short story

My Secret New York


My secret New York is a masterpiece on four-wheels that I named Moon Knight. I love her sparkling platinum skin and the custom-made wheels. Each wheel has 12,000 diamonds, 800 sapphires, and 1100 karats of precious stones. I feel like she glows every time she sees me. I too, have the same love and affection for her. I never met something so beautiful and unique that didn’t talk back. She is my first and true love!

My secret city is so special that I never need a key to hop in; she read my thoughts and her left gull-wing door open for me. I feel like the modern-day “Knight Rider” inside her with all the gadgets on the diamond-shaped leather dashboard: the state of the art navigation system, mini flat screen, Internet, and entertainment system. She made me feel comfortable with her gun-gray leather recliner seats. It reminds me of being in a private jet ready to blast off to my next destination!

She and I are the hottest on the road! We compliment each other perfectly. The night is our element as we speed down the streets. The darkness coordinates with us majestically. Yes, we are fast and furious!

While driving, I rarely blink. Besides hip-hop music, the only sound I usually hear is the smooth roaring sound of the engine. Moon Knight is the only one blessed with that unique noise. I love all the attention she gets from onlookers. They wondered how something so magnificent exists in the world.

My favorite automotive feature in my secret New York is the hover conversion. George Jetson would be proud of this. I push a lever on the dashboard, and the wheels folds and the car lift off the streets. It rise about twenty thousand feet into the air and soars into the dark sky. The feeling is indescribable! I love flying high at a top speed with the birds! I never have to worry about traffic, denseness, or loud noise. Up here, it is calm, peaceful, and tranquil. Traveling by air is so carefree than on the ground!

After flying for an hour, I descend through the clouds and land in a deserted street. I open the door and jump out feeling more jubilant than ever.

God, I love my secret city!

By Shamarie Knight, 6th Sep 2006


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