Black Erotica, Lesbian Erotica

Monica’s Hot Night

Ruby-RoseThe full moon shone brilliantly over the vibrant city of Miami. The weather was superb for all the local freaks to come out and party with the rich and fabulous. Hence, a celebration was going on at one of the hottest nightclubs in South Beach called Club IX44. The music blared and the energy was wild! I threw an exclusive birthday bash for my best friend, Monica, and the party theme was Scarface. I invited all her sexy friends from the Florida area. The fashion in the place was a throwback to an era when cocaine ruled the world with the Versace Esque Hawaiian shirts, light-colored polo shirts, and oversized designer sunglasses.

I chilled in the VIP area sipping on A2 champagne and observing the scene. Donned in a crispy black-on-black pinstripe suit and Maury gators, I felt like a don living my mafioso dreams as I grooved smoothly to Mobb Deep’s “It’s Mine” song. I was so happy at the turnout as I took pictures and greeted fans of my GoodFellas magazine. Two sexy Cuban women with long hair and big tits sat on my lap and also danced in front of me.

Finally, Monica made a grand entrance to the song “On Fire” by rapper Lil’ Wayne in a double breasted pinstriped cream suit with ruby splayed collar shirt. Holding her hand to everyone’s surprise was the greatest porn star of all-time Jenna Jameson. She was decked out in a blue one-shoulder Cushnie et Ochs dress, which was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s wardrobe in Scarface. The guests went crazy as they cheered at the sexy duo. If this was a movie, Monica was doing a great job in the starring role of Tony Montana.

I kissed Monica on the cheek and said, “Happy Birthday, Predator! The world is yours! Look around, your party is a major success!”

“Thanks, Maestro! I feel like I’m in a movie!” Monica smiled. “This is Jenna, my prey for the night.”

“Hi.” Jenna replied softly.

I stood awestruck. I could not believe that this iconic blonde bombshell was right in front of me. Her confidence and sexiness had me smitten on the spot.

“Hi. Nice to meet you.” I said, finally, and then turned to Monica. “I’ve been with a few adult film stars, but never the greatest adult star. You definitely outdid me, baby girl!”

Monica responded with a grin. Then she told me, “You know I always get my prey.”

“That’s right. It’s your night! Have fun and we’ll catch up later.”

Monica walked away, leading Jenna to the VIP section where her all-time lovers, Samantha and Nina, occupied the table reserved for her. Looking curvy and sexy in their matching black dresses, they rose and yelled enthusiastically as they hugged and kissed Monica. She was definitely in her element surrounded by her lovers. They took Tequila shots to start their celebration in no time at all.

“Happy Birthday to the baddest bitch I know.” Samantha shouted. “34 years young.”

“And you’ve got a lifetime of amazing sex ahead of you.” Nina smiled.

Jenna French kissed Monica and added, “Of course. She always gets her prey.”

After closing the drapes to the table for privacy, Monica and the three beauties began sipping on Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The aroma of vodka and the ambiance of sexual energy had them aroused in a jiffy. Lust sparkled in their eyes and sultry smiles curved their rouged lips. They began kissing. I walked past the table, evesdropping on the sighs and murmurs emitting from their mouths. Smiling, I went back to the dance floor, letting them enjoy their privacy.

By the time Monica’s vanilla vagina shaped birthday cake with sprinkles was rolled out, all the guests sang “Happy Birthday”. The retractable roof opened for a celestial display of fireworks and, like the iconic scene in Scarface, a Goodyear blimp soared up, which read, “The World is Yours”. Right on cue, DJ Gates began spinning Nas’ classic record, “The World Is Yours”. It was wonderful! I caught this short, slender and buxom brunette stunner clad in a red dress checking me out. She was smiling and blowing me kisses. I knew I couldn’t approach her since the place was too packed but I knew I would see her again before the conclusion. 

It was close to three in the morning and yet the party went as viral as some smutty video. The strong wafts of liquor and cocaine permeated the air. Everything was positive as far as I could see. Sweaty bodies packed the dance floor, effusing heat; their multihued faces still brightened up and wild. Several shirtless gay men that looked fresh from the runway of a Versace fashion show, and majority of women, who wore very little, danced and bumped. The floor presented a good set for one wild orgy. Nobody seemed mindful as they indulged themselves into an endless erotic Utopia.

Monica was dancing behind Jenna as DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” blared smoothly. She slyly pulled down Jenna’s straps, exposing her big firm tits. Nina and Samantha accoladed in unison, making the duo giggle and keep up with the salacious steps. I noticed, smilingly, until a soft feel on my booty caught my attention. I turned around and saw that brunette stunner standing there with a sultry smile on her face. She kept me from talking with an instant French kiss. Endorsing an avowal to that amorous invitation, I clutched her by the waist and we began dancing to the blaring rap. She laughed and kissed me, letting me fondle her curves all along.

“You can get it, sweetheart! What is your name?” I asked her.

“Brittni Ruiz.” She answered with a lovely voice.

“Cute name. Are you charged?”

“Very much, hun! You should see how I get laid.”

“Really?” I was intrigued. “Am I somebody you’d get laid with?”

“Be my guest,” Brittni’s husky voice felt sweet to my ears. “You’re the King of New York, aren’t you?”


“Then this King must not be alone in bed.” She spoke, in a trill, clutching at my shirt.

“By all means, baby girl!” I promised her.

We both laughed and continued dancing to the bang.

On top of Knight Inn hotel, I took Brittni by her hand as we walked slowly across the 500-foot-high pool, which gave us a glass-bottom-view of the streets below. We could hear French Montana’s vibe song, “Unforgettable” that transcended in the night as we stopped marvelling at the breathtaking view. 

“This is awesome!” I expressed. “Look at us, we’re floating above Miami.”

“Yes, this is so cool.” Brittni continued. “This pool is one of a kind. I’ve never seen anything like that. I feel like we’re superheroes.”

“Superman and Wonder Woman.” I quipped.

“I’m in the mood to give Superman some super head.” Brittni hinted. 

That second, with a sultry smile, she pulled out my cock and began stroking it in musical rhythm. Then Brittni began performing fellatio on me. She pulled me deep into her warm mouth and sucked me with expertise. The loud sucking and slurping sounds echoed in the night air like an erotic tune.

“Yes, suck that dick good, my princess.” I moaned. “Your mouth is cock heaven.”

“I love your cock in my mouth. So good.” She purred.

Brittni continued to deep throat me before she licked and sucked my balls in her mouth.

“Yeah…” I groaned.

“I want your hot cum deep in my asshole.”

With her fat ass up, I gently inserted my dick into her asshole. Then I began pounding her, but the thrusts turned into shoves. The sensation was so astounding for her that she groaned and pushed back against my thrusts. The skin-smacks were unforgettably incredible. I felt like the ultimate stud in heat fucking Brittni doggystyle while looking down at the racing cars.

“I’m cumming!” I declared.

In unison, we climaxed then and there. Brittni shrieked and flooded my dick with her sex fluids as I charged her butthole with a hot load of cum.

Beneath the two carnally charged lovers, inside a Presidential suite, another sexual demo ensued. Fully clothed Monica was on top, osculating Samantha as Nina and Jenna watched in the nude masturbating.

“It’s my birthday and I want you.” Monica told her.

She kissed Samantha again and gently worked her way down to her big round boobs and navel. Finally, she was face-to-face with the pussy she had been pleasuring for years and began preying on it with expertise. It did not take long for Samantha to strain her torso and squirt her juices into Monica’s mouth; the latter sucked on the quivering womanhood, swallowing the nectar she always cherished.  

“Oh, my God. You’ve shook me all over.” Samantha sighed. “Yes, taste it. Taste it. Wow. I’m gonna cum.”

The dirty talk encouraged Monica to mushroom her oral and feeling action. Samantha’s voluptuous body trembled to the pleasure of being eaten. She clutched at Monica’s head, pushing it against her throbbing pussy and climaxed anew for a good ten seconds. Monica swallowed her, noisily sucking out the sex fluids that dripped down her chin.

Licking her mouth clean, Monica turned to Nina and said, “Now, it’s your turn.”

“Come and take me, birthday girl!” Nina smiled. “You know my pussy loves a good licking.”

Monica hit the right spot, clutching and pulling Nina who gasped and laughed. She rolled her over on her stomach, pushed those miuntainous ass cheeks, and contented herself by licking that cleansed ass crack. The tickling sensation of Monica’s  lingual strokes had Nina’s rear entrance be teased and made the darling girl squeal with delight.

“Oh, my God, she’s loving my ass!” Nina screamed. “Your teeth… ahh… going up my ass. Mmm, yes. Give my ass… mmm…”

Both Samantha and Jenna laughed. Monica ravaged Nina’s intimate depths until she climaxed. The birthday girl was not done with her latina prey. She rolled her over. Nina covered her face with the pillow to stifle her laughter and Monica dove between her supple soft thighs, inhaling her heady aroma. Clamping her mouth on Nina’s open twat, she sucked it as she would a juicy plum. She ate her out, unwittingly nodding over her vulnerable crotch.

“It feels so good.” Nina moaned. “This is your birthday treat! Don’t stop… please!”

She ran her fingers through the damp cropped hair of her lover who went on with licking, sucking and fingering her pussy. The sensations were just too much for Nina to withhold; she panted, squirting her juices out and filling Monica’s mouth up to the brim.

“Yes, I love your nectar babies,” Monica expressed, “the tastiest juices ever!”

Now, it was time for Monica to devour the pussy of the woman, whose carnal fantasies impregnated the minds of women and men. Jenna lay there, opening her legs. Monica took it as a gesture of invitation to have a go at the open feast. She already had those wild thoughts of adding Jenna’s juice on her face and suit, kneeling and stooping down to the dripping pussy. She inhaled the feminine essence that had the porn stars be intoxicated for an on-screen oral sex.

“Save the best ever and after.” Monica winked.

She caressed and kissed Jenna’s supple skin, deliberately crawling atop her naked splendour. Gluing her mouth to Jenna’s engorged pussy lips, she sucked the nectar oozing from her ripe pleasure harbour. Lapping Nina’s pussy, as some wild would lap the milk, she grabbed at her hips and let her be pleasured even more. Monica probed her tongue as deep as she could into Jenna’s lubed canal. She sucked her clit, noisily and avidly, nibbling on the soft pink petals along. Nina and Samantha approached the duo together, and without further ado, began sucking Jenna’s nipples.

“Come in my face, my sexy prey.” Monica begged. “I want you to cum hard. Yes… I want to make your beautiful pussy cum!”

“I’m going to cum.” Jenna cried. “It’s building up. My pussy is about to erupt.”

Jenna moaned and then screamed, giving one copious eruption out that left her body trembling. The three girls watched in pure pleasure as Jenna passed out from her intense orgasm.

“That was fabulous,” Samantha admitted. “What an explosion she had!”

“This is the best birthday ever.” Monica acknowledged. “I cannot believe how much ya’all have awarded me with your juices… these delicious juices! I’ll never get this suit  dry-cleaned.”

“That’s a good one, Monica!” Nina laughed.

“Your suit gets stained with our juices. I say, our pussies are far tastier than your birthday cake hun! My love!” Samantha said, kissing Monica on her mouth.

“It’s ours,” Monica said, putting her arms around their waists. 

The three lovers shared a passionate lip lock before ensconsong together with Jenna in their queen-sized bed. It was perhaps the perfect way for Monica to celebrating her birthday night. Well, it wasn’t the last one. They’d be having it off again in the morning but that will be another story!

Copyright © 2017 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.

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