Black Erotica

Cum Inside Me On Valentine’s Day


The sun was out, but it was a bone-chilling Valentine’s Day in New York City on February 14, 2016. The cold weather didn’t stop nearly 600 New Yorkers to participate in the Cupid’s Undie Run. Dressed in my custom-made red robe and matching pajamas bottom, I couldn’t believe my Valentine, Kaley Kade, talked me to doing this event with her. We were part of the Yelp team, Baby it’s Yelp Outside.

“I cannot believe you have me out here on the coldest day of the year.” I said.

“Oh, come on, it’s a great charity cause.” Kaley smiled. “It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone for a wonderful cause, which is children’s tumor research.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” I responded.

Kaley Kade was a super cute brunette with a bubbly personality and perfect smile. She looked sexy in her danger-red bra and panties. Kaley was a warrior in the cold. She didn’t shiver not once. The way she was dealing with the coldness really astonished me.

“Let me warm you up a little bit.” Kaley kissed me passionately on the lips. “How do you feel now?”

“You lucky I love your ass.” I replied.

When the race finally started, we all began cheering as we ran up the walkway by the water along the West Side Highway. The strong wind was blowing with a fury, but my adrenaline kept me going. My mind was not only to complete the race, but also thinking of hot destinations because of the rigid weather.

“Arizona. Nevada. California. Miami. Africa.” I murmured to myself. “Oh, my body needs your warmth.”

It almost felt like an epic scene from a romance movie as Kaley and I ran side to side ahead of the pack. Onlookers cheered and gave us high-fives. We occasionally held hands pushing each other with strong words of encouragement. This race really became inspiring for the both of us. When we reached the finish line, we instantly cheered and gave each other a big hug. Our body heat was necessary in this cold.

“Thank God, it’s over!” I spoke.

“We completed our first Undie race and it was amazing. Thank you for doing this with me!”


The ambiance at Stage 48 located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen felt like a New Year’s celebration. It was packed wall-to-wall and sweaty. Hundreds of moist bodies definitely heated the place and the vibe was beyond positive. The state of the art sound and lighting were amazing. The brave souls that participated in the Cupid’s Undie Race were grooving and congratulating everybody. Team Baby It’s Yelp Outside raised over $7800 towards the charity and won third place in fundraising for New York City. It was a great day for our teammates and everybody that donated to the cause.

Kaley and I were in our element as we danced in all four levels with fans and strangers. Most of them were excited to be partying with the King of New York and his lady. We must have taken dozens of pictures with them in the grand ballroom with the expansive mezzanine private lounge. Everybody was having a great time and really into the blaring rap music.

Finally, Kaley and I took a break from dancing and went to the open bar to sip on Jack and Coke.

“Are you having a great time?” Kaley asked.

“I’m having a ball!” I answered. “This experience was dope.”

“I knew you’ll like this.”

I smiled. “You’re right, baby doll! I am ready to take you home and feed you. I prepared something special for you.”

“Oh, yeah… well, I have something I want to give you on Valentine’s Day.” Kaley took my hand and placed it on her pussy. “Interested?”

“Let’s go!”


The heat inside my Charles Street glass penthouse had the place feeling cozy. I was happy to be home as I was in the kitchen preparing the Valentine’s Day dinner. Kaley Kade was in my robe taking selfies with her smartphone and posting them on snapchat.

“I still can’t believe that I participated in that race. You know, a brother has to love you a lot to do something that crazy.”

Kaley laughed. “Come on, you said you had a great time. I thought it was sexy we did something out of the ordinary on Valentine’s Day! You were around half-naked pretty girls and the best part is the weekend fundraiser generated over $150,000 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.”

“I’ll admit, I had fun, but it was too cold for that shit!” I continued. “Thank God, it was shortened to a half-mile for safety.”

“What’s for dinner, love?”

“Tilapia with shrimp linguini.” I told her.

“Awesome, Nature Boy! I’m hungry enough to eat a bear. Call me when dinner’s ready.”

I patted her buttocks and replied, “Cool. Listen to the Valentine’s Day playlist I made just for you.”

Kaley Kade giggled as she ran in the living room. It didn’t take long for R. Kelly’s “Backyard Party” blaring smoothly. I could hear her clapping and singing the chorus to the song. Kaley would occasionally dance in front of me. Soon the aroma wafted from the kitchen. It was time for us to get our eat on!

The dining table was set with my new Versace gold plated silverware and candles. After we expressed how much we love each other with free verse poems from the top of our heads, we shared a kiss and began eating. My dining room had the ambiance of a luxury restaurant with the dim lights, comfy feeling, and Trey Songz’s “What’s Best For You” serenading us. Not only was the meal delicious, but also the chocolate I got Kaley.

“Dinner was five stars, King of New York!” Kaley complimented me on my cooking.

“And you did,” Kaley continued. “We should get rid of Valentine’s Day and replace it with a second Thanksgiving Day. Now, it’s time for me to make your Valentine’s Day perfect!”

Kaley got up and disrobed. She removed her bra and panties, exposing her pierced perky nipples and shaved pussy. My jaws dropped at the sight of Kaley’s most body. She looked hot as she twirled around, modeling for her king.

“You are so sexy!” I expressed. “Your king need your loving! I want some of that sexual healing!”

Kaley straddled my lap and we started kissing. I could taste the chocolate that was still glued to her tongue. My hands were having a great time massaging Kaley’s nipples as I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her wet lips. The passionate kissing went on for three minutes before I pulled away from her to gaze at her pretty face and big dark eyes.

“Take me!” She said in her sultry voice.

With a smile, I hoisted her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. While we were kissing, I carried her to the living room and laid her softly on the floor. Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” was playing from the surround system and our moist skin contrasted exquisitely by the roaring flames burning in the fireplace.

“There is nothing like making love to classic Michael Jackson.” I whispered.

Kaley helped me pushed down my pajama bottoms and my dick popped inside her pussy. She gasped as her pussy grasped my cock. I began to established a smooth fucking rhythm and Kaley grabbed my ass and pulled me in deep as I could go.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!” She moaned. “I need that big cock in me.”

“I love your pussy. Oh, fuck, yeah. It’s so wet.”

A woman’s dirty talk always bring the best out of me in fucking. I began thrusting Kaley’s pussy faster and harder, watching my black cock moved in and out of Kaley’s love hole. I felt like I was in a fuck zone ramming her pussy. I looked up at Kaley’s face and saw her moaning and panting, her mouth 0-shaped, and eyelids fluttering.

“Right there. I love it deep inside me. Don’t stop! You’re going to make me cum.”

Her encouragement had me pounding her pussy rhythmically and driving her to the height of pleasurable sensations. Shrieking in bliss, Kaley had an intense orgasm. It was awesome! Now, I felt myself nearing an orgasm.

“I’m cumming.” I declared. “I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck, I’m cumming. I’m about to pull out…”

“No, no.” Kaley objected, locking her legs around my waist. “This is Valentine’s Day! Cum inside me on Valentine’s Day!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Grunting loudly, I ejaculated deep inside Kaley, filling her up with my hot golden cum. After discharging every drop, I pulled out leaving a creampie in her hole. Then I rolled off Kaley and laid next to her. We were both panting and chuckling. “You Could Be My Lover” by Puff Daddy & The Family was entertaining us as we basking in the afterglow of the sex.

“That was dope.” I told Kaley.

“Yes, it was.” Kaley affirmed. “You beat my pussy up good! I’m not done with you.”

With her epic devilish grin, Kaley licked my face down to my abs. Then she wrapped her moist lips around my cock. Kaley licked my shaft, sucked and squeezed it with her hand simultaneously. She was outstanding! In no time I erupted and Kaley swallowed every last drop of my cum.

Now, feeling sexually satisfied and spent, I fell asleep.

This was one epic Valentine’s Day that I will never forget.


Copyright © 2016 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.






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