Tupac Shakur, the first solo rap artist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Tupac Shakur would become the first hip-hop artist inducted in the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is his first year of eligibility. Recognized as one of the greatest and influential rappers of all-time, 2Pac was the blueprint of the 1990s gangsta rap with his swag, bravado and emotion-filled lyrics. His charisma and style earned him millions of fans worldwide. Both an artist and movie star, Tupac Shakur is a cultural icon that continues to inspire people not only in the inner city, but all walks of life.

Today, Tupac Shakur has sold over 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musical artists of all-time.

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Afeni Shakur, mother of rap icon 2Pac, dead at 69


Afeni Shakur

“Miss Shakur has had an extensive background not only in the community but her involvement with so many things,” Lt. Doug Pittman said. “She’s been a leader, a person people followed. All that said about who she’s been and where’s she’s at now, this is a tragic loss for this community.”

Afeni Shakur Davis, the mother of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac), tragically passed away last night on May 2, 2016. Deputies responded to a report of possible cardiac arrest at Afeni Shakur Davis’ Sausalito, California home around 9:34 p.m. that Monday night. Afeni Shakur Davis was transferred to Marin General Hospital, where she died around 10:28 p.m. There was nothing suspicious about her death and there’s no evidence of foul play. A possible reason for her death is a heart attack.
Afeni Shakur Davis is survived by a daughter, Sekyiwa Shakur.

The news of her sudden passing was an instant trend on social media. An abundance of 2pac’s fans and celebrities expressed their condolences to the Shakur Family on twitter and Facebook. Some even posted the classic music video, “Dear Mama,” which is a tribute rap song to Afeni Shakur by Tupac Shakur. The Black Panther Party is planning a 50th Anniversary Memorial for Afeni Shakur.


Afeni Shakur’s Bio

Afeni Shakur

Born Alice Faye Williams on January 10, 1947, in Lumberton, North Carolina, she was an American music businesswoman, philanthropist, political activist. Swept up into the revolutionary politics of the 1960s, Alice Faye Williams took the name Afeni Shakur and joined the New York City’s chapter of the Black Panther party in September of 1968. On April 2, 1969, Afeni Shakur and twenty members of the Black Panthers were arrested and charged with numerous felonies, including conspiracy to bomb several public areas in New York City – a case that would become notoriously known as the Panther 21. Afeni Shakur acted as her own criminal defense attorney and was acquitted of all charges. A month later after her acquittal on June 16, 1971, she gave birth to Tupac Shakur.

Exactly one year following Tupac Shakur’s death in 1997, with the money made from Tupac’s posthumous rap albums, Afeni Shakur founded the Georgia-based Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, which provides art programs for young people, and Amaru Entertainment, the holding company for all Tupac’s unreleased material. She has also since launched a fashion clothing line, Makaveli Branded; all proceeds go to his charity, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.

Earlier in 2016, Afeni Shakur was embroiled in a divorce battle with Gust Davis, her husband of 12 years, TMZ reported. Davis filed legal documents in March asking a North Carolina judge to prevent the minister from receiving alimony from Tupac’s estate, which TMZ said generates around $900,000 a year.

Afeni Shakur died on May 2, 2016 at 10:28 PM in Sausalito, California.


You Are Appreciated


Rest In Paradise Afeni Shakur! May the souls of Tupac Shakur and yourself finally be reunited. Thank you for blessing the world with your wisdom and 2Pac. You are appreciated!!!

By Shamarie, 3rd May 2016