A Soulful Christmas Story


A Soulful Christmas Story

This Christmas

It was the holiday season and New York City was magical as usual. The energy and excitement of Manhattan felt magnetic. It was so attractive that it would even enchant Ebenezer Scrooge. Heavy-layered people bustled and scurried to buy those special gifts for their loved ones.

Inside a nice apartment on 410 Riverside Drive, me and my sister, Aaliyah, were in the living room filling the multicolored stockings with candy and other goodies. Christopher Radkoโ€™s Christmas ornaments adorned the white Christmas tree standing tall by the window. It was a beautiful sight as Aaliyah and I gazed at it with such delight. We felt our Christmas tree was the best one up. Then our mother entered the living room and sat down on the couch to admire the tree too.

โ€œI love this Christmas tree!โ€ I announced. โ€œOur tree is the best one in theโ€ฆ

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