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Black Erotica

Try To Tame Me, Or Be Wild With Me, The Choice Is Yours!


It is a beautiful night in New York City on June 9, 2018. Inside a very sexy red velvet lounge and bar in lower Manhattan called Madame X, Maré and Monica are sitting at the bar having drinks. This is their first time at Madame X and they are loving the ambiance and vibe of the lounge.

“I feel like I’m in the red light district.” Monica jests. “I love this place. It is so cool.”

“Yes, I’m glad we decided to come here for a drink.” Maré sips his Jack & Coke. “Wow, Predator is back in Gotham City! I had to rock the Bugatchi for this occasion. I feel like my summer has just begun.”

“It feels great to be back in New York.” Monica continues. “I miss the city. You know I’m on the prowl for my next sexual prey. One lucky hottie tonight will get the best of both worlds experience.”

“That’s right!” Maré agrees. “Our night is not over until the Best of Both Worlds devour a baddie’s body.”

“My summer body will be in progress starting tomorrow.” Monica says. “I haven’t worked out in weeks.”

Maré has to use the restroom, so he gets up and walk inside one.

After I was done, he opens the door, there she is, standing with a smile on her face.

“Hi. What’s up?” Maré asks with a big smile on his face.

“I’m not going to let you get away from me, handsome.” She says.

That second, the mysterious woman pushes Maré against the wall and kisses him gently on the lips. Maré feels the sexual electricity flowing through his entire body as their wet tongues wrestle. Her perky tits presses against his chest triggers his arousal.

The deejay plays the record, “Boo’d Up” by Ella Mai, and they begin dancing.

Keisha Grey is a popular adult film star of Irish and Spanish descent. Two years ago, she won the award for Best Boobs at the NightMoves Awards. I have to admit, the slight gap in her teeth only adds to her flirty appeal.

“Hey suga, take a walk on the wild side. I need a proper dick down.” Keisha looks over to Monica. “And I need this pussy licked.”

national sex day happens to be the day after national best friends day, imagine having a person u could celebrate both days with

When we sat back down at the bar, we spent a majority of our time eye fucking each other, massaging each other’s inner thighs, and all bets were off.

We finished our drinks, I paid the tab, and we made our way back to my car. The parking lot had multiple cars in it, along with a street light, but at this point we didn’t care who saw what. The second we got in my car, we shut the doors and attacked each other.



Gallienne Nabila flaunts her svelte physique as she takes naked selfies in the outdoor Jacuzzi filled with rose petals. She has been enjoying her lavish vacation with King of New York Maré in exotic Negril, Jamaica. The trip has really been awesome for her. She is glowing like a polished diamond at the two-level Naseberry Villa Negril.

“Thanks for spoiling me with all these beautiful roses so I could bathe in them.” Gallienne shouts as she sips her champagne. “A happy Gallienne equals a happy life for you, love!”

“Only the best for my love.” Maré shouts from the shower. “I knew you’ll love staying at this exclusive villa.”

Minutes later, Gallienne stands up. Her hair clings to her back as the water drips down her bare back to the crack of her ass. After drying off, she walks to the bed and begins oiling her body. The soft breeze feels awesome blowing on Gallienne’s body as she massages her arms, tits, belly and legs. Then she takes time to admire the stunning ocean views from the bedroom. Closing her eyes and thinking about Maré’s epic cock, Gallienne feels that hot surge oozing up from her loins. She finds herself rubbing her shaved wet pussy.

“Yes, fuck me with that big dick, Maré! Show me how much I love being fucked by you.” She murmurs.

Gallienne reaches for her Magic Wand vibrator and hold it against her pussy. She sticks it halfway, and then all the way into her hole. The rumbling vibrator explores every inch of her tingling pussy as she moans. Gallienne pushes the vibrator deeper in her spot, and she squirms with pleasure. Then she turns the speed of the vibrator up to the maximum. Now, she moans and pants. Finally, with a loud cry, Gallienne squirts. She slowly collapses back, melting in the center of the bed. Her body and legs trembles from the intense pleasure.

Gallienne shuts off the vibrator and giggles uncontrollably. Minutes later, she pulls out her iPhone X to Facetime her friend from Miami, Ryai. When she sees her face appears on the screen, Gallienne smiles.

Ryai is a tall, East Indian woman with a pretty face, long black hair and dusky skin. Blessed with perfect teeth, amazing smile and bedroom eyes, Ryai is a glamour model that did a photo shoot with Gallienne for Fashion Nova’s 2018 spring/summer collection.

“Hey, babe! What are you up to?” Ryai asks. “How’s Jamaica?”

“Jamaica is great! I’m enjoying myself, but I want some cuddling from you.” Gallienne tells her.

“I’m free for cuddles any time you wish.” Ryai smiles.

“Could go for some sex right now too.” Gallienne flirts. “I just masturbated so hard.”

Ryai blows her a kiss. “Come to me, sugar! Fly back to Miami and get naughty with me.”

Gallienne chuckles. “I’ll be there soon. Wish you were here with us at at Naseberry. This private villa is beautiful! Three bedrooms, beamed ceilings, terraces where we can soak in the sun during the day or savor the warm breezes in the night, and of course the plunge pool for us to swim in the nude. The staff is also great. They treat us like royalty!”

“That’s awesome, babe. I need some of that relaxation.”

“I’m what you need.” Gallienne corrects her. “Let’s have sex right now. Let’s get it. You’re perfect.”

“Thanks, but you’re perfection at its finest.” Ryai said.

“Damn, I’d drop dick for you any day.” Gallienne claims.

“You know you can’t get enough of Maré’s dick.” Ryai says. “You have his cock on your mind all the time.”

“True, but girl we don’t need men. We got each other.” Gallienne jests. “I’m gonna eat you out one day. I’m so ready to eat you the fuck out.”

“You’re making me horny.” Ryai flashes her shaved pussy. “My little kitty needs to be licked.”

Gallienne licks her lips. “Wow, let me be your seat already.”

Ryai laughs. “You’re so funny. I’m just trying to become an upgraded version of myself.”

“Can’t upgrade what’s already perfect.” Gallienne compliments her.

“I only wish.” Ryai murmurs.

“You’re wish had already been granted. You’ve always been gorgeous!”

Maré walks inside the bedroom. He stands silently and gazes at Gallienne lying on her stomach. To his satisfaction, Gallienne’s shapely naked backside is expose. The sight of the fleshly lips of her pussy below her buttocks triggers his arousal.

“You love teasing me, don’t you?” He says softly.

Maré can’t resist when her ass is at close at hand. He removes the towel from his waist and approaches her. First, he begins licking her feet and sucking her perfectly pedicured toes. Then he smoothly caresses her soft buttocks. Gallienne giggles from his sensual touches. Maré’s fingers worms between her thighs, and he begins gently massaging her soft, moist pussylips. He plants soft wet kisses on her ass cheeks that he knows she loves.

“I wish I could join y’all. Where is the King of New York?” Ryai asks in a voice of excitement.

“He’s in the bed with me now.” Gallienne answers, trying not to laugh. “Oh, my God.”

“Oh, really? What is he doing?” Ryai is so curious.

“Oooh, he’s rubbing my pussy.” Gallienne moans. “He knows how to kiss a good ass.”

“You’re making me so wet right now.” Ryai admits with a chuckle.

Clutching at her moist luscious hips and pushing those supple ass cheeks apart, Maré worms his tongue into her Gallienne’s asshole. Gallienne yelps as Maré zeros her sphincter with his pointy tongue, flicking at it. He is devouring Gallienne’s ass, moving his tongue at a smooth pace.

“Oh, YESSS!” Gallienne squeals. “I got to go!”

Gallienne ends her Facetime video call with Ryai and gets comfortable as her ass gets eaten. Maré covers Gallienne’s crack with each wet swipe of his tongue. He massages Gallienne’s soaking pussy, which turns her on. Gallienne twerks her ass all over Maré’s smooth face.

“That’s right, twerk that ass girl!” Maré encourages her.

“You’re making me cum!” Gallienne quivers.

“Do it, baby. Cum for your king!”

Shrieking, Gallienne trembles with an intense orgasm. Maré carries on rubbing her pussy that has her squirting before he rolls Gallienne on her back. He sucks on her neck and licks his way down her body. His tongue probes delicately into the recess of Gallienne’s pierced belly button. She laughs and whimpers softly as her flat tummy undulates in response to the erotic touch. Maré can smell the fresh rose fragrance of her arouse wet pussy, which drives him wild. Maré plunges his face in her wetness and eats her out. He licks, nibbles and sucks her soaking sex, savoring every taste of her before sucking her clit between his wet lips. Moans of pleasure escapes Gallienne’s mouth. She is enjoying the tongue action on her clit.

“Oh, my God, you love my pussy.” Gallienne moans.

Her breathing quickens as she cups her beautiful tits and tugs on her gorgeous ripe nipples. When the passion increases, Gallienne pulls on the sheets with both hands, raises her hips up and grinds her pussy hard against Maré’s mouth. He skillfully circles her clit and pumps his fingers in and out of her pussy. Gallienne screams from the intense pleasure. Maré knows his goddess is close to cumming, and he unconditionally wants to consume every drop of her essence.

“Quench my thirst with your juices, baby.” Maré utters. “Make a big splash!”

That second, Gallienne discharges her sweet sex fluids in his mouth. Maré drinks every last drop of her mouth watering cum. Then Gallienne sits up and French kisses him passionately, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Her breathing returns to normal and  the biggest smile ever dances across her face.

“I love tasting my ass and pussy on your lips. You make me feel so good. You have my body tingling.” Gallienne whispers as she begins stroking his cock. “I have a manicure so your dick looks amazing in my hands.”

“You look more amazing every time I see you.” He said.

“I’d also look better with ya dick inside my mouth.” Gallienne sighs.

Licking her lips, she takes Maré in her mouth and performs fellatio. The soft skin of his dick feels good in her mouth as she covers it with the right amount of wetness. Gallienne takes him to the back of her throat in one motion. She holds him in her mouth as she smoothly squeezes his balls in her hand.

“Oh, fuck.” Maré grunts.

“You love how I suck your dick and lick your balls, love?” Gallienne smiles.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up, baby.” Maré warns her.

“No, no love!” Gallienne says as she pulls her lips off his dick and begins stroking it. “Not yet. I want every drop of your jizz in my pussy. I want you to erupt deep in me. Stick this bbc in me.”

Slowly, Maré inserts his cock in her pussy. Gallienne sighs as she feels the shaft moves in and out of her. Maré develops a rhythm as he plows Gallienne with no mercy. Their hot fucking is producing delicious wet sounds. The loud slaps of Maré’s shaved balls on Gallienne’s pussy echoes the bedroom.

“I want you to cum so hard on my dick, goddess.” Maré groans. “Oh, you look more amazing every time I make you cum.”

“Fuck me! Harder, baby! That’s it!” Gallienne pants. “Beat it up. My body is all yours.”

“Yes, your body is all mine.” He replies.

Maré grabs her bouncing tits and increases the tempo. He is fucking her harder and deeper, grinding into her clit with long strokes. Gallienne feels herself nearing another orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, love!” She declares. “I’m cumming.”

Maré thrusts furiously, hitting her G-spot hard. He loves bringing Gallienne to the edge as he maintains pounding her mercilessly. Then she erupts with a shriek as her pussy clamps down on his cock.

“You look so fucking hot.” Maré said, as he continues thrusting her slowly.

“I look even better with a baby bump from ya.” Gallienne sighs. “Make me a momma. Make me a mother. Give me a baby already. Fill me up with your kids.”

“I’m gonna fill you up with my sauce, baby girl!” Maré promises.

That moment, Maré pumps his hot golden cum in Gallienne’s pussy. He is still thrusting Gallienne wildly as he continues unloading his seed into the depths of her pussy. After he finishes ejaculating, Maré pulls his dick out of Gallienne, which is wet with her juices and his own jism.

“You wanna fuck my ass?” Gallienne asks in a sultry voice.

“You know it.” He responds.

Maré flips Gallienne over and slips his still erect dick in her lubricated asshole and begins thrusting into her. Gallienne moans in seconds as she pushes her ass against him. Every time she pushes back, Maré plunges deep in her. His balls smacks against her pussy, and his pelvis beats violently against her ass.

Gallienne turns her head around with her signature mean mugging face and cries out, “Yes, fuck me! Bang my ass!”

Gallienne’s facial expression and dirty talk triggers Maré to thrashes her backside harder. Gallienne is already on the edge of ecstasy as her tits sways with Maré’s hips thrusts. The sensation of her hard nipples brushing the sheets makes her wetter. She is dripping all over Maré’s dick. He slaps her ass hard multiple times, turning it red and leaving a handprint. Maré feels his dick throbbing and know he can’t contain his floodgates any longer. With a deep moan, Maré pumps another load of hot cum in Gallienne.

“Fuck.” Maré exclaims. “Oh, my God!”

“Well, that was hot, King of New York.” Gallienne smiles over her shoulder at him. “But I’m not done with you yet. I want to rim you.”

“For real?” Maré asks with excitement. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, silly. You know, I’m a nasty girl. I love being the ultimate whore to you. Are you ready for another round?”

“Yes.” Maré replies. “I have energy for another round with you. Eat my fucking butthole, nasty girl.”

Maré’s lies on the bed, his legs are up, and he’s ready to receive an epic rim job. Admiring the full view of his sphincter, Gallienne begins tracing the ring of his sweet asshole with her tongue. Softly, Gallienne outlines the circle with the tip of her tongue. Then she begins probing his rectum with her pointy tongue and jerking him off simultaneously. Maré is in pure ecstasy as Gallienne pleasures him like the ultimate whore. His moans are a confirmation to Gallienne that she is giving him the best bliss ever.

“Are you gonna cum hard for me again, Nature Boy?” She asks, stroking his dick harder.

“Oh, yes! It’s building up.”

Gallienne intensifies her licking of Maré’s intimate depths and stroking his cock until he tenses, moans loudly and rewards Gallienne with an amazing load of golden cum to her face and tits.

“Oh, my God, yasss!!!” She laughs. “Wow, you came in great bursts, high in the air!”

“Oh, man!” Maré says when he recovers his breath. “You’re the best! That was a serious rim job, baby!”

“Honestly, I love eating your asshole and stroking your big cock. Sex with you is ecstasy!” Gallienne says as she wipes the cum off her face with her fingers and licks them clean.

“The sheets are soaking wet, baby.” Maré said softly.

“Not wet enough,” Gallienne says, then she climbs on top of him. “The sheets needs to be dripping with my juices.”

“Do you ever get tired?” Maré put his hands behind his head and beams.

“No, not when I’m fucking you.” Gallienne begins riding him. “My body is yours!”


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Black Erotica

My Body Is All Yours

Black Erotica



The red blindfold that covers Gallienne’s eyes is quite erotic as she hangs from the ceiling of a dungeon with no clothes on. Gallienne tingles with excitement as she eagerly anticipates being torture by her lover, Maré. He stands there admiring her perfect body. Her 35-26-38 measurements are a work of art. The perky tits that are great for sucking, her luscious ass perfect for spanking, and her trimmed pussy made for epic fucking, Maré plans to use Gallienne’s body for his ultimate pleasure.

“You make me so hard.” Maré said. “I’m going to take my time pleasuring you before I bring the pain. Do you remember the password?”

“Euthanasia.” Gallienne answers.

Maré kisses Gallienne passionately on the lips, savoring the sweet taste of her tongue. Then he slowly licks her neck and ear as he lightly fondles her breasts. Gallienne moans and sighs from the pleasure. Maré continues licking down her belly, stopping to give her pierced naval attention that it craves. He coats her belly button with his spit before spreading her pussy lips, and starts flicking her clit with his tongue. Maré works Gallienne up so much that she cums in his mouth. Maré quenches his thirst with her sex fluids. When Gallienne breathing finally subsides to a normal level, he resumes his sharp tongue lashing of her pussy and clit.

“Fuck this soft shit.” Gallienne continues. “I came here for that hardcore, brutal punishment. Abuse me, baby.”

Maré slaps her tits. “You’re a big girl, huh?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Gallienne says. “You know what I like.”

Maré’s denim jeans falls to his feet. His dick points menacingly at her. He grabs Gallienne by the head and violently shoves his hard cock into her mouth. Maré goes 0-100 pounding relentlessly into Gallienne’s face. Her gags and chokes serenades the dungeon in a twisted way as she drools all over his cock. The harder Maré pushes, the harder Gallienne sucks on his dick. She amazes Maré at how much suction she maintains. He carries on assaulting her mouth, massaging the underside of his dick against her tongue.

“Yes, deep-throat this dick, girl.” He growls. “Suck it like the whore you are. Oh, keep wet and hard.”

Maré fucks her face what seems like an eternity. Finally, he pulls out of her mouth and removes the blindfold. Gallienne’s face is a complete mess. The tears racing down her cheeks smears her makeup as she gasps for breath. Gallienne’s lips are crimson and swollen. She stands tall ready to endure more punishment. Maré walks to the table that is filled with his torture tools and grabs a bamboo rod. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! He hits Gallienne sharply on her luscious brown booty. Gallienne’s yelps of pain echoes the dungeon. Maré strikes her in the chest, tummy, back and knees as she screams in agony.

“Aaaahhh! Abuse me more, baby! I need it!” Gallienne sobs. “I’m a bad girl.”

It is crazy that the pain arouses Gallienne. Maré loves the sight of her swollen purple glowing ass. He continues delivering hard blows across Gallienne’s back, buttocks and legs. Punishing his sex slave seems to stimulates him to the maximum. Precum oozes from the tip of his cock as he drops the bamboo rod on the floor.

“Pain is pleasure and I can smell your arousal, baby.” Maré says. “Your pussy is begging for hard finger-fucking.”

Maré’s finger slips in the depth of Gallienne’s wetness and he begins to finger fuck her. First with one finger, then two, then three. His rapid fingers are stabbing her pussy hard. Gallienne squirms and whimpers from the sensation. Her breathing gets heavier as she feels Maré scissoring his fingers deep inside her. Gallienne’s abs clenches, and her body craves more pleasure. She seems to be seconds away from an intense orgasm. Maré recognized the signs and stops, and BAM! He punches her in the gut.

“Oooof!” Gallienne gasps from the diaphragm spasm. Catching her breath she shouts, “Fuck you.”

Maré grabs her hair and says, “You’re going to be sorry now!”

He pulls a dagger from the table and traces Gallienne’s body with the ice cold steel. Maré smoothly let the tip of his dagger circles around her nipples. Gallienne’s breathes heavy from nervousness. Maré takes her erect nipples into his mouth and starts sucking and nibbling on them, alternating every minute or so between each nipple. Then Maré places chained clamps on Gallienne’s burning nipples, first the right one, and then the left as she groans. When they are secured tightly, Maré draws the chain to make her nipples stretch.

“Your nipples are so hard,” he said. “I love the sight of them.”

Maré sucks on her tits again, which sends Gallienne over the edge. Her body convulses from an intense orgasm. It is so strong that Gallienne moans and sighs with each breath. Maré cuts the ropes and drags Gallienne by her hair to a padded bondage bench. He soon has her bound to the bench. Then Maré gets a red candle from the table. He lights it and proceeds to drop torrid candle wax on her bound body. First her pretty face, and then both her nipples. As Maré watches Gallienne grimaces in pain, he works his way down her boobs and toned belly.

“No, no.” Gallienne protests.

“Shut up, whore.” Maré shouts as he slaps her again. “You’re my bitch!”

Then he pours the hot wax on her fleshy inner thighs, moving closer and closer to her shaved pussy. When it falls on her pussy, Gallienne yelps as she feels several more fiery drops fall on her legs and feet. Maré blows out the candle to take time out to admire his twisted work.

“I’m a great artist!” He laughs. “You are my greatest creation, baby doll. Your messy face should be on the $100 bill.”

Maré shoves his very hard cock in her pussy and begins pumping her. He slaps her across the face as he gropes her tits.

“Shit.” Gallienne screams as the monster cock begins brutally penetrating her.

Maré fucks her hard and deep with every inch of his cock. Gallienne feels her cervix stretching against the bottom of her womb as the head of his cock hit areas of her pussy that has never been explored. Maré’s hard rhythmic thrusts are bruising her insides. The sensation overwhelms Gallienne as Maré picks up the pace and pounds her harder with each successive stroke.

“It turns me on to see you in pain.” Maré tells her. “You pussy makes a monster out of me, love! Oh, I love killing your pussy.”

Gallienne can barely take the pain as she tries to push herself away. Maré stops his thrusting and slaps her hard. Then he begins punching Gallienne in the face, which instantly swells from the blows. It drives Maré crazy that Gallienne is naturally perfect that it takes a black eye and bruises for her to have imperfections.

Maré flips Gallienne over and starts fucking her doggystyle. He pulls his dick out and then plows her rectum with brute force. Gallienne cries out, which excites Maré even more. He humps her harder and slaps her moist ass multiple times as he relish his onslaught in her butthole. His big black balls slapping against her asshole, as he fucks her balls deep. Gallienne tries to fight him off, but Maré pins her down and resumes reaming her. Then he places her in a choke hold.

“You’re mine.” Maré whispers.

Gallienne feels like she is about to lose consciousness from the punishment as tears rolls down her bruised face. She is barely conscious as she feels Maré explodes deep in her ass. But her ordeal is not over yet. Maré grabs a leather belt, reaches his arm back and whips her mercilessly. Long welt marks appears across her back, buttocks and thighs. Then he wraps the belt around her neck. He tightens the belt and plunges his cock back inside her ass. Pulling tightly on the belt, Maré resumes fucking her. Gallienne can feel her blood supply cutting off from the tightness of the belt. She starts seeing star. Gallienne has been pushed past the limits of her sexual senses.

“Euthanasia.” Gallienne murmurs.

Maré releases his grip on the belt and unties her. Gallienne pants for dear life, but soon recovers and smiles. There is something phenomenally sensual to her about fucking Maré who can bring her exquisite pleasure by having the power of life and death over her.

“That was amazing,” Gallienne admits. “Oh, I enjoyed the tortured and punishment.”

“You are a bad girl.” Maré kisses her. “I cannot believed you endured the beating I gave you. Did it feel good?”

“Yes, it felt so good. Abuse me again until I passed out.” Gallienne suggests.

“Cool.” Is his response.

She spreads her legs so Maré can take her. He slams into her with brutal force, pounding and ravaging her pussy relentlessly, all the while choking her. He is thrusting fast and hard with each passing second.

“Yes, hard like that. Take me hard, love! Oh, God! Yes, take me hard!” Gallienne cries.

Maré is thrusting fast and hard with each passion second. Gallienne roars as her body trembles. Just as she starts to see blackness, they simultaneously erupts from the sex. Maré looks down and notices Gallienne is unconscious, but he continues fucking her. After a several hard pumps, he floods her hot interior with his sauce.

Maré picks Gallienne up and says, “You are the best. Euthanasia.”

Then he carries her away.

The End.

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Black Erotica

Ecstasy in the Laundry Room


I hate doing laundry, but it needs to be done. It is 5 o’ clock on a Sunday morning and I am heading down to my luxury Manhattan building’s laundry room. I’m the first person here and I have it all to myself, which is perfect. After getting all my dirty clothes into the washer, I hit the start button. The glowing display on the washer tells me I have 29 minutes in the cycle so I sit at the table and begin listening to Drake’s “Nice for What” song on my iPhone X. The fresh scent of Ultra Downy and Tide soon permeates the air in the laundry room.

“Hey, Maré!” A woman’s voice calls out.

I looks up and there is Maya Morena standing in the doorway wearing a pair of tight black shorts and a matching black top, smiling from ear to ear. Maya is a short, sultry and cute Latina of Honduran descent with a girl-next-door vibe. Her black hair is long and wavy, and she has a fit curvy body from years of doing yoga. Maya is a popular adult film star and webcam model. She often teases me with her racy videos and selfies.

“Good morning, Maya! How are you?” I asks her.

“I’m good.” Maya tells me. “Wow, the most handsome billionaire in New York is doing his laundry this early. You’re the King of New York, your butler or pretty maids supposed to do your laundry.”

“My roommate, Monica, usually does my laundry, but she is spending time in Jacksonville, Florida.” I said. “I cannot wait when she flies back to New York for the summer. We’re going to have fun like we always do.”

“You chose the right time to do your laundry. Do you mind if I come down and do my laundry with you?”

“Of course not,” I tell her. “Go and get your clothes and bring your fine ass back down here. I don’t mind having you as company. Two is not a crowd.”

“Great!” Maya replies enthusiastically. “Let me run upstairs and get my clothes. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

As she leaves, I glances at her exquisite bouncy butt that drives me wild with hot desire. I begin to fantasize myself fucking Maya, which immediately causes me to develop a serious erection in my pants. It is hard for me to listen to the music blaring in my ears because all I can think about is getting dirty and nasty with Maya.

About fifteen minutes later, Maya comes back into the laundry room pushing a shopping cart filled with clothes. “I’m back.”

“Yes, I was wondering what was taking you so long. Now, it just the two of us, goddess.” I said. “While everybody’s still sleeping, we are doing our laundry. And it is peaceful and quiet in here.”

“You’re right.” Maya sighs contentedly. “I’m glad laundry is free too. I love the amenities in this building.

Maya begins sorting through her laundry, dividing the color and the white clothes. The sight of her bras and panties on the table really catches my eyes. I know she looks sexy in the red bra and panties set. After she finishes sorting, Maya slowly bends over to get her detergent, giving me a full view of her magnificent ass. She catches me gazing at her and starts blushing and chuckling. Then she starts loading her clothes in the washing machines in a provocative way. Finally, she shuts the door to the washers and turns around gently nibbling on her bottom lip.

“You are too much.” I tell her.

“What? You are the one checking me out. I saw you.”

“Playing games. You didn’t put all your clothes in the machine. You forget the ones you are wearing.”

“Oh, you think that I should wash these too?” Maya replies coyly. “You want to see my body.”

With that, Maya lifts off her top, flashing me her perfect perky tits. She pulls her shorts uptight into the crack of her ass. Then, turns to me with a sultry smile on her face. Based on her lustful looks in my direction and the definite air of sexual tension in the laundry room, there is no question we want each other.

Licking my lips, “You have a nice body. I love your curves.”

Maya giggles. “I know you want my body. You want to fuck me don’t you?”

“You know I do.” I admit. “I want to feel how good your pussy is. I want to lick it until you squeal and squirt your essence on my lips.”

Blushing, Maya replies, “Can you tell I’m horny? I want a freak to have insane hot dirty sex with. I need a total freak in the laundry room to match me. Can you give me what I want?” Maya flirts.

My response, “I can give you that and more, baby girl! Shit, I’d better put my clothes in the dryer.”

Transferring my damp clothes over to the dryers as quickly as I can, I know Maya sees my hard manhood pulsing as she sticks a finger in her mouth. She seems to enjoy teasing me with her sexiness.

“What are we going to do now?” She asks.

“I would love to fuck you, but I have to know for sure that you are the right one. I’ve been told that the best lovers are great dancers. I want you to dance for me.” I suggests.

“Well, put some music on, Nature Boy, so I can dip it low and pick up slow.” Maya says.

I walk over to the laundry room door, slowly shutting and locking it. Then I cut the lights off. I sit back down and begin searching for a song for Maya on my smartphone. When she hears “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa playing from my smartphone, she starts dancing slowly and sensuously. The way her body sways to the rhythm excites me immensely. My dick is hard and throbbing. She tosses her top and shorts at me, and really gets into her dancing. Maya naturally oozes sex appeal. I am in awe with her killer curves. My eyes roams from her firm, perky boobs down to her neatly trimmed bush and glistening pussy. She bends down wiggling her ass, showing me her asshole. Oh, my God, I want to fuck her so bad. I am so caught up in the moment that I begin stripping out of my clothes.

Pulling out my dick, “Suck my dick.” I implores.

Maya kneels in front of me, “God, what a big dick.”

She takes my big cock in her hands and begins stroking it while staring at me with her big brown willing eyes. Then Maya guides my dick to her full lips and licks around the crown of my dick. Warm saliva races down my cock and balls. Slowly, Maya takes my shaft in her warm mouth and begins performing fellatio on me like a pro. She is holding the base of my dick with one hand, and fondling my balls with the other hand.

“Oh, you’re so good. Yes, fuck. Suck it like that.” I say softly.

Looking up at me, Maya asks, “You like that?”

“Yes.” I confirm. “Oh, you suck it the best.”

Maya is bobbing up and down on my hard cock. She performs fellatio beautifully as she speeds up the pace. She starts gagging as she deep-throats me. When Maya darts her tongue across the sensitive crown of my dick, the sensation is consuming me completely. I am on the brisk of ejaculating. Running my hands through her wavy hair, I am fucking her mouth deeper as I begin tensing up.

“I’m gonna blast off, baby girl.” I gasps breathlessly.

Sensing I’m going to cum all over her, Maya gently squeezes below the crown of my dick with her thumb and forefinger until my arousal level subsides. She knows all the tricks when it comes to sex.

“No, no, I don’t want you to cum yet, Nature Boy! I don’t have dirty, hot sex with a man who won’t eat me out.” Maya hints with a wink.

Then she sits on the edge of the table and spreads her legs. Now, I am face-to-face to her neatly trimmed pussy. I sticks my tongue out, and it is sweet tasting for me with hardly any ordor. My tongue leaves no parts of her wet cunt unexplored as it pokes and swirls before finding a perfect rhythm on her sensitive clit. Maya moans and writhes from my proficient lapping.

“Ooh…” She sighs. “Eat me, please! I want to cum so hard on your face.”

Nodding silently, I am licking and tickling her clit before pushing my tongue deeper into her slit, probing into her moist folds. Maya cries out in pleasure. Her moans grows more intense as I continue licking and sucking her pussy. Maya’s body is trembling as she covers her mouth to keep from screaming.

Encouraging her to climax, “Cum baby! Cum so hard for me.”

“I’m… gonna… cum…” Maya declares.

She shrieks out her orgasm squirting all over my mouth. Her pussy juice is so enticing, the scent and taste are driving me loony that I keep licking her throbbing clit until she finally relaxes, falling gently back against the wall. Her legs are still shivering uncontrollably as she chuckles. I gently kisses her clit once more, and then slowly kisses back up to her mouth for a French kiss as her orgasm subsides.

“Oh my God, that was amazing, Maré!” Maya pants. “I’m fucking you.”

We are kissing passionately. My mouth explores her moist lips, neck and tits. Showering her breasts with wet kisses, Maya shivers with each touch. I softly bites her taunt nipples that feels like hard candy on my teeth.

“I love your tits.”

“Yes, baby, your teeth feels good on my tits. Stop teasing me and fuck me on top of the washing machine.” Maya demands.

I hoists Maya up in the air and places her on top of the washing machine. Her legs are dangling over the sides. Facing her, I get between her legs and gently insert my cock in her pussy. Maya gasps as she feels my dick slowly penetrating her.

“Oh, my God, I forgot to start my machine.” Maya giggles with embarrassment. “All this time my clothes weren’t being washed.”

I burst out laughing. “You are so silly. Shall we start this wild ride, baby girl?”

Maya takes a deep breath and says, “Turn it on.”

I hit the start button on the washer machine and it starts vibrating beneath her. She shakes as the vibrations takes hold of her body. Leaning forward, I kiss her on the lips and begin thrusting her. Maya grabs my ass and pulls me in close for deeper penetrations.

Whispering in her ear, “Oh, it feels so good deep in you. You are so wet.”

The vibrations are rocking my body. It seems to energizes me as I am thrusting Maya’s pussy faster and harder like a stud in his sexual peak. The vibrations seems to feel hot against Maya’s bare ass as she is bouncing up and down. She stares at me with her lustful eyes. Her mouth forms an erotic doughnut as she moans and groans. Maya looks so hot as waves of ecstasy ripples through her.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Maya exclaims. “Keep pounding me!”

Her encouragement triggers me to fuck her faster. Every time the washing machine changes cycles, we both are experiencing a different sensation. We are feeling ecstasy in the laundry room.

“You have some good pussy, baby girl!” I expresses. “It feels awesome inside you. I want to cum so deep in your fuck hole.”

“Yes, yes, that’s my fuck hole!” Maya shrieks. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your fucking dick. I’m cumming all over your fucking dick. You have the luckiest dick. The best dick!”

She leaps into my arms shuddering and trembling from her intense orgasm. Holding Maya tight, I feel her laughing and breathing heavily. Her moist firm boobs press against my chest is titilating.

“That orgasm really rocked you.” I jests. “Wow.”

“Oh, my God, I just had the most power orgasm ever.” Maya sighs. “Your cock and the vibrations of the washing machine are a perfect combination. I want some more of that.”

Maya leans over the washing machine with her ass sticking up in the air while I stand directly behind her. I insert my dick in her ass and begin thrusting her fast. The vibrations I’m getting from the washer is dope.

“Oh, yes, girl! I say. “I love the sight of my cock moving in and out of your ass.”

Looking at me in the eyes, the sexual energy Maya exudes from her body has me reaming her like a savage. Her heart-shaped ass screams hard and fast pounding from my cock, which I do.

“Yes, ram it in me, Mare!” Maya shrieks. “Ram every fucking inch of that cock in me.”

I give her ass a quick, hard slap and thrusts her deeper. Maya pushes her ass against my pelvis, meeting me stroke for stroke. The sounds of our moist skin slapping echoes through the laundry room. I feel my dick stretching her butthole. The sensations of me butt-fucking her is at a maximum and I know I’m about to release any moment. Grunting, my cock erupts violently, and I’m shooting cum all the way up her ass. I rests my head on her damp back as I catch my breath. I feel Maya’s body shuddering from the pleasure.

Maya’s washing machine stops so she swaps her soaking clothing into the dryer as I am folding my fresh dry clothes neatly into my shopping cart. Once I’m done, I sit on the chair with my cock still standing in glory. Maya eases her wet pussy over my cock and begins riding me. I am playing with her tits as she bounces high on my cock with unrelenting force. Keeping Maya balance by holding on to her waist, I am also thrusting up into her. We are hunching each other madly like a pair of raw nymphos.

“I’m gonna fucking cum.” Maya declares.

“Me too baby, shit.”

“Cum all over me, I want to feel dirty.”  She says huskily.

Maya’s ass flies off my cock as she shudders in orgasm. Aiming my dick squarely at her boobs, I am shooting jet after jet of my hot cum all over her tits and belly. Maya looks so dirty and sexy with cum on her body. Immediately after my orgasm subsides, she takes my cock and gently licks the few errant drops of my cum from it.

“Fuck, that was dope!” I said afterwards. “Oh, man.”

“It was a great fuck.” Maya admits with a smile as she looks at me. “Oh, I love good looking guy with a big dick that knows how to fuck good. I needed to get fucked hard.”

“I know… I’m your guy, baby girl!” I said. “You need a good looking billionaire with a big dick in your life that knows how to fuck.”

We both are sitting on top of the table catching our breath. Maya looks radiant with her disheveled hair, rosy cheeks and heaving tits. She leans over for a leisurely kiss, which I happily obliges. Maya is such a great kisser and I love the feeling of her wet moist lips.

Time flies as we are relaxing and chillin’ in the laundry room. After cleaning up in the laundry’s bathroom and redressing, Maya’s laundry is done. She neatly folds her clean dry clothes on the table and loads them in the shopping cart. I put the lights back on and unlock the door.

“Doing laundry can be fun, if you have the right partner to do it with.” Maya winks.

“Yes,” I agree. “And you’re the perfect partner to do laundry with. I never had sex in the laundry room before. It was incredible.”

Maya smiles and says, “I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I needed those strong orgasms before I go to bed.”

“Will we do this again?” I asks Maya with a smile.

“I don’t know.” Maya smiles back at me. “We’ll see. Maybe I’ll see you next week. If not, we have the rest of spring and summer to mess around. You can always invite me to your penthouse or you can visit me.”

“So true.”

With that, we both exit the laundry room and begin heading for the elevator. I never thought laundry on a early Sunday morning could be so much fun. Thank you, Maya, for the ecstasy in the laundry room.


Copyright 2018 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.

Black Erotica

Gallienne Hunted


The music seems to control Gallienne Nabila’s body as she moves smoothly to the rhythm. She is in awe with her favorite performer Beyoncé slaying the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Looking sexy in a white bikini top, denim shorts that exposes the bottom of her luscious ass cheeks and a yellow Off White tie down belt around her slim waist, Gallienne is spot on with all the choreography like the curvy dancers on stage. The ambiance of the concert is zenith and Gallienne is loving the energy.

When Beyoncé concludes her 26-song set with the performance of “Love On Top”, Gallienne jumps up and down, and screams like her biggest fan ever. She is convince that Beyoncé is the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

“As far as I’m concerned, Coachella needs to change its name to ‘Beychella’ for real.” Gallienne expresses to herself. “Her performance was the most epic thing I’d ever seen. Beyoncé left me recovering from another killer performance. The world is not worthy!”

Being the self-proclaimed “Selfie Queen”, Gallienne begins taking selfies with her smartphone. She is doing her signature poses and funny faces. Now, she is ready to leave. She begins heading towards the parking lot. Unknowing to her, there is a stalker following her. Donning a black Venom tee, baggy black jeans and matching Timberland boots, he emerges from the shadows of the night blending exquisitely with the hyper crowd.

Gallienne is completely unaware of her surroundings including the mysterious male figure stalking her. He has been watching her the whole time. She walks to her white 2018 Range Rover Velar and opens the driver’s side door. The male figure stops. He waits to make the perfect move. To his luck, a parking lot dance off between concerts goers from New York and California goes down that instantly captures the attention of spectators including Gallienne. She is oblivious of how her night is about to change. The adrenaline rush kicks in for the male figure. Time for him to act! He moves with quickness, and then in a split second, ZAP! He renders Gallienne unconscious with an upgraded mega stun gun. Then he looks around to make sure no one is aware of what just happened before he gently pushes her to the passenger’s seat of the Range Rover.

The male figure pulls out of the parking and takes off into the night. He looks over at Gallienne who is completely out cold. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever kidnapped. Thank God, she was alone. He thinks to himself as he fondles her breasts.

The Range Rover finally pulls into the garage of a 19th century Victorian house. The male figure gets out of the Range Rover and walks to the passenger’s side. He grabs Gallienne and lifts her out of the passenger’s side with ease. He slings her over his huge shoulder and heads upstairs to the attic.

When Gallienne becomes conscious she finds herself hanging up spread eagle in the air. She looks around frantically and sees candles burning in the attic. Gallienne turns to her left, and sees a massive black bed and a table with sex toys and gadgets. There are blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, dog collars, nipple clamps, paddles, ball-gags, ropes and many more instruments of torture. The thoughts of being torture and abuse has Gallienne anxious.

She finally hears footsteps. Now, she sees him. The masked male figure begins approaching her as if he floating in the air. He is over six feet tall, muscular shoulders and perfectly defined eight-pack abs. He is build like a real-life action figure.

“Why you kidnap me? What do you want?” Gallienne asks him.

To her surprise, the male figure slaps her in the face hard and violently pulls her head back.

“Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, my sex slave!” His voice is low, but cold. “You will refer to me as King! Do you understand? You are my whore. You are my slut. Now, who are you?”

“Your whore and your slut, my King.” Gallienne cries.

King removes her bikini top exposing her tits. Then he grabs her thong, and with one pull rips them from her body. Gallienne yells and shivers from the fear. Slowly, King walks around Gallienne surveying her sexy, fit body. He loves her pretty face, perky breasts, flat tummy, toned legs and feet. However, what he loves most is her small king crown tattoo.

“Why are you so perfect?” King says softly. “You are destined to be my sex slave.”

He saunters up to Gallienne and begins pinching and pulling her nipples mercilessly. Gallienne grimaces from the punishment and a tear rolls down her face. After slapping her tits hard, King places the clamps on her erect nipples and pulls the chain that causes Gallienne to shriek and moan. Then he pulls Gallienne’s head back and starts kissing her aggressively. When King finally breaks the strong kiss, a string of saliva hangs between their wet lips. He strikes Gallienne in the stomach, and she takes it like a champ.

“Pain is love, I like it.” Gallienne murmurs with a wink.

“Pain is fun, but torture is better.” King chuckles and then slaps her again. “You don’t speak. Got it?”

Gallienne’s response is, “Yes, King.”

King has a leather flogger bullwhip in his hand. Gallienne’s breathing becomes harder as she prepares herself for the blows. Without warning, the whipping begins. King is whipping her front like a pro. The hard shots to Gallienne’s boobs has her nipples standing at attention nicely. When King lands hard blows to Gallienne’s pussy, she cries out in surprise. King resumes the onslaught, now moving to Gallienne’s upper thighs and belly, which merges into one continuous sensation of pain mixing with pleasure. Moans are now escaping out of Gallienne’s mouth.

“You are enjoying the abuse I see, my sex slave.” King continues. “Look what you are doing to me.”

Gallienne looks down and sees his erect cock with pre-cum oozing from the head standing straight out from his body. She gasps at the size of it. King’s dick is about 11 inches and thick that has Gallienne shaking in anticipation of some hard fucking.

King’s finger traces it’s way to her cunt. “Are you wet? Wow, you are so wet. You really are a slut.”

King inserts two fingers into her cunt and begins violently fingering her. Gallienne grunts and moans. She is rocking back and forth on his fingers. Her pussy sprinkles juices over King’s active fingers. Within minutes, Gallienne is in the throes of a strong orgasm as she screams her eruption.

King grasps Gallienne’s ass with both hands and hoists her up on his cock. Gallienne gasps when the cock fills her love hole. She wraps her toned legs around King’s back as he begins humping her upward wildly. Gallienne is sliding up and down hard on his cock rapidly. Her eyes and mouth are wide with agony as she feels King’s dick destroying her little cunt.

“You are killing me!” She groans.

“Shut up. I’m going to split your pussy in half.” King continues. “You like having something hard in your pussy?”

“Yes, my King!” Gallienne replies. “I like having something hard in me.”

King abruptly stops his pumping action, which surprises Gallienne. He seizes a screwdriver from the table and firmly massages her clit before he begins inserting the screwdriver in and out of her cunt hard, making Gallienne scream and whimper loud. King stops and pokes Gallienne in her navel with the screwdriver.

“You look so hot when you’re in pain.” He says. “Now, come and suck King’s dick like the dirty whore you are.”

Gallienne drops to her knees and opens her mouth. King forces his cock inside her mouth hitting the back of her throat. King begins fucking Gallienne’s mouth with total abandon as if he hates her. Gagging and slurping sounds takes over the attic. Gallienne drools from the sloppy deep-throating she’s performing on King. Pumping his dick faster in her mouth, King feels himself nearing ejaculation.

“Yes, suck that dick like you mean it, my dirty whore. That’s it! Your mouth loves sucking my cock doesn’t it, slut?”

Gallienne nods in agreement.

“Cumming.” He announces.

That moment, warm jism starts pulsing down Gallienne’s throat. She tries to swallow most of it, but there is so much cum racing down her throat that she pukes on the floor. Disgusted by the nasty sight of that, King slaps Gallienne twice in the face.

“Look what you did!” King shouts.

He unties her and immediately has her lying on her stomach across his lap while he sits on a chair. After rubbing her ass, he begins caning her buttocks hard making Gallienne scream and whimper. Then he tells her to count all the blows she receives from him.

“One… Two… THREEEE… FOUR! FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT!” Gallienne cries.

“Do you know why I’m torturing you?” King asks.

“Yes, King… I’m your whore.”

Now, Gallienne is in the center of the bed, on all fours, blindfolded and bound. King lightly caresses her ass before he slaps it hard repeatedly. Each slap is harder than the previous one. King stops to go and get another tool from the table. Then he continues his assault on Gallienne’s ass with a wooden paddle. The strikes come hard and fast. Tears are hot on Gallienne’s face, but she refuses to scream to let him know how excruciating the pain is. Her ass is now raw red from the torture. King steps away from Gallienne admiring his work, which is the raw red welts on her ass cheeks.

“Damn, you are one fine piece of ass.” King tells her. “Your ass is nice and red for your King. Are you ready to go extreme with me, my sex slave?”

“Yes, King. Make it beyond painful.”  Gallienne insists.

King wraps Gallienne’s Off White belt around her neck, grabs a handful of her hair and begins fucking her doggy-style. With each thrust, he pulls the belt around Gallienne’s neck slightly tighter. The belt is digging into her flesh. The air Gallienne desperately needs in her lungs comes in mere trickles. She can barely keep her eyes open. Her vision darkens and so does the attic.

Yes, fuck my tight ass!” Gallienne manages to scream.

King is so outrage that he slams her head hard on the mattress four times. Then he places a ball gag in her mouth. King resumes his rhythm on her ass. The rough butt fucking has Gallienne banging her head against the bedhead. She tries to yell but the ball gag stops any coherent noises from passing her lips. Loud groaning is emitting from King’s mouth as he is close to ejaculating. He thrusts as deep as he can and explodes inside her ass. He slowly pulls out of Gallienne and stares at her freshly bruised ass that is dripping his cum.

“Oh, you have such a tight ass.” King sighs. “Look at my sauce leaking out of you.”

He unties Gallienne and removes the ball gag from her mouth. King has her lying helpless on her back in the center of the bed. He picks up the handcuffs and fresh rope from the table. Without a word, King cuffs her hands to the two wooden posts at the head of the bed. Then he ties her ankles around the posts at the foot of the bed with rope. When he is done, he sees Gallienne moving her legs around, but she couldn’t touch them together.

King climbs on top of her and slams his hard cock deep inside Gallienne’s pussy with one hard thrust. He begins fucking her fast and deep, stretching Gallienne’s pussy to the max. King loves the sensation he is getting from her pussy that he keeps ramming his hard dick into Gallienne while groping and roughing up her tits. She screams in pain as she feels the hard dick destroying her insides.

“Fuck me!” Gallienne shouts. “Fuck me!”

King slaps her across the face repeatedly as he bangs her pussy faster and harder. “Do you want me to fucking cum hard in you?”

“Yes! Yes! I said fucking YESSS!” Gallienne screams at the top of her lungs.

Pounding her deeper, King tightens his strong grip on Gallienne’s throat and begins blood choking her. He watches Gallienne passes out as he discharges his sauce deep in her pussy. He is breathing heavily as he pulls his cock out of her. The smell of their rough sex covers the attic and hangs heavily in the air. It triggers King to insert his still hard cock in Gallienne’s pussy and fuck her again for a few minutes before he ejaculates for the last time over her face, tits and belly.

Moments later, King removes the cuffs, ropes and nipple clamps from Gallienne, being careful not to disturb her unconscious form. She slumps on the bed looking peaceful and badly bruised. A creampie stained with blood leaks out of Gallienne’s pussy. King has thoroughly fucked her into oblivion.

“Baby girl, you are my greatest hunt.” King pulls off his mask revealing himself as Maré. “Your darkest fantasy became a reality.”

He gives Gallienne a kiss and leaves the attic feeling accomplished for his latest hunt.


Copyright © 2018 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.



Black Erotica

Sex With Gallienne In Gotham City


The sensual movement of Gallienne’s toned belly looks sexy as she lays on the king-size bed with her fleshy thighs open and soothing brown eyes closed. Gallienne moans and squeezes her firm tits as Maré glues his mouth to her wet pussy, eating it avidly. She arches her back in the bliss, and the King of New York holds tight at her heart-shaped booty.

“That feels so good.” Gallienne whimpers. “You’re really good at eating my pussy. I like that. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it. I’m gonna cum on your face.”

“Yes, give my face a nice wash with your juices.” Maré says.

“Yes, yes, I wanna hold you until I cum.” Gallienne sighs. “I’m cumming.”

Breathing hard and panting, Gallienne clutches his head and releases her fluids all over his mouth. Maré consumes every sweet drop, lustfully quenching his thirst. Gallienne giggles from the tickling sensation of Maré’s tongue on her clit. He crawls up to her and they share a passionate kiss. His dick eases between Gallienne’s spread legs and he begins his pumping action. The rhythm they instantly establishes has the bed quaking. Moaning softly, Gallienne stares at Maré as she moves up and down beneath him. She nods to him, indicating that he is hitting her spot. Gallienne digs her nails into his ass. Maré’s dick starts throbbing, and Gallienne can tell by his facial expression that he is going to cum.

“Yes, cum inside me, babe.” She encourages him.

Maré releases a load inside her. They lie there caressing each other until Gallienne rises out of the bed and stands by the huge bedroom window looking like a radiant goddess in the spring moonlight. She exudes sensuality in front of Maré’s coffee eyes.

Gallienne turns to Maré and says, “I want to do something really crazy, babe.”


“I am so horny that I want to fuck you all over Manhattan tonight.” She smiles.

“Right now?” Maré is somewhat surprise.

“You got enough for round two?” Gallienne asks with a sultry grin. “You know I am in my sexual apex and need great dick multiple times a day.”

Maré laughs and replies, “Let’s do it, baby girl! I’m still hard. I’m down with making your fantasy come true in the city that never sleeps.”

“The thought of fucking you in the streets, the subway and inside of a Uber has me extremely wet.” She admits.

They begin reaching for their street clothes. Gallienne slips into her gold dress, which is clinging to her boobs, making her erect nipples stand out. Maré rocks a raven Supreme T-shirt, slim fitting jeans and black/white Nike Air Max sneakers. He gets behind Gallienne and wraps his muscular arms around her.

Squeezing her tits, Maré asks, “Are you sure you want to…?”

“Yes, ” Gallienne interrupts. “I’ve been sure what I wanted since my first visit to New York. I’m not wearing any bra or panties… I want you to have easy access.”

They kiss.

Maré and Gallienne leaves the luxury glass building on Charles Street walking arm in arm, kissing and giggling. Neither of them can believe they are about to fuck outdoors in the warm night. To their surprise, there is hardly anybody out walking around or driving past.

“It finally feels like spring in New York.” Maré expresses. “I was so over the snow and cold weather here. Now, we are getting that real spring weather.”

“If I don’t get fucked right now, I’m going to explode.” Gallienne jests.

She pulls Maré into the shadows of a building to kiss and stroke his cock. Bending Gallienne over, Maré gently pulls up her dress and spread her legs apart. Then he smoothly inserts his hard cock up her ass. Maré begins slowly fucking her, but immediately increases the pace. Each time Maré slams into Gallienne, her rump and tits quaver pleasingly. Gallienne grunts and moans as she moves backwards and forwards from the rhythm.

“Oh, yeah, baby.” Maré moans. “I love the sight of my dick moving in and out of your butthole.”

“Yes, Daddy, this butt-fucking feels good.” Gallienne groans. “I want your cum deep in my butthole.”

“That ass looks good enough to eat.” He tells her.

Maré worms his tongue into Gallienne’s asshole. She squeals as he circles her sphincter with his pointy tongue, flicking at it. Maré cups Gallienne’s round boobs to keep his lingual momentum. He is eating her ass like a master, moving his tongue at the perfect tempo.

“That feels so good. Kiss me after you eat my butthole, hun. I wanna taste my ass on your lips.” Gallienne purs.

Maré chuckles as he covers more of Gallienne’s crack with each wet swipe of his tongue. Gallienne moves her hips in a big circle all over his face. He begins rubbing her pussy as he continues tonguing her intimate depths. With a loud cry, Gallienne trembles with a explosive orgasm. Then she turns around and sticks her tongue in his mouth. The taste has her high on lust.

“Taste like chocolate cake.” He says.

“Mmm, much better than chocolate cake.” Gallienne sighs. “Now, stick that fat cock up my ass, babe. Fill my butthole with your cum.”

The brisk energy Maré feels triggers him to pound Gallienne’s ass deeper. His huge nuts are slapping her in the ass. Gallienne’s yelps with ecstasy mixes erotically with Maré’s groaning. Gallienne pushes her ass to meet the thunderous thrusts. Then with a hard pump, Maré fills her ass with warm cum. The sight of it dribbling down her toned legs is a turn-on for him.

“Whoa, that was dope!” Maré expresses. “I cannot believe I came that hard. Wow, your ass is incredible. The best ass!”

Gallienne laughs. “Thanks, babe! That butt-fucking has me all charged-up. Come on, we have some more fucking to do in this city. Our fantasy night just started.”

She grabs his hand and they begin walking up the street. It takes them a few minutes to enter the 14th Street subway station. Swiping through the turnstile, they can hear the uptown A express train roaring inside the station. They aboard the first car, the doors shut and the train proceeds to move.

“Yes, we have the car to ourselves!” Maré announces. “Thank God! We don’t need no audience for what we’re about to do.”

Gallienne playfully pushes Maré on the hard seat. She kneels before him, unzips his pants to unleash his monster cock and says, “I love blowing you. You have such a beautiful brown cock.”

A sly smile dances across Maré’s handsome face as he watches this exotic sex symbol takes his cock between her wet luscious lips and licks her way up to the tip. Then Gallienne begins performing fellatio on him as if she worships his cock. Gazing into his eyes, Gallienne is making epic love to Maré’s cock and balls.

“You look so hot sucking my dick, baby! I cannot get enough of you.” Maré declares.

Once Gallienne gets Maré’s shaft well lubricated with her spit and saliva, she decides to ride him like a champ. Maré is enjoying the exquisite pleasure and sensation as he squeezes Gallienne’s bouncy tits. He grabs her ass and plunges his shaft deeper into her pussy. Gallienne moans and pants as she jackhammers on his dick like a wild bronca. They are lost in their lust zone and oblivious to anything around them. With incredible strength, Maré lifts Gallienne up and holds her firmly by her hips. A sultry smile curves her lips as Maré has her bouncing up and down on his dick. She giggles and moans in pleasure.

“I’m about to cum, baby.” Maré announces.

“Shoot another load in me, baby!” Gallienne whispers.

Maré ejaculates in her warm pussy that leaves him quivering and nearly breathless. Gallienne grins and giggles like a young girl as she showers his face with wet kisses. To their surprise, two commuters have been watching their naughty subway venture, which has them laughing.

The train stops at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle  station and the doors slide open. As they are getting off one of the commuters said, “That’s right, brother, keep that beautiful woman satisfied.”

All Maré can do is laugh and reply, “That’s what I’m here for, playboy! Peace!”

Riding up the escalator to exit the subway station, the two lovers are laughing at the craziness of their venture so far. The lights around them seems to illuminate them exclusively.

“I cannot believe how much fun we are having.” Maré acknowledges. “Wow, sex with Gallienne in Gotham City is an EVENT!”

“It sure is.” Gallienne agrees with a laugh. “Never in my life had I ever dreamed that sex would be like this.”

“Me too. This is great. I’m surprise the streets are somewhat deserted. It is four o’ clock in the morning. Time is really flying.”

“We’re not done yet, King of New York.” Gallienne continues. “We haven’t completed my fantasy. My body is still on fire with lust. This New York energy makes me extremely horny.”

The backdrop of the Time Warner Center and the fountains illuminating creates a romantic atmosphere for the lovers. Gallienne is on top of Maré pounding him with a fury. The ambiance of the scene has her increasing the tempo. Lying on the bench, Maré is holding on to her bare boobs enjoying the ride to erotic heaven.

“Fuck me. You look so hot riding my dick. I love you.” He sighs.

“Love you too, babe. Oh, you feel so good inside me.” Gallienne moans passionately. “You always make me feel good.”

Maré notices a tall, brown-haired man in sweats walking past taking glances at them.

“Somebody’s watching us.” He shares with Gallienne.

Gallienne gives him a lip-lock and say, “So what, let him watch. You’re the King of New York.”

Gallienne resumes riding him until she bucks into a deep orgasmic shriek, squirting on his cock. Her cries echoes in the dark air. Maré embraces her and starts sucking lasciviously on her perky tits.

“How far do you think we could go with this venture?” Gallienne asks.

“I don’t know, but we can’t carried on around here like this too long.” Maré pauses for a few seconds. “Somebody will eventually reports us for having sex out in the public.”

When they are done, they jump in a Uber taxi to head back to Maré’s place on Charles Street. They are vibrating to the song “All The Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA, which is playing on the radio.

“Oh, my God, what a night we are having.” Gallienne exclaims. “Sex-charged nights in New York are the best!”

“I cannot believe how naturally everything has happened.” Maré asserts. “This is our greatest sexual encounter, baby.”

“Time to conclude the fantasy.” Gallienne hints.

Gallienne undresses and lays on her back signaling Maré to devour her. After pulling off his shirt, Maré mounts her and inserts his cock back in her well lubricated pussy. He begins ramming her like a stud in his sexual peak. Gallienne gasps Maré’s damp ass and pulls him as deep as he can go inside her. She can feel him all the way to her stomach as he thrusts her faster and harder. The skinny Caucasian Uber driver with dark messy hair is privately stroking his cock while listening and occasionally watching the action in the back. The sight of Gallienne’s bouncy tits and her screams of ecstasy are enough for him to blast off.

“Oh, my God. Shit.” The driver murmurs to himself.

Maré is still at work smashing Gallienne’s pussy. Now, he feels himself nearing a volcanic eruption.

“I’m gonna cum.” He declares.

“Please do, babe.” Gallienne encourages him softly.

“Here it comes, sexy.” Maré bellows.

With a roar, he releases in her. While his hard cock still remains in Gallienne, they are kissing and caressing. The aroma of their hot sex session permeates the Uber taxi. Still nude, they finally sit up looking sexually satisfied and regaining their composure.

“Oh God, that was great Nature Boy. Thank you!” Gallienne whispers. “You filled my holes with your gooey sauce.”

“I’m in love with your body.” He replies.

Gallienne giggles. “I knew the King of New York would be great for my New York fantasy.”

“That’s right. See, your fantasy became a reality in the city that never sleeps. You are the best!”

“I’m a fine woman that eat pussy and suck dick. Best of both worlds!” Gallienne winks.

The Uber stops at a red light. Both Maré and Gallienne begin putting their clothes back on.

“What a performance. Unbelievable! Y’all two need to make a sex tape.” The Uber driver jokes. ”

“Sorry, we’re living out my New York fantasy.” Gallienne giggles.

“Yes, we didn’t mean to make you horny.” Maré adds. “Thank God, you were able to stay focus on the road while listening to us!”

When they arrive at their destination on Charles Street, Maré reaches in his pocket to pay the fare.

“You’re the King of New York, this ride is free.” The Uber driver tells him. “It is honor to have you and your beautiful lady fuck in my Uber. That was the most action my Uber ever had. Goodnight!”

Back in the glass penthouse, Maré and Gallienne take a quick shower and fuck one last time under the warm cascading water. They are so exhausted from their sexual marathon that they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The End.

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