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Blizzard Orgy


It was on January 23, 2016, when winter storm Jonas hit New York City with a fury. The snow transformed the city to a whiteout town. Virtually everything in New York was a shutdown. Despite the bad weather conditions, the blizzard didn’t stop the freaks from coming out at night.

The snow had piled up before the door to the knob; it marked the doorway of a three-story brownstone with tinted windows. Outside, it looked deserted. On the contrary, it wasn’t! An exclusive swinging party was going on inside. The energy was bombastic as the sexy guests were grooving to the hip-hop, R&B and uptempo tunes being spinned by DJ Gates. couples fucked on the spot, making out like there was no tomorrow. Women, some nude and some dressed in scandalous costumes, walked about the place with their partners.

Dressed in a white T-shirt, printed Versace pants, and matching Versace Palazzo sneakers was Marè, the King of New King. The energetic ambiance and the sexy women roaming around in nude kept him engrossed. Standing next to him, clad in a solid black Obsessive Lesbian T-shirt and Denim jeans and a black North Face beanie, was Monica Hershel.

“Welcome to your first Blizzard party, Predator!” Marè spoke up. “It is dope that Yorkers decided to hookup and fuck on this snowy day!”

“I don’t see anything wrong with a blizzard freak.” Monica chided back. “Yeah, what’s wrong with welcoming the storm? It gives me highs for the blizzard venture, Maestro!”

“Snow brings out the best in here!” Marè continued. “Lots of Yorkers feel liberated from their everyday grinds and stress. It is the perfect time to savor the rare opportunity, to have sex with the freaks they love.”

“I’m ready to devour my sexual prey,” Monica hinted.

“Let’s heat things up!” Marè suggested.

They went their separate ways to find a blizzard buddy and freak with for the night.


When DJ Gates played “No Better Love” by Young Gunz, the crowd went untamed. Amid the craziness, Marè danced with a tall light-skinned woman whose long tresses were as raven as the feathers of Corvus; her name was Bracha. She was an actress, model, and video vixen. What stood out most about Bracha beside her looks and personality was her perfect smile.

“Woo, this is blizzard music!” Marè shouted.

“That’s my jam!” Bracha yelled. “The party is lit!”

They both laughed and resumed moving to the music. Their chemistry was spot on. There was nothing they could deny but embrace each other. DJ Gates mixed in Nelly’s classic party record, “Hot In Herre”. Dresses were shoved off in a mess. Men danced in pants or boxers. Women accompanied them in topless, swanking their boobs.

After an hour of nonstop dancing, Marè and Bracha left the dance floor to drink in the walk-in kitchen. Sex was as furious as the blizzard. They occupied the corner, watching people who effed off.

“I love this party! Girls and guys doing each other le freaks,” Bracha said, keeping her eyes fixed on a couple of interracial lovers. “What a blizzard party! One in 1996 had nothing on this!”

“This is epic! I am happy, partying with my blizzard buddy.”

Bracha smiled. “Aww … you love looking at naked girls, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I only have my eyes on you.” Marè said as he ogled at her tits.

“What are you up to?” Bracha asked with a sultry smile.

“I came here to fuck. Blizzard orgy’s on.” Marè added, giving her a wink.

“Hahaha! You damn sure?”

“I’m sure I want to fuck the hottest girl here!”

Bracha grabbed at his arm, pulling him a bit closer. “Kiss me,” she said in a husky voice.

They kissed as the classic party jam “Ain’t Nobody” by LL Cool J blared in the background.


Monica sat on the lower steps of the staircase, bobbing her head to the music albeit sipping the fizzy drink in her cup. Her eyes roamed over the half-naked drunk girls who danced to the rap beat; she licked her lips.

“I love this party!” She spoke in an undertone.

Looking straight ahead, her eyes fell on one topless slim figure with tight jeans approaching in her direction. She was a beautiful girl with flawless light brown skin and edgy hairstyle. To Monica’s surprise, she was none other than the pop superstar RiRi.

RiRi came to standstill, towering before Monica. Beaming, she held her hand out. Monica’s pulse raced, pounding in her ears as she shook hands with RiRi.

“Can I join you?” RiRi’s melodious voice seemed native to Monica’s ears. Almost impulsively, she gave her a nod.

RiRi sat next to her. Their arms touched, making Monica shudder. “I hope your partner won’t be long.”

“Erm… no!” Monica spoke up. Her tone betrayed a hint of excitement.

RiRi took a sip of her drink.

“On the contrary…” Monica paused. RiRi gave her a quizzical look.

“I was anticipating… a venture!”

RiRi raised an eyebrow.

“My name’s Monica, Monica Hershel! I’m a big fan of yours!”


“‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’ is still my work out jam. I love your music!”

RiRi laughed. “Wow, I’m flattered! Thank you! My new album, Anti, is dropping in a few weeks. I am so excited!”

“Nice! 2016 is your year!” Monica spoke.

“I hope so! You may call me RiRi!”

Monica raised her glass and exclaimed, “To RiRi!”

They continued sipping the drinks, chatting and touching each other. Their eyes met over and over again, and faces flushed with subtle sexual energy. It was magical; the dirty, lustful kind of magic. The two girls couldn’t curb this impulse, the sense of connection and belonging that drew them on the verge of necking.

RiRi got closer to Monica. “Can I share something with you? You are hot,” she whispered.

“You stole the words right out of my mouth,” Monica said, moving even closer to RiRi.

The duo laughed. DJ Gates announced that he was about to put on RiRi’s new song, “Work”. As soon as the song began blaring from the speakers, Monica and RiRi locked lips. The passion overwhelmed them in no time at all as they continued kissing and fondling each other. Monica sucked RiRi’s lips, slobbering into her mouth and squeezing her round tits. RiRi parted her lips, letting Monica break away. Once more, they kissed until Monica murmured, “I want to eat your pussy!”

RiRi took Monica by her hand and led her upstairs into a dark bedroom that was apparently unoccupied. Letting go of Monica’s hand, she walked over to the large window. Then she turned around, unzipped her jeans, and kicked them off. Monica’s jaw dropped as she appraised RiRi’s naked splendor. It was the body of a Nubian goddess, the celestial beauty that could make mouths water.

RiRi gave her a welcoming smile. “Come on baby,” she trilled. “Make your wish come true.”

Despite the husky note, RiRi’s voice worked its magic. Monica trembled as she resumed approaching her partner. They kissed each other for a brief moment. RiRi set her left foot on the nightstand and let Monica lick her down to the groins. On her knees, Monica clutched RiRi’s supple thigh and forced her head until she could touch the musky cunt with her mouth. Fondling RiRi’s toned tummy, she glided her lips over the sloppy bald pussy. Then she parted her pussy lips, licking that delicious morsel and moving all the way up to capture her hood. RiRi shuddered for the pleasure that hit her senses like a shot. Monica shook her head over and over again, avidly sucking her partner’s clit.

“Oh yes… yes YES YES YES… right there, baby!” RiRi intoned with abandon, spurring Monica on to keep up the beautiful blessed act of pleasuring.

Monica released RiRi’s clit, sucked it anew, and caressed her soft ass cheeks. RiRi yelped as Monica slapped her derrière and teased her crack. RiRi closed her eyes and dreamily lifted her head, trembling all over for the titillating feel of Monica’s fingers on her skin. Giving RiRi a few spanks, Monica let go of her clit and licked her dripping pussy. She enjoyed every moment, inhaling the fresh feminine essense and moving a hand between RiRi’s thighs.

“This chocolate cake is tasty!” Monica murmured.

RiRi uttered a throaty moan as Monica probed one finger into her asshole, penetrating her smooth o ring. Trembling out of lust, the latter sucked her partner’s throbbing clit. RiRi laughed, reached down, grabbed Monica’s head, and pushed it deeper into her groins. Her chest heaved, face flushed, skin dampened with perspiration, and nipples hardened for the sensual heat that permeated her erogenous holes.

“Fuck!” she squealed.

Monica’s mouth and hand electrified every nerve in her cunt. RiRi reached her plateau in no time at all; love juices oozed out of her cunt, filling Monica’s mouth to the brim and trickling down her own thighs. Pressing her lips against RiRi’s pussy, Monica shook her head and swallowed the delicious nectar down her throat.

RiRi moved her leg down, setting her foot on the tiled flooring. Monica clawed at her thighs, forcing them open and licking the salty trail off her skin.

“I love your chocolate, RiRi!” Monica spoke up. “It’s the best!”

“Nobody has ever pleasured me that much!” RiRi spoke in a tremulous tone. “Yes, women are always the better lovemates!”

Monica looked up suddenly. “Pop princess,” she said. “Must I tell you, I’m still hungry!”

“Aww my baby! I can see that,” RiRi said, beaming and gently caressing Monica’s head. “Have your way with my chocolate tart!”

“Until the day breaks,” Monica said.

RiRi walked over to the bed and sat down. “Until the day breaks,” she added, lying on her back and moving her legs apart.

Monica rose, pulled her beanie and T-shirt over her head, pushed down her jeans, approached the bed, and knelt between RiRi’s thighs.

Their bedroom echoed with sounds of sweet surrender.


Chris Brown’s sexually-charged single, “Fuck You Back To Sleep”, echoed inside the third-floor bedroom where Marè and Bracha smooched by the window.

“You make me so horny!” She managed to say as Marè broke away.

Bracha removed her white bra and tossed it on the queen-sized bed. Marè put his hands on her tits and playfully teased them. He relished titillating her erect dark nipples. She reached down, took his firm shaft in her hand, and began teasing it to hardness.

“Yes, give my dick some attention, Nubian princess!” he told her.

With a sultry smile, Bracha knelt down and took him into her mouth. She began performing fellatio while staring at him lecherously. He moaned as she sucked him off. He moved his hips, trying to push as much of his eleven-inch shaft as he could into her mouth. He felt his dick hitting the back of her throat, which was a good sensation. Somehow, she didn’t gag.

Bracha knew Marè’s balls were tingling so she took his dick from her mouth, “Yeah, my head game is tight like a pro! I see you were getting ready to cum on my face!”

“Wooo, that was some good head, doll face! Are you ready to get fucked by this bad boy?”

“Oh, yes!” Bracha replied. “I want you to fuck my tiny wet pussy! Show me why they call you One Pussy Ravisher!”

She stretched out on the bed, splaying her leg. Then she motioned him in her direction. He mounted her, promptly inserting his shaft into her welcoming womanhood. She gasped, letting his glans glide over her G-spot. He took his pace, making thrusts and withdrawing his shaft for another assault.

“Fuck! Beat this pussy up!” Bracha yelled.

Like two smooth balls, her tits gyrated on her chest as she received thrust after thrust. Perspiration raced down Marè’s muscular body and he groaned at the hiatus of full erection. Bracha shrieked, nearing her climax.

“Yeah!” Marè sighed. “This pussy is so fucking good. Shit!”

“I’m going to cum! Don’t stop, PLEASE!” Bracha declared.

Her encouragement incited him to fuck her untamed. Writhing, she screamed as her pussy quivered around his shaft. Her body went through one momentous spasm of climax. Copious amount of cum oozed down her groins, soaking his shaft and the bed sheet.

“Yes baby, cum for me!” Marè said.

He continued penetrating her to the hilt. She moaned, mirthfully squealing in the orgasmic bliss. This was the escapade she could never forget. Her pc muscles contracted, draining all the cum out of his cock.

“Beat it up, baby!” she said, panting to her resolution.

“I’m going to cum!” Marè announced.

He grunted, withdrew his dick, and jizzed on her tits and stomach. She rubbed it on her wet skin and licked her fingers clean.

“That was amazing, Nature Boy!” she remarked.

“Yes, it was!” he agreed. “But I’m not done with you yet. I need to have some of your essence on my lips.”

Grinning broadly, he dove head first into her pussy. She closed her eyes, clutching at the bed sheet and yelling encouragements as he sucked her clit down to its root.

Hours later, the party still blazed with people who danced and fucked like there was no tomorrow. They were too engrossed in their hearty conviviality to perceive the heat that kept the two couples engaged with incessant frolic. It was the perfect way for Marè, Bracha, Monica, and RiRi to end an epic night of sex, music, and snow!

The End


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