The 1980s vs 1990s


From the end of the Cold War to the invention of the Internet, the 1980s and 1990s are arguably two of the most influential decades ever. I was born in 1981, which makes me a late Gen Xers and I was lucky enough to experienced the energy and craziness of those twenty years. Now, I am going to find out which decade wins the bragging rights of being the best.




Vanity (1980s) versus Halle Berry (1990s)

They are two of my all-time greatest Hollywood crushes, and hottest sex symbols of my generation. Both women are blessed with breathtaking looks, but I go with Vanity. She was my ultimate fantasy. WINNER: Vanity




Air Jordan 1 (1980s) versus Nike Air Penny 1

Nike Air Penny 1 is my favorite sneaker, but Air Jordan 1 is iconic! It never gets old. Your sneaker collection is not complete without a pair of Jordan 1. WINNER: Air Jordan 1


Michael Jordan o Magic Johnson

“Magic” Johnson (1980s) versus Michael Jordan (1990s)

Both players are legends, champions and all-time greats, but I have to go with Michael Jordan. To watch Michael Jordan play the game of basketball at his apex in the 1990s was something really special. His highlights are some of the most iconic moments in NBA history. WINNER: Michael Jordan



Game Boy (1980s) versus Sega Game Gear (1990s)

The latter had better graphics and looked more cutting edge, but it costed the same price of a Sega Genesis, which was crazy and it had short battery life. Therefore, I go with Game Boy.  Nintendo’s first handheld game console came with the classic puzzle game Tetris. WINNER: Game Boy


classic albums

Paid In Full (1980s) vs Illmatic (1990s)

I love Paid in Full, but it sounds dated. That’s why I have to go with Illmatic. It is the blueprint for a perfect rap album. Illmatic set the golden standard for every rap album after it. Today, Illmatic still sounds fresh and resonates with the young generation. WINNER: Illmatic


                Miami Vice (1980s) vs New York Undercover (1990s)

I love Miami Vice, but New York Undercover was the better cop show. I felt like I knew Detective J.C. Williams and Detective Eddie Torres. They wore urban clothes and talk like dudes from my Harlem neighborhood. Also, the music montage of New York Undercover really set the tone and mood of the show, which I really enjoyed. WINNER: New York Undercover


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