Last night, on March 11, 2018 at WWE Fastlane, Randy Orton made history be becoming a Grand Slam champion (winning all the major championships in WWE) by capturing the WWE U.S. championship when he defeated Bobby Roode. He is the eighteenth and most recent Grand Slam Champion, and also the first wrestler to complete the Grand Slam with one of the 2016 brand extension alternate titles(in this case the Smackdown Tag Team Championship).

Randy Orton has held the¬†WWE Championship¬†nine times¬†and WWE’s¬†World Heavyweight Championship¬†four times. He was the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship, which he unified with the WWE Championship at¬†TLC 2013¬†to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.¬†Orton is recognized by WWE as having the fourth-most world championship victories in history behind only¬†Triple H,¬†Ric Flair, and¬†John Cena.


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@RandyOrton completed the GRAND SLAM by capturing his first WWE U.S. Title at WWE Fastlane