Black Erotica

Maré & His 2 Lovers


The sight of the iconic Statue of Liberty put a smile on my face as it reminded me that I was living my version of the Black American Dream. I was sitting outside with the popular nude model Leah Gotti having lunch at P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson. Leah is an Italian hottie blessed with a great body and permanent tan. She recently posed for the cover of my GoodFellas magazine. Leah looked hot rocking the black/white GoodFellas top and matching cap.

“It is so nice out today.” I expressed. “I love it when the weather is sunny and breezy. It makes me feel rejuvenated and youthful.”

“The weather is perfect.” Leah replied. “I am glad you suggested we sit out.”

“Yeah, so we could talk more freely.”

Leah chuckled. “These fish and chips are not bad. Very tasty.”

“The mini cheeseburgers and fries are good. Do you want to try some?”

“No, I don’t want my belly filled with hamburgers.” Leah answered with a smile. “I am trying to maintain this flat stomach.”

“Stop it, you’re fine.” I told her. “You don’t have to worry about walking around with a pouch anytime soon. Besides there is nothing wrong with a woman having some meat on her bones. Your photo shoot with me was incredible! You were awesome!”

“Thanks! It was the best one I did in my career so far. I love holding the gun.”

“Yes, there is nothing sexier than a hot naked brunette with a street sweeper shotgun and brim hat.”

Leah smiled. “I was getting my gangsta on!”

“The cover is inspired by the movie Gotti with the Manhattan skyline background. It’s dope! I already know this magazine is going to be a hit!”

“I knew that John Gotti concept was going to work. I am so excited. I cannot wait when you reveal it.”

That moment, a young woman hollered our names. We looked up and saw a beaming Carter Cruise. She was a short, blonde-haired beauty that was of Cherokee and Welsh descent. Carter was also one of the top performers in the adult entertainment world. She looked sexy in her blue top and black shorts. Carter came over to us and greeted us with a kiss before taking a seat at our table.

“What’s up, blonde beauty?” I said to her.

“Out and about.” Carter answered. “I left the gym an hour ago and decided to take a walk.” She took a sip of my Coke and added, “I am sexually frustrated. I am not getting any sex from my boyfriend and it is driving me crazy. I hate being in a boring relationship.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, I am in the same club too.” Leah admitted. “I haven’t had good dick in a month. I am used to getting it every day.”

“Wow, that is not good.” I continued. “Y’all should be having orgasms regularly.”

“I bet you don’t have any pussy droughts in your life.” Carter said. “I know about your reputation with the ladies, King of New York.”

“My reputation is epic.” I bragged. “I could make male porn stars jealous.”

“Is it possible for the King of New York to end our sex drought?” Leah asked seductively with a wink.

I looked at her and Carter, and felt myself having an erection. Not only could I feel the sexual attraction, but I smelt it. Having a threesome with them would be the ultimate fantasy for me.

“You know I’m the sex God for the job.” I winked. “We could do it at my place. I live only a few blocks away.”

They both chuckled and agreed.

We left the table and began walking. Leah was on the right of me and Carter was on the left, and we were talking and laughing. To say I looked like a boss player was an understatement. Me being around beautiful women was common in my life.

When we walked across North Meadow Park, Leah said, “The one thing I always wanted to do in New York is walk around topless.”

“Free your breasts, free your mind!” Carter shouted.

“Go ahead and do it!” I encouraged Leah.

“What?” Leah giggled. “Is it legal in this city?”

“Of course it is.” I continued. “It has been legal for a woman to go topless in Gotham City since 1992. Go bare chested!”

After giving it some thought, Leah lowered her top exposing her nice tits. That triggered Carter to go topless too. It was freedom at its best and I was walking in between them. We commanded so much attention that we literally stopped people from playing basketball and tennis. Many men were ogling, taking pictures with their smartphones and catcalling. It was so amazing and amusing the effect that two pairs of bare boobs had on these people. The power of the tits! Both Leah and Carter documented their “topless stroll” on their Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

When we walked inside my glass penthouse on Charles Street, the girls were still topless and full of jubilation. They still couldn’t believe that they strolled around topless in public. The sight of them jumping up and down in my living room by the large window had me chuckling and smiling. I marveled their excitement and energy.

“Walking around topless in Manhattan was so liberating.” Leah screamed.

“Yes, it was. I am ready for some action.”

“Oh, yeah. Come here.” Leah pulled Carter closer to her.

Smiling, they began kissing passionately. Their hard nipples were pressed tightly against each other as they continued kissing. After they removed their tops and shorts, they signaled me to join in on the love session. Like the girls, my clothes were off and heaped in a pile on the floor. We were locked in a kissing frenzy, which lasted about five minutes.

“Oh God, girls let us go in the bedroom for some privacy.” I suggested. “This is some exclusive action.”

The girls giggled and followed me to the master bedroom. On the king-sized bed, I lie on my back as Carter straddled my hard-ebony dick. She grabbed it firmly and rubbed the head of my dick along her clit.

“Ooh, this is just what my pussy been yearning for,” she moaned. “A nice, hard black cock.”

“Yes, enjoy every inch of it, baby.” I spoke.

Carter began happily riding my shaft at a smooth pace. I held on to her waist as she bounced up and down on me rapidly. Leah was not going to be left out of the action as she gently lowered herself on my face. I could smell the aroma of a sweet tangy pussy that begged for my attention. I wasted no time tonguing away as my 2 lovers kissed and fondled each other’s tits. The excitement and moaning had me exploring every inch of Leah’s cunny like a mad cunnilinguist in heat. I played with her wet throbbing clit as my dancing tongue made deep passes through her pussy.

“Oh yes, eat my pussy good.” Leah shrieked. “Tickle that clit.”

“It’s so good. I like riding this cock. Oh, God!” Carter groaned.

I began slapping Leah’s buttocks, which had her and Carter giggling, screaming, and moaning. Soon the girls simultaneously had their first of many orgasms as they erupted all over me.

Now, I was banging Leah doggy-style while she was eating Carter’s hot, wet pussy. The moist skin-to-skin slapping of my torso against Leah’s luscious buttocks came loud and fast. This was the epitome of hardcore sex. I looked down marveling the sight of Leah performing cunnilingus on Carter. Her tongue left no part of Carter’s pussy unexplored. She had a perfect rhythm on her clit, which was masterful.

“Eat her pussy good, girl.” I sighed.

Leah continued to lapped Carter expertly, which drew moans and writhing. She prolonged her pleasure with just the precise pressure from her active tongue. Carter’s deep blue eyes were shut as she moaned and caressed her own erect pierced nipples.

“Oh, God. Please don’t stop. You’re gonna make me cum. God!” Carter announced.

That intense tongue action was about as much as Carter could take. With a shriek, she grabbed the sides of Leah’s soft face and squirted all over it. Her pelvis was rocking up and down against her lips. It was so unbelievable! The sight of Carter trembling almost made me blast a load, but I continued reaming Leah until she came.

“Fuck!” Leah hollered. “My ass needed a good pounding!”

Carter was still lying on her back with her legs spread. I watched as she put two fingers in her pussy and then made tiny circles on her moist pubic hair. When she noticed me watching her, she signaled me to fuck her. I obliged and got between her legs. I began pounding her fast and hard.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me with that big monster cock!” She squealed.

Soon I was going back and forth from one amazing pussy to another, fucking Carter fast and deep in the missionary position, then sliding over to give Leah the same business. It felt like the wetness of their pussies were making my dick bigger and harder each time I pulled it out to insert it back to the other girl. The sensation, and the sight of my shaft moving in and out their luscious pussies had me in a fuck zone. I knew I was in the process of cuming so I continued fucking Leah harder for a while, preparing myself for an epic eruption.

“Your wet pussy is going to make me cum!” I announced. “Oh, my God, I’m gonna cum! Oh, shit!”

I spasmed, my dick spurt golden cum repeatedly all over Leah’s tits and belly. That outburst almost had me light-headed, but I was satisfied and still erect. My dick was facing north to the ceiling. Leah instantly massaged my warm load all over her tits and belly, and down to her trembling pussy. She flashed me a smile as she licked her hands dry.

“Wow, that was enough cum to fill us both.” Carter declared. “Can you squeeze more cum out of that big cock to fill me up?”

“You want me to fill you up?” I asked softly.

“I want you to fill me up.” Carter nodded.

She crawled onto her back, with her legs completely open to me. Carter wanted it, and I was going to disappoint my blonde-haired girl. I inserted my cock in her hungry hole and reamed her for another ten minutes. I felt a pulling sensation as though my dick was being sucked in and out of her pussy. Within seconds, my orgasm reach its peak and I filled her spasming pussy with my seed. Drops of my golden cum began leaking out of her love hole. Leah licked some of the cum off her clit and then French kissed Carter so she can taste my essence.

“I don’t think I ever tasted cum from a king.” Carter purred.

“The King of New York tastes great.” Leah confirmed.

My 2 lovers lie there in the satisfied afterglow. Neither one of us will never forget this epic sexual session.

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