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Maré’s XXXmas 3some

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I always wanted to have a threesome with Nina Mercedez and Zafira. They were a pair of sex-starved beauties that love partying with me in Manhattan. Occasionally, we shared some of our craziest sexual encounters stories. We preserved a nonsexual relationship, but I knew that would eventually changed.

It was an extremely cold Christmas when it happened. We were in my penthouse deciding if we should attend this holiday gala downtown, but we got so relaxed that we decided to stay in and drink. The young women looked sexy in their matching very short red tops and black tight jeans.

Nina Mercedez was a short, sexy, and shapely porn actress. She was of Italian and Mexican descent. Nina did adult movies for Vivid Entertainment, and later became a free agent. She was in the process of starting her own production company.

Zafira was a tall, Hungarian caramel-skinned beauty with long straight brown hair, and lovely honeydew-green eyes. I liked her shapely body and perfect winning smile! It was common for the room temperature to soar when Zafira was present.

The Jack Daniel’s with Coke had me feeling right and horny. Nina and Zafira were taking tequila shots and sipping on Bacardi, which had us wasted. All the drinking had us blitzes like a couple of wild partygoers. Nina was munching on some buttery popcorn. I could not keep my eyes off her cleavage. She bit into the large popcorn and a piece of it fell down her breasts. Nina picked the crumbs off and licked her fingers.

“I see you looking at her breasts, Maré.” Zafira said.

“Oh, he is?” Nina smiled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.

Zafira laughed and said, “You should see the look on your face.”

I was so embarrassed that Zafira caught me staring as I smiled and said, “I can’t help it, Nina has nice breasts.”

“What about mine?” Zafira flashed me her nice bare breasts.

“They’re nice too, baby girl.” I acknowledged. “Look, both of you women are sexy…”

“Oh, so you’ve had fantasies about fucking us, huh?” Nina interrupted me.

“Basically,” I answered.

Nina and Zafira sat next to me and touched me all over like physical therapists. Their tiny fingers felt like cotton balls roaming around my arms, chest and face.

“We’re not trying to embarrass you, Maré.” Nina murmured.

“Pretty boys are such pussies when it comes to getting pussy,” Zafira said. “Maré, everybody have fantasies. There is nothing wrong with having dirty thoughts.”

“Okay, since you are being so honest. Have you ever had any fantasies about Nina?”

“I make my fantasies into a reality.” Zafira answered without hesitation.

Zafira kissed Nina on the lips. The sight of this hot lesbian action shocked and aroused me.

“Is there anything we can do Maré, to make this a great Christmas for you?” Nina asked in her naughty voice.

“We should engage in a threesome on this special holiday.” I suggested.

They leaned over and kissed me. Our tongues swirled around, tasting every flavor with such delight. What was happening in front of me, had me shocked. Nina and Zafira followed me to the bedroom. It took them no time to shed their clothes. Their perfectly toned bodies contented me. With smiles on their faces, they stripped me. As I French kissed Zafira, Nina took my dick into her warm mouth. She licked the head of my dick that had me mesmerized!

In the bed, I was on top of Zafira beating her pussy up. She moaned uncontrollably, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nina madly fingering herself. I flipped Zafira over and penetrated her from the back. While I did this, Zafira licked and sucked Nina’s shaved pussy. Moaning and passionate sighs echoed the bedroom. I shot a load of cum on Zafira’s ass and lower back.

My mind was still on lust. Nina’s pussy was so wet that she began screaming her excitement as soon as I pumped into her. Oh man, Nina’s pussy was good! I was so into fucking the shit out of her that I could not give her breasts the attention they deserved. Nina’s legs trembled and squirted her pussy juice. I love squirters!

Nina got on top of me and rode me for all she was worth. My dick was deep in her juicy pussy that she screamed like a banshee. Her passionate moaning and groaning let me know she neared an intense orgasm, and she climaxed. Then Nina collapsed on me. The sweet aroma of sex filled the room like a garden of passion.

Sexual satisfied, I lay between them feverishly pumping my dick. Nina and Zafira were licking my ears and counting down. When they shouted one, I erupted like one hot champagne bottle and had semen flying everywhere! Both of the girls cheered like die-hard sport fans.

Still nude and our bodies glistened from sweat; we walked out on the balcony and shouted, “Merry Fucking Christmas!”

“What a way to celebrate Christmas!” I said.

“Alright, I’m glad we didn’t go to the club. I prefer to have a big dick in me than dancing all night.” Zafira expressed. “A great orgasm is the greatest feeling in the world! What do you think Nina?”

“You know I love to fuck!” Nina confessed. “I can’t believe his dick made me cum like that.”

“I’m the best when it comes to sex.” I told them. “I fuck like a porn star!”

We kissed and engaged in another threesome. We performed our favorite sexual positions and combinations from Kama Sutra. After about three hours of fucking, we lay in the bed completely spent. I relaxed in the middle of Nina and Zafira with a big smile on my face thanking God for the best Christmas gift.


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