Black Erotica

A Very Merry Red Xmas with Jayden Cole


It isn’t a white Christmas outside this year. However, it is a red and sexy Christmas inside my Alpine, New Jersey mansion as my living room bathes in the evening’s sunset red-gold glow and the flashing red lights of my Christmas tree. I am glued to the huge flat screen TV that is airing the highly-anticipated rematch of the 2016 NBA Finals rematch between the Cavs and Warriors. I didn’t want to miss not one second of this basketball game. Sitting next to me clad in a silky sheer tank thong bodysuit lingerie is the sexy redhead nude model named Jayden Cole. She is getting mad and disgusted that I am giving her the attention she craves.

“I can’t believe that he rather watches a stupid basketball game than beat up this pussy.” She mumbles. “If he doesn’t fuck me right now, I’m going to hurt him.”

Her remark has me chuckling. Jayden leans closer and gives me wet kisses on the side of my face. The feeling of her warm, wet tongue on my neck and face arouses me. Then she grabs my crotch while trying to stick her tongue in my mouth.

I pull back and said, “Chill, baby girl! Stop. This is the second half of the game. I can’t miss this. I have my money on LeBron James.”

Jayden sucks her teeth, rolls her blue eyes, and crosses her arms under her perfect boobs.

“Go ahead and watch that stupid game.” She tells me. “I don’t care. Forget you.”

“Thank you.” I reply with a smile. “You look so hot when you’re mad. It turns me on.”

Jayden hits me in the arm. Then she gets up and said, “I know how to get your attention.”

As she storms out the living room, I playfully pat her ass. Staring at Jayden’s backside until she is finally out of my sight, my eyes are back focusing on the game.

Jayden reappears again standing in front of the TV completely nude. My brown eyes widens with astonishment and my dick become erect. Her hands moves down to her shaved pussy. She massages her moist clit slowly with one hand, and with the other she spreads her labia open so I can see the deep pink color of her erotic opening.

“I like that.” I murmur.

Jayden crouches down on her knees between my legs and begins stroking my cock. Still staring at me, she is wetting her full lips in anticipation. Then she slowly takes my dick into her warm mouth that has me in paradise. My mouth forms an erotic “O” as Jayden is licking and sucking my dick with artistry. She gives my balls attention with her saliva and tongue.

“You’re so hot.” I tell her. “The hottest Goddess I know.”

Jayden smiles and then deep-throats me, which has me groaning with delight. My face is contorting in pleasure as she is stroking, licking and sucking my cock in almost musical rhythm. She stops performing fellatio on me and asks, “You want to taste my pussy?’

After nodding, Jayden stands in front of me.She pushes her supremely trimmed pussy to my face to give me a better look. I can already smell the sweet aroma emanating from her cunt.

“I know it’s juicy like cherries.”

I give her pussy a wet kiss, and then lick it. Spreading her cunt lips, I begin sucking her clit. She is very creamy and I am quenching my thirst with her erotic juice. After consuming enough of her essence, I let her get a taste of her own fluids on my lips as we French kiss passionately.

“Put your big cock inside me.” Jayden proposes. “Beat up this pussy good.”

Now she is laying on the couch with her legs spread. I begin rubbing my dick up and down the opening of her cunt until I finally insert my cockhead into her ravenous pussy. Jayden sighs as she stares at me with those lustful eyes of hers.I start penetrating her slowly, but once I hear the Cavs won the game, the pace quickens. Jayden’s moans and groans of passion quickly overwhelmes the sound of the TV.

“It is paradise inside you, baby.”

“Fuck me.” Jayden moans. “That’s it, fuck me harder.”

I am thrusting deeper and harder inside her. Looking down, I love the sight of my dick penetrating Jayden’s shaved pussy lips. Now, I am hearing Jayden’s breathing becoming heavy and rapid. I know she is close to cumming how she is panting and her eyes getting glassy.

“You’re about to cum on this dick?” I asks.

The pleasure is so good that Jayden cannot talk. I continue pumping in and out of her pussy. Clawing at my back, Jayden’s body shudders as she has has one massive orgasm. I feel myself getting ready to cum. After two hard pumps, I shoot my warm golden load into her pussy. The sensation of her erotic hole hungrily milking my cock is epic. My own cum mixing with her juice is dripping out of her cunt. Sighing, Jayden is cupping my face with her soft hands and we are kissing again.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

“Merry Christmas, baby girl.” I whisper to her.

Smiling, Jayden says, “It is a holiday. I am not done with you yet.”

Jayden sits on my erect cock facing me, and begins riding me. We are soon performing every sexual position we can think of during the duration of R. Kelly’s 12 Nights of Christmas album playing on my stereo. This Christmas has truly been one of the best in my life.

Happy Holidays!!!

Copyright © 2016 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.


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