Black Erotica

Soft And Wet


It was a touch of summer on this warm and sunny day in Florida. Fat Joe’s blazing new street anthem “All The Way Up” blared from the basketball court of Monica Hershel’s luxury mansion. We were having a game of one-on-one, and the perspiration racing down our toned bodies were evident on how hard we were competing. The game became a contest of pure will, and Monica was beating me to the basket with her quick lay-ups and jump shots. It seemed she had skills like WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi how she scored, and I forgot how strong and quick Monica was.

Finally, Monica missed a shot and then it happened. The classic rap song “93 ‘Til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief began blaring. I had the ball in my hand and I made three straight shots. I knew now I was in the zone. Every time I touched the basketball I felt I could do anything special with it. I was scoring at will like a pro in his prime. It didn’t matter how well Monica guarded me, I found a way to break down her defense and score. Now, the game was mine for the taking.

“This is it, baby girl.” I smiled at her. “Game point. Check.”

“You better not choke, Maestro.” Monica warned me. “If you do, it is over!”

In a split second, I caught Monica with a killer crossover and slam dunked the ball. The game was over with the score of 21-19.

“Good game, Predator.” I said.

“Shut up. You got lucky.” She told me.

“I got lucky, huh? All the losers say that.” I jested. “You do have skills. We could out hustle a lot of ballers in New York, Chicago, Miami and L.A. It’ll be like our version of White Man Can’t Jump.”

Monica laughed. “You’re funny. I think your idea would work. Dudes would assumed a white girl like me can’t ball.”

“Exactly.” I continued. “We’ll send them home broke. Wow, I’m tired and in the mood to take a shower.”

“Yeah, I cannot wait to get out of these sweaty clothes and take a long hot bath with my shortie.” Monica winked.

We walked back in the house and immediately met by the black-haired goddess Samantha. She was clad in a loose lemon top and cut off jean shorts. Her hair was wavy and she looked very much like a living Barbie doll.

“Oh, no, you got my baby all sweaty.” She said with a smile.

“We play hard. You know how we do.” I told her.

“Yeah, and you almost lost too, Maestro.” Monica spoke. “That was a lucky move.”

Samantha put her arms around Monica and suggested, “Let’s retire to the shower and get you wet and clean.”

“Can I join the party?” I asked.

“Sorry, no boys allowed at this party.” Monica winked. “Jessica should be out back swimming. Go and keep her company, playboy.”

Taking Monica’s suggestion, I decided to go to the pool area. When I got there, I watched, closely, as Jessica Ashley emerged from the pool in a white bikini. Her tanned firm, round tits looked marvelous with the cool water slowly dripping down the bare inner curve, and her erect dark nipples visible through the drenched fabric. She was smiling; clearly enjoying the breeze blowing on her skin. Jessica walked in deliberation to where her towel lay. When I saw her backside, my mouth opened wide and ‘DAMN…’ emanated. The wet thong, tucked into butt, made her ass beyond grand.

“I’ll go over there to get a better view.” I spoke in undertone.

Taking off my sneakers and socks, I moved silently like a ninja. Jessica was laying on her stomach basking in the sun. Then I plunged in the pool, giving her a start. Realizing it was me, she laughed. The cool water felt stupendous as it cleansed me of the sweat. It made me feel ten years younger. Jessica enjoyed the sight of my erect nipples, with water trickling down my muscular chest and abs.

“Oh, my God, you scared me. I didn’t know you were out here.” She flashed me a big smile.

“What’s up, pretty face? I see you working on your lovely tan. Can I rub some suntan lotion on your beautiful skin?”

Jessica squeezed my nipple and answered, “Sure.”

With a sultry smile, Jessica slowly unhooked her bikini top yet lying face down. I took the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Body Milk Melt-in Sunscreen and began massaging her smooth back. Jessica’s skin was soft and moist, and that tangible supple flesh got me aroused in no time at all. I worked my way to her bare ass and all the way down to the back of her toned legs. All the while, her girlish giggles were an indication that she enjoyed every second of my oily hands.

“Roll over so I can do your front.” I suggested.

“Okay, baby.” She replied.

Jessica rolled onto her back, exposing those magnificent tits and erect nipples.

“You are blessed with the perfect breasts, Jessica. They’re not too big or small for you. They’re epic.”

Jessica smiled. “Thanks.”

I began working my massaging magic on her tits. Jessica gave me a lascivious gaze as my hands roamed on her two perfectly shaped globes. Working my way down to her belly and feet, Jessica looked so relaxed lying naked in the sun. When I finished rubbing her body, I told her, “Now you’re all oiled up.”

“Great job, Nature Boy! I know you love touching my body.” Jessica gave me a naughty wink. “You want me don’t you? I’m turning you on.”

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“That big black cock of yours tells.”

“Oh, yeah.” I smiled, pushing my shorts down.

“Yess…” Jessica grabbed my shaft and began stroking it. “I had a dream about you last night. A dirty dream. You did naughty things to me. I want this cock real bad! But first, I’m going to be naughty for you.”

She slowly inserted my dick in her mouth and began sucking me off. I sighed with delight as she sucked with just the right amount of wetness covering my shaft. Jessica’s eyes were still fixed on me as her wet lips and tongue massaged my monster cock.

“Oh, my God.” I sighed. “Yes, suck that dick good.”

Jessica increased the tempo of her oral magic, using both of her hands to increased the intensity. She took my cock out of her mouth to give my balls some attention. The sensation that shot up my body from Jessica sucking and licking my balls were epic! My hips really got in on the action, moving back and forth to give Jessica every inch of my shaft. She continued blowing me, enthusiastically deep-throating me.

“I’m going to shoot a load. Please, don’t stop!” I begged.

Jessica kept sucking away like a pro. I started moaning and bucking my hips. Then with a loud moan, I shot my warm cum down her throat. She swallowed most of it as some dribbled erotically down her chin.

After I finished ejaculating, Jessica licked my dick clean. She continued licking and stroking my cock to keep it hard. I watched as she removed her damp bikini bottom. Her pussy was completely bare as if she haven’t hit puberty yet. Jessica spread her legs wide to give me complete access to her. I inserted my cock inside her and slowly began my pumping action.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me good with that big black cock.” She sighed.

“It is so good inside you.” I told her. “Please cum hard on my dick.”

Moving in and out of her speedily, Jessica’s moans soon pervaded the area. I held her legs up in the air to deeply penetrate her marvelous pussy. She was so wet and I felt her have one orgasm after another. i alternated fucking her and pulling out to eat her pussy every few minutes. Jessica’s flavor and scent were irrestible, and it triggered me to fuck her doggiestyle.

“My favorite position.” Jessica moaned. “Fuck my ass good!”

I clucthed the bottom of her back to gain momentum, really pounding her. Jessica turned her head back and gave me a look that she couldn’t believe the way she was being ravished. I could feel another intense load working up my cock. I knew in the next minute I was going to blast off.

“I am going to cum, princess!” I declared.

“Do it, baby.” Jessica cried out. “Do it!”

As I made my last pump, I shot a hot golden wad of cum into her rectum. Then I felt Jessica climaxed as she trembled all over. Our soft and  wet bodies seemed to merge as we moaned, shuddring and groaning and lying on the towel as the sun beamed down on us.


Inside the master bathroom that featured white marble slab floors and walls, double sinks, and a freestanding soaking tub, Monica and Samantha were kissing passionately. They were so hot for each other as their kisses serenaded them like a love song.

“Let me get you out of those sweaty clothes.” Samantha suggested. “I love my predator clean and wet.”

“Be my guest,” Monica smiled, “but you know I don’t like to be out my clothes alone!”

Samantha laughed. They stripped each other and kissed once more. Samantha got in the bubble-filled tub and Monica got in behind her. They played naughty games, necking and splashing the water to bring the bubbles out. caressing Samantha’s juicy big boobs and teasing her hard nipples and feeling those nipples slip easily through her fingertips, Monica pinched and pulled them. Samantha leaned back against Monica, her head resting on her shoulder. Monica gave Samantha’s temple a feathery kiss as she continued squeezing and massaging her round breasts.

“I love your breasts, babe.” Monica whispered in her ear. “They are so soft and wet, but I love rubbing on something more wet.”

Monica dipped her hands beneath the water and soon her fingers were sliding across Samantha’s clit and dipping into moist pussy. Monica slipped two fingers into the creases of Samantha’s pussy, teasing the firm nub of her clitoris. Samantha shuddered, receiving the pleasure under water.

“Oh, yes.” Samantha moaned. “That feels so good, baby. Don’t stop! Do it faster!”

With her supple wet hand, Samantha guided Monica, showing her how hard and fast she wanted her. Samantha’s body instantly responded to Monica’s intense touches as her fingers ran back and forth across her clit. Legs opened and body shuddering to a quick release, she tilted her head against Monica’s shoulder. She moved with the fingers that invaded her pleasure haven, jerking and humping all along. Monica kissed and bit on her neck, letting her beautiful partner moan and squirm. Samantha cooed, something endearing and something dirty, and eventually crying out, “Yes, Predator, I am going to cum!”

Monica increased the pressure of her fingertips and she could feel Samantha’s wet body trembling against hers as she gave in to an intense orgasm. Monica continued rubbing her clit, bringing her to the edge, loving that she has the skill to bring her long-term partner to so much pleasure. Finally, after what seemed like a blissful eternity, Monica stopped her finger action and held Samantha in her arms. Samantha shudderd all over, cumming over and over. She laid back against Monica, hugging her until the resolution of normal breathing.

“How was that, baby girl? Did I make you cum hard?” Monica asked, and then kissed Samantha’s wet neck.

“Yes.” Samantha answered with a giggled.

Then Samantha turned around with a big smile on her face. She settled herself on Monica’s lap, facing her and wrapping her legs around Monica’s tiny waist. Their bodies were still slippery with bubbles as Monica held Samantha in her thin yet strong arms. The sensation of their tits touching had Monica aroused even more.

“Ruby Rose,” Samantha said with a sultry smile.

Monica laughed. She took Samantha’s head, capturing her full lips into an ardent kiss. “Love ya.”

Their wet tongues were toying with each other passionately. Their kissing was so intense that they crushed together in a tight embrace.

“Predator, my sweetheart, I enjoyed that but my pussy still craves more attention.” Samantha murmured, breaking free of their kiss.

Licking Smantha’s neck down to her cleavage, Monica cupped her melons. Sucking one erect light brown nipple and pinching its counterpart, she made her sweetheart moan and tremble. Licking those big breasts, circumscribing the rough texture of each areola with her tongue, she caused the goosebumps on Samantha’s irritable skin. Helping her sit on the edge of their tub, Monica kissed Samantha’s stomach and pushed her legs open.

A throaty moan escaped from Samantha’s mouth as Monica covered her soaked pussy, clamping it with her open mouth and continued sucking that engorged clit. Not exactly a prey, but an endeared lover, Samantha bucked her hips against Monica’s head, enjoying every second of being eaten out. She moaned and sighed, letting her head fall back slightly. “Don’t take your mouth off my clit.” She quavered. “Yeah, right there my baby! Right there on my clit. Your tongue feels so good.Just keep licking my pussy.”

Monica moved her tongue between Samantha’s pussy lips, lapping up the delicious nectar that oozed out and flicking down to probe into her open womanhood. Deliberately pushing it through the sloppy entrance, she made an entry, successfully locating the rough G-spot. Samantha’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as Monica’s tongue teased her G-spot like a glossy glans. She clutched at her lover’s head, holding it to get more of the arousal.

Monica nimbly moved her head, back and forth, to keep her invasion of Samantha’s love canal and occasionally closing her mouth over the throbbing clit. Hearing Samantha’s breathing getting heavier, she knew ‘the Beautiful’ was about to erupt. Samantha held onto the sides of Monica’s face for support as she arched her back and gingerly bucked her pussy against Monica’s mouth. With a shriek that echoed in the bathroom, she reached a plateau and squirted her pussy fluids all over Monica’s face. The climax was so intense that it had Samantha’s curvalicious body shaking. The pleasure caused her to embrace Monica and cuddle with her. She still shuddered, giving Monica a kiss of her gratitude.

“I always love making you climax so hard,” Monica said. “God, I love you.”

Basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, Samantha laughed, kissing her long-term partner over and over again. Monica looked into her eyes, so brown and lovely, knowing that she was looking into the eyes of the Beautiful whom she loved and who loved her. Their sexual chemistry was unmatched indeed!

“I’m going to get you later tonight and make you cum even more.” Monica promised with a wink. “It is hot when our skins are soft and wet.”

The two lesbian lovers lay cuddling until the water started to cool. Then Samantha slowly rose and climbed from the tub. Like the predator she ever was, Monica gazed at Samantha’s mouthwatering womanly body, as she took a white towel and held it for her. Smiling, Monica climbed out of the tub and stood facing Samantha. It was such an erotic sight as the water raced down Monica’s perfect abs. Samantha pressed her naked body to hers as they dried each other off lovingly.

Together they left the bathroom, soap bubbles gone now, but the haze of passion still permeated the ambiance.




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