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New York Yankees Immortalize Derek Jeter


“I played here in New York for twenty years, I learned that time flies and memories fade, but family is forever, and I’ll be eternally grateful to be part of the Yankee family.” – Derek Jeter

Yesterday, May 14, 2017, was “Jeter Night” at Yankee Stadium when “The Captain” Derek Jeter clad in a blue suit, got his baseball jersey number 2 retired. It was the final single-digit number to be retired by the New York Yankees, one through nine now all represented in Monument Park. Derek Jeter received a commemorative “#2” plaque and another plaque engraved with the name “Derek Sanderson Jeter.” Also, the five-time World Series champion was given another a ring: a “milestone” World Series ring with his number No. 2 in diamonds. Fans celebrated Derek Jeter and expressed how much they appreciate all the greatness he displayed during his 20-year tenure with the Yankees.

Derek Jeter will also be known as “The Captain” and it was such a great joy watching him play for the New York Yankees. Thank you, Jeter, for 20 years of greatness!




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