New Era for Gotham

nyc ferry

Today, at 5:30 a.m., New York City Ferry service heralded the new era for commuters with ferries making stops in Rockaway in Queens, to Wall Street/Pier 11 in Manhattan, and in south Brooklyn. New York City’s relatively underutilized waterways has now become a solution for the increasingly congested streets and subway. New Yorkers do not have to worry about any kind of traffic while commuting to their destination. The ferries have a 150-person capacity and a concession stand. They also are sporting whimsical names such as Friendship Express, Lunchbox, McShiny, which were picked by city second-graders living near the ferry docks.

A single fare is $2.75, the same price of a MetroCard though the ferry’s payment system will not be integrated with the MTA’s. Therefore, commuters won’t be able to utilize a MetroCard to board an NYC Ferry or take advantage of a free transfer onto a subway or bus.

“If this works as well as we hope – if people ride this and believe in this – we can go farther and we can get more and more off the road,” Mayor Bill de Blasio continue. “And give more and more people a better way to get around and just end a lot of congestion we face.”


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