when, baby.” I responded.

“I want you to cum inside me now.” She said.

That moment, I ejaculated so deep in her fuck hole. I felt light headed and drained. Kate wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. We drifted to a peaceful nap.

After showering together, I got dressed. Then I finally get a text message from Brach telling me to bring her some Chinese food when I come back home.

“Snow Bunny, I have to go. I promised my friend I’ll give her a ride to Brooklyn. I don’t want her taking the subway home. Too many slashing going on in the city.”

“Be careful, daddy. Call me when you get home.”

“No problem, baby.”

We locked our moist lips passionately and said our goodbyes.


Copyright © 2016 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.



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