Black Erotica



Inside my glass penthouse on Charles Street, a short, young ebony woman named Noel Monique was working out in the dim-lighted living room to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” from my new Prince mixtape. Playing on the huge flat screen television on the wall was the movie, Purple Rain. Instead of mourning the recent passing of the music icon, she was celebrating Prince’s life. Clad in a loose purple top that exposed the undersides of her brown tits and black tights, Noel looked like a sexy, untamed fit girl with the messy hair.

The hot shower felt great as I dried off and slipped into my custom-made purple cotton waist towel that had Vanity’s and Apollonia’s face on it. As I walked to the living room, “1999” blared and then I caught Noel dancing, which looked sexy. The sweat was pouring down her perfect abs. When she noticed me, she started laughing.

“I didn’t know you were there, Marè.” She giggled. “Prince have me partying as if it is 1999.”

“Everybody is paying homage to him.” I continued. “Spike Lee threw a block party in Fort Greene to pay tribute to Prince. It was awesome! On the Apollo Theatre’s marquee, it read, ‘In honor of the beautiful one’ and right under Prince’s name with the message, ‘Nothing Compare 2 U’. I hope they also honor him with a star on their walk of fame.”

“It was cool that they were purple tributes to Prince around the world. Cities honored him with purple lights on monuments and rivers. I still can’t believe Prince has passed.” Noel sighed. “He was the sexiest man I had ever saw. Everything about him was sexy!”

“Next to me, he was the ultimate sex symbol,” I quipped. “And dated some of the most amazing-looking women on the planet. Vanity, Apollonia, Sheila E., and Carmen Electra, Prince was the Man!”

When Prince’s classic song, “Let’s Go Crazy” came on, we began dancing as if we were at a block party. The music fueled how wild and energetic we moved. It was so much fun getting down with Noel. Once the rhythm of “Kiss” began playing, things got very interesting. The closer we got, the more sensuously Noel danced. I think the music of Prince took over our sexual souls. I gazed at Noel’s eyes, moved closer to her and began French kissing her with great enthusiasm. I loved the grape flavor I tasted on her tongue. Noel removed her top, flashing me a great pair of brown tits. I began to kiss and suck on her erect dark nipples. Noel moaned passionately as she rubbed my head. Then I showered her tits and flat belly with wet kisses. When I stood up straight, the towel popped open and slid down to my feet. Noel chuckled and stared at my dick with her naughty smile.

“It seems like you’re ready for some head.” She purred.

I nodded with a sly smile. That moment, Prince’s “Head” song started playing. Noel got on her knees and began performing fellatio on me. It was so erotic how she gazed at me as my cock moved in and out her mouth. Tightening her lushly sexy lips on my dick, she started sucking me faster. Noel was in a zone attacking my dick with her mouth. The feathery touch of her tongue on the tip and underside of my shaft nearly had me erupting.

“Baby girl, you are driving me crazy with your tongue action.” I moaned.

With my cock resting on her lips Noel said, “I want you to cum in my face, but not until I fuck you good.”

I picked Noel up and carried her to the couch. As I laid on my back, she positioned herself on my shaft and got moving. Noel looked sexy riding me as “Sexy M.F.” played smoothly in the background. The velvety walls of her pussy caressed my dick exquisitely as she bounced up and down on it rapidly. The sensual moaning blended perfectly with the slapping sounds of our skin and labored breathing.

“Uh, right there, baby! Oh, it feels so good!”

Fast intense shallowed breathing and skin slapping rapidly seemed to fused with the music. Noel was giving me the ride of my life. I could feel every inch of my cock being consumed by that hungry pussy of hers. I kept drilling upward trying to bring her to an intense orgasm. The way Noel’s eyes rolled back I knew she was getting very close.

“Oh, baby. I’m going to cum.” She announced softly.

Noel’s body trembled; she let out a shriek as she climaxed on my dick. Panting, her body movements stopped and then she laid on her back with her legs spread. Strands of fluid dripped from her pussy. It was softly calling my name and now I wanted a taste.

“Your pussy deserves some tongue action.” I told her.

I dove face first into her wet pulsation pussy. I went to work licking, sucking and fingering her sex peach. The taste of salty perspiration mixed with cunt juice was all over my tongue. Noel squealed as my tongue continued poking her clit. She pulled me deeper into her peach.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum on my tongue,” I begged.

I quickened my cunnilingus pace on her clit and watched her reached a screaming orgasm.

With eyes filled with uncontrollable lust, Noel grabbed me and shouted, “Do me, baby! I want your cock deep inside me!”

Now we were listening to the lustful ballad “Do Me, Baby” and I pushed my cock inside her damp pussy, making her let out a little whimper. I penetrated her gently and smoothly, enjoying every second of her bouncy tits. After the duration of the song, I stared at Noel for a few seconds to admire her natural beauty. The melody of “Adore” began serenading the room, which triggered me to resume my pumping action. I was sliding in and out of Noel’s perfectly shaved pussy rapidly, loving the way her cunt muscles grasped me.

“Oh, baby, I adore you.” I sighed. “I love being inside you. Your pussy is so fucking good.”

“Yes, give it to me. Oh, my God, you’re gonna make me cum again. Oh, shit!”

I looked down watching my dick ramming her cunt. The sight of it made me thrust Noel’s pussy harder and deeper. She clenched her teeth to keep from crying out with joyous abandon. I knew my ebony princess was about to be overtaken by an orgasm.

“You gonna cum?” I asked her.

“Yeah … yes.” She responded.

That moment, Noel screamed out her climax, writhing in a sort of orgasmic seizure. Seeing her cum like that triggered me to ejaculate on her belly button. Noel massaged my load over her flat belly and quivering pussy lips. She flashed me a sultry smile in doing so. Just when I thought we were going to catch our breath and relax on the couch, the catchy “Diamonds and Pearls” blared and gave us the needed energy boost. We were bopping our heads to the tune.

Noel got on all fours, turned her head and said, “Fuck me in the ass!”

“What?” I responded.

“Come on and fuck me in the ass, silly.”


Noel utilized both hands to hold her butt cheeks apart, offering me her asshole. I slowly pushed my cock in her opening. Then I gently started reaming her. Noel reached between her legs to fondle my swinging balls. When her rectum got used to the size of my dick, I would slide in and out with a smooth rhythm that had Noel moaning and groaning. She rocked back and forth while I thrust her ass faster.

“Oh, yes, right there.” Noel groaned. “You like it when I push my ass back on that dick? Fuck.”

“You know it.” I replied.

“Don’t stop, Oh, God! Yes! It’s so hot!”

Then Noel shrieked, throwing back her head as we simultaneously climaxed. I spurted warm cum deep inside her. I felt light-headed and spent. The last thing I remember before I black out was one of my favorite Prince’s hits, “When Doves Cry” playing in the back ground.

Later, as we cuddled contentedly together, we listened to the soothing sounds of raindrops hitting the large windows that blended well with Prince’s signature song, “Purple Rain”. There were large purple lights from outside that illuminated my place. The whole thing was magical. It was as if Prince’s soul was here with us. What a way to end a night of hot sex that had Prince’s music as the soundtrack.

Copyright © 2016 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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