Great Haiku Poems About Nature


Four Exquisite Elements
Hot air touched my face
Lava flows, strong winds, wet stones
Beauty of nature

Tropical Storm Andrea

The rain falls hard
Cries of Andrea I despise
The dark wet concrete

Crazy Weather
A warm sunny day
I Cel e brat ed too soon
Temp er a ture drops

Concrete Rose
It grew from concrete
A unique red street Creation
And it catches the eye.

Friday Blizzard
Treacherous blizzard
The heavy snow, slushy streets, strong winds
Kids are still playing

Winter in Manhattan
The subzero weather
Wet snow covered tall mighty skyscrapers
Snowman in Times Square

The Summer is Here
The red-gold sun risen
Hot and humid temperature
Tropical island

Summer Nites
The summer hotness
A woman half-dressed in red
How I love the view

The waves crash the rocks
The white gulls soar above the beach
Footprints on wet sand


By Shamarie Knight, 10th Oct 2010


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