Black Erotica

You Want In On This Action and Hear Me Cum


The weather was superb on this Tuesday morning in New York City. Sunny, breezy and low humidity. It reminded me of a perfect spring day as I took a stroll to Riverside Park South for fresh air and respite from the busy streets. The sight of the dozen geese walking along the lawn as if they were having a family reunion put a smile on the face.

Out of nowhere, a redhead jogger with a short black top and matching shorts past me. I liked the sight of her bare back and long smooth shaped legs. I wondered what her face looked like. Part of me wanted to chase her so I could get a great look of her full package, but I really wasn’t in the mood to run. So I kept on walking in my normal pace relishing the beauty of nature.

Minutes later, as if God favored me today, the redhead jogger was standing in front of Linda’s Lawn taking selfies. As I got closer, she put her smartphone away and turned around. To my surprise, it was my friend, Karlie Montana. She is a popular adult film star that starred in over a 100 porn movies. Blessed with a pretty face and flat tummy, Karlie always had a voracious appetite for sex with men and women.

“Good morning! How are you?”

“I’m good; looking for a job. I have a possible interview coming up, but my eye is on a different position that isn’t letting me know. It’s mind boggling! Ha!” Karlie said. “You?”

“Well, I’m still wealthy in spirit and pockets.” I told her. “I really do hope you land something soon. I heard about a job opening all the way in Queens.”

“Exactly. Everything seems far.” Karlie continued. “Queens is great if you live out there. This one job I applied for doesn’t have the benefits I’d like. So my eyes are on a second one, but no one tells you you’re hired.”

“Thank God, I’m a self-made man. I love being my own boss.”

“Yes, that’s a blessing! I pray that I be on your level soon. I know it’s fun being a young billionaire!”

“I enjoyed every second of it. Thank God we still have our health.”

“True.” Karlie agreed with a giggled. “I might lose my mind soon!”

“I know. Hang in there.”

“I will. Thanks!”

“What is your field?”

“Physical therapy. I love to be physical. Especially with a billionaire stud.” Karlie winked and then pointed to her pussy. “You want in on this action and hear me cum.”

“You know it.” I replied.

We stared at each other and shared a wet kiss. Now, I was convinced we were going to fuck. We had to have each other’s body. There was definitely a sexual attraction between us and we both needed some raw untamed sex to calm down.

I accompanied Karlie to her building on Riverside Boulevard. When we walked inside her fourth floor luxury apartment, she lured me to her spacious medium grey bedroom where we immediately locked lips passionately and twirled our wet tongues with great delight.

“I hope you don’t mind a little sweat.” Karlie whispered in my ear.

I caressed her buttocks and responded, “I love girl sweat.”

Then I slipped my hand down her shorts to rub her soaking wet pussy. She moaned her appreciation, and pulled away to removed her top and pushed down her shorts.  Wow, I stared at her hot body and red-haired pussy for two minutes before I tossed my GoodFellas T-shirt and kicked my khaki pants off. The raging erection I sported begged to be suck. Karlie took my cock in her mouth and cherished it like a rare black diamond.

“You have such a beautiful cock.” She told me. “Oh, I love it.”

Karlie continued sucking me off, enthusiastically deep throating me. The sensations she gave me with her oral magic was superb. I loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her mouth as she gazed at me. Karlie coated my cock with her spit and saliva before she hotly kissed the crown of it and began sucking my balls.

“You certainly do have a talent in fellatio.” I moaned. “Oh, don’t make me cum in your mouth.”

Karlie giggled and asked, “Are you ready to fuck my pink pussy?”

“Hell yeah.” I answered softly. “You haven’t become a real woman until you’ve had an orgasm from the King of New York’s dick.”

Karlie laid in the middle of the bed with her legs spread. I sighed as I sunk my dick into her warm moist pussy. I was in paradise thrusting her pussy fast and hard. The crazed fuck-face Karlie flashed me was an indication I was hitting the right spot inside her. I knew I filled her depths with every inch of my cock.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. It’s good.” She screamed.

“Is it?” I asked gently.

“Yes, oh, it’s just good. I can feel you all in my stomach.”

“Your pussy feels really good.” I expressed. “So good, baby. You’re so hot to look at.”

Holding on to her missile shaped tits, I began to speed up my rhythm even more. I watched as Karlie formed an O with her mouth as she began nodding to let me know she was about to cum. Then I felt her pussy clenched as she came with a roar. The panting and trembling of her body was as arousing as the sight of the red haired snatch that begged to be eaten.

“Your luscious cunny is calling me.” I murmured. “I need a taste.”

I dived into her pussy. She tasted good, sweet but at the same time slightly salty. Karlie giggle as she reached down and directed me to exactly the spot where she was excited the most. I glued my mouth on her throbbing clit as I pinched her erect nipples. I learned a lot about cunnilingus from Monica and the movements of my tongue was driving Karlie crazy. Rolling my tongue over her wet clit, I skillfully kissed, nibbled and sucked the lips of her vagina. When she arched her back, I knew she was getting close to cumming.

“You’re doing more than licking my pussy.” Karlie moaned. “Holy shit! You don’t need to be taught how to eat pussy. Fuck! Oh, my God! How do you do that with your tongue?”

“I got you.” I murmured.

As I kept adding to the stimulation with my skilled tongue, Karlie squirmed with pleasure. I found myself consuming the fluids that were oozing out of her quivering pussy. I tongued her to two more orgasms, which excited her. The pleasure became too overwhelming that she pushed herself away from my mouth. She could not take no more of my tongue action.

“I can’t cum again.” Karlie told me with a giggle. “You drank all my juices. It is time for you to cum. Put it back.”

“Put what back?” I asked her.

“Your dick. Inside me.”

I gently inserted my dick in her love hole and resume thrusting that good pussy of hers. The bedroom seemed to steam up as I pumped faster. I was fucking the shit out of her  and wanted this pleasure to last, but I couldn’t.  I felt myself preparing for the ejaculation of a lifetime.

“I’m so close to cumming, baby girl.” I announced.

“Cum for me.” Karlie sighed. “Please cum for me, okay.”

“You want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes, keep fucking the shit out of me. Keep fucking me.”

“Oh, here it comes.”

Karlie grabbed my ass and pulled me in as deep as I could go. That moment, I shot a big load of golden cum in her cunt and collapsed on her tits. We lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

“I needed that, baby.” Karlie spoke. “I can’t remember the last time I got fucked so good. I’m your future slut.”

I chuckled. “Okay. Good.”

“Are you coming back tonight?”

“You can’t get enough, baby girl?”

“Well, when the dick is good, you want to keep getting it.” Karlie acknowledged.

“Sure, I’ll be back.” I promised her. “Your the cream to my coffee.”

With a smile on her face, Karlie placed her mouth directly against my ear and whispered, “Anal.”

My cock sprang back to life for another demo with my new red-haired freak.


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