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Billionaire playboy Maré is the creator of GoodFellas magazine and owner of Genisys, the hottest gentlemen’s club in New York City. Nicknamed Nature Boy, his extravagant lifestyle is a moving motion picture when it comes to VIP treatment, exclusive parties, exotic trips around the world, fast cars and trysts. Women love him and he lives for giving women maximum pleasure. Maré truly is the King of New York!

This novella takes you into the world of the King of New York where you feel like you’re in a hip-hop erotic movie and celebrating a lifestyle that very few can brag about. These erotic tales are perfect for your erotic fantasies and sexual desires.



The sunset around me looks like a masterpiece by God on this Thanksgiving Day as I’m cruising in my Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo listening to Cam’ron’s new mixtape, The Program. I’m about forty minutes away from my house in East Hampton, New York when I see a short, blonde-haired woman donning a gunmetal jacket, tight jeans and boots standing alongside the road sticking her thumb out. She looks young in the face and to my surprise, she raises her shirt exposing her great pair of tits. It is hard not to stop at a young girl flashing her boobs at me.

Rolling down the tinted windows of my car and telling her, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

She smiles and races to the door. “Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping.”

“Where are you heading, baby girl?”


“This must be your lucky day. Hop in.”


I unlock the passenger’s door and she immediately hops in. This young girl barley looks a day older than 18. Her innocence and commercial-ready smile makes her so adorable. She seems to be enjoying the music blaring in my car.

“You must have been chilly out here. Do you always go around flashing your boobs at drivers?” I wonder.

“No, but I knew my boobs have the power to make a driver stop for me.” She answers with a giggle. “Do you always pickup hitchhikers?”

“Fuck no. Never.”

Black Erotica

P.Y.H. (Pretty Young Hitchhiker)



Playing in the background of the dark master bedroom was Michael Jackson’s new album, Scream, the ultimate Halloween party album. Kimber Lee kneeled in front of me, took my erect brown cock in her mouth, and began performing fellatio like a wild slut.

Black Erotica

Caught in Spidey Kimber’s Erotic Web

Black Erotica



The grand view of the sparkling Manhattan skyscrapers set behind the cotton-candy sunset backdrop from the landmark Top of the Rock really impressed Maré and his hot date, Honey, as they were taking epic shots of them from 70 stories high and posting them on social media.

“We are definitely photogenic.” Honey exclaimed. “It is amazing how extraordinary-looking we are. We complement each other well. I know my Instagram haters are jealous. I love these photos!”

Honey was a short, fit and exotic-looking woman with curly short hair. Half black and half Cantonese, this “Blasian” stunner had an insatiable sexual appetite that she often bragged about. Honey was also a rising star in the adult entertainment business.

“Top of the Rock provides one of the best sunset views of New York City, with 360-degree outlooks of more than 30 miles of picturesque views.” Maré felt. “I knew it would be a great place to go for a date.”

“This is too good to be true!” Honey continued. “I’m actually on a date with the King of New York! Unbelievable!”

“Believe it, baby girl! It is an event! You are part of my moving motion picture that is my life. This is one epic experience you will never forget!”

“What a date so far. You got me these fresh pair of sneakers, took me on a tour around Manhattan, we had Japanese Kobe beef for dinner, and here we are at the Top of the Rock.” Honey summarized. “You really know how to show a woman a great time.”

“Of course, I’m the Nature Boy. I love the way you rocking those ‘Triple White’ Nike Air Max sneakers. I hope you wear them when you decide to pose for my GoodFellas magazine.”

Honey French kissed him and said, “Of course I am, you are my zaddy.”

“Zaddy?” Maré wondered. “What is that?”

“A zaddy is a DILF that isn’t necessarily a father.” Honey explained. “He’s over 30 years old, handsome, and has swag that is off the charts. He has loads and loads of sex appeal and blessed with that ‘it’ factor. A zaddy is you, yasss!”

“I’m zaddy supreme because I make all the ladies wet and go, ‘I’ll have what he’s having’. Clearly, I’m the reason why zaddy is added into the lexicon of American English.”

“10/10 forever zaddy.” Honey agreed.

Maré’s brown tantalizing eyes lit up with lust as they slowly roamed Honey’s bare flat tummy, legs and body art. “Looking really good, baby! Your workouts are paying off. I love the results.”

“I’m super pleased with my progress so far!” Honey expressed. “I feel stronger and healthier. I cut out cigarettes and weed completely, got back into meal prep, and started actually pushing myself.”

“What were the inspiration behind your hot tattoos?” Maré asked.

“My inspiration actually comes from my life experience! They all tell a story of triumph, pain, and growth.” Honey told him.

While they continued their conversation, a crowd of young adults with smartphones in their hands recognized them and asked for selfies. The two celebrities obliged and took several pictures with their fans. After that, they decided to leave before they get sighted by another plethora of people.

They hopped inside Maré’s new platinum-black Lamborghini Centenario and sped up the streets, which attracted so many eyes. New Yorkers and tourists looked on with glee as some of them took pictures with their smartphones. Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, blared from the car. Maré lowered the volume to the music so he and Honey could converse while cruising to the rhythm.

“I’m always shock to see more gorgeous young women like yourself getting involve in the porn business. When did you decided to be an adult film star?”

Honey chuckled and said, “I officially decided to become an adult actress around October of 2016, but shot my first scene January 30th of 2017! I felt it was the perfect business for me to live out all my sexual fantasies.”

“Who is your favorite girl to work with?”

“I can’t choose one! My current favorites are Brett…

“What is your dream scene?”

“My dream scene is honestly a sultry, sexy, passionate, and intense scene with the King of New York!” Honey told him.

“Okay. What are the three things you want to do once you finally get your hands on me?”

“Fuck, deepthroat and then cuddle.”

“What is your favorite sexual position?”

“Too many to choose from. Ugh… I think I like cowgirl because I get to grind on the guy while his dick is deep inside me.” Honey said.

“If I were to make your favorite dessert, what would it be?”

“Oh shit this is a hard one because I’m a serious fat ass at heart.” Honey laughed. “Honestly, I really LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls.”

“Great.” Maré continued. “I can make those. I have a roommate. Her name is Monica, nicknamed the Predator. She looks exactly like Ruby Rose. She’s cool! Don’t worry, we never had sex and she’s not my friend with benefits. Monica is my homie!”

“That’s good to know.” Honey said.

“Her specialty is cunnilingus.” Maré hinted.

Honey blushed. “Interesting… I hope I meet her.”

In less than an hour, they entered One57, nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”, and soon walked inside the duplex penthouse. After removing their sneakers, Maré put his arms around Honey’s waist and gave her a tour of the extra extravagant apartment that occupied the 89th and 90th floors. The 360-degree views of Manhattan, the open living and dining rooms, eat-in chef’s kitchen with a hidden ceiling TV, and home theater really blew her away. The lifestyle of the King of New York was something a woman like her can easily get used to.

After the tour, they walked inside Maré’s master bedroom that had stunning views of Central Park. Honey was still in awe of his $100 million pad that floated above Manhattan.

“Six bedrooms, 7 baths, library and one impressive art collection that I have ever seen,” Honey continued. “You really are the epitome of living large, Nature Boy!”

“I’m the king of the city that’s living on top of the world. My blessings always keep me in a great mood.”

“You know what I’m in the mood for?”


“I’m in the mood to do that dream scene with you.” She replied. “I want you now, Nature Boy!”

“Oh, yeah.” Maré licked his lips. “The best curve on a girl is her smile.”

Smiling, Maré glued his muscular body to Honey. They were locked in a French kiss as they fondled each other’s genitals. The sexual heat in the bedroom was quickly rising.

Monica looked leggy in teeny black shorts as she entered the duplex. Her raven black tresses were styled in a side-parted pixie cut that framed her pretty face. As she got closer to Maré’s bedroom, she could hear some moaning and loud kissing sounds. Monica already knew that Maré was getting ready to get some action.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to intrude, Nature Boy!” She said, as she walked inside the bedroom.

“Hey, what’s up, Monica?” Maré chuckled.

“I’m good. I just came back from a walk.” Monica continued. “I like when a pretty girl is out with her man and she mean mugging me because she thinks I want her man. Silly bitch! I want her fine ass!”

Maré laughed. “You’re crazy! This is my exotic goddess Honey.”

They both were all smiles as they said hi.

Monica was about to leave the bedroom to take a shower until Honey said, “No, stay! You’re cute. Watch us fuck.”

“Oh, really?” Maré was somewhat surprise.

“I’m a porn star. I love fucking in front of people.”

“I know you do.” Maré turned to Monica and said, “You’re going to get a taste of Honey before the night ends.” He winked.

“You already know I want in on this action.” Monica spoke.

Maré and Honey began undressing while looking at each other. Once every piece of clothing was on the floor, Honey dropped to her knees and took Maré’s hard cock deep into her warm mouth. The eye contact she gave him as she performed fellatio was epic. It was as if it was love at first sight for Honey having Maré’s cock moved in and out of her mouth. His moaning and groaning were music to her ears. She deep-throated him and sucked his balls like the best porn star in the world. Honey began to massaged her tongue around the head. Maré moaned and groaned, enjoying the tongue-lashing. He was transfixed by the sight of her tongue working magic on the tip of his cock.

Maré cupped Honey’s bubble ass and lifted her up like a toddler. Excited and surprised by his strength, Honey smiled as she felt his dick slowly inserting in her. She wrapped her toned legs around Maré’s back and began humping him wildly. She definitely transformed to that untamed Honey Doll character she starred as in her porn movies. Honey nearly got exhausted from humping him so he lifted and dropped her repeatedly onto his dick.

“Deeper, baby, deeper.” Honey moaned loudly. “Yes. Fuck!”

Maré continued pumping into her.

A woman’s abs are something like magic Maré thought as his tongue skid across Honey’s perfect toned abs like an Olympian skater. His lips and tongue goes on a voyage on her sexy body. He noticed an aroma like nothing he had ever experienced before. The scent seemed to emanate from her pussy, and it had a profound effect, exciting him more. He breathed in deeply of the delightful honey fragrance, and his tongue began probing Honey’s sweet pussy. Honey moaned softly as she rubbed his head. Her erotic juices began flowing out of her.

“Your pussy taste exactly like your name, baby.” Maré uttered. “Sweet as honey.”

He plunged his tongue deep inside her warm, waiting pussy, at the same time reaching up to pinched her nipples. Honey’s moans became louder and louder as she arched her back. Maré continued lapping up the sweet honey flowing out of her pussy.

“Fuck me now, Nature Boy.” Honey demanded. “I want that big cock back inside me.”

After Maré sucked her rigid nipples, Honey pulled him on top of her and her wetness took him in with perfect ease. Slowly, he moved in and out of her, but the sensation of Honey’s pussy triggered him to quicken the pace. The pretty exotic face blessed with innocence and appeal looking up at Maré helped him maintained his rhythm. He love looking into her eyes while relishing the sensation of her vagina.

“This is the pussy of the night.” Maré sighed. “Feels so good inside you. Your pussy feels like warm slick velvet.”

“Zaddy, please? Show me what my pussy is for!” Honey begged.

“A great fucking.” Maré responded. “I’m going to make your pussy throb around for a week.”

Honey’s hot body made him pick up the tempo. Maré was tearing in and out of Honey’s pussy with every inch of his cock to give her the best sex ever. Honey was trembling; her moaning and shrieking were getting louder and irregular. Then her eyes began rolling in the back of her head because of the pleasure being so overwhelming.

“Oh, my fucking God! Don’t stop! Please, don’t fucking stop!”

Honey was getting close to cumming as she dug her nails deeply into Maré’s back, which had him fuck her harder to help heighten her climax. The orgasmic moans escaping Honey’s mouth was turning Monica on as she found herself getting aroused. She wanted so badly to kiss, touch and eat Honey. After Honey stopped trembling from her intense orgasm, Maré began kissing her passionately.

Maré lay on his back smiling as he watched Honey raised her body above his. He held his cock upright and watched in delight as she slowly lowered her pussy on his dick. Juices were dripping from her pussy down her legs as she began happily riding him like the ultimate pro. Maré moaned blissfully; enjoying the exquisite pleasure Honey’s pussy was giving his shaft.

“Yes, baby, ride your king!” Maré moaned softly.

“You love the way I ride this dick, don’t you?” Honey purred. “I told you cowgirl is my favorite position. Oh, I love grinding on you while you’re so deep inside me.”

Honey continued grinding Maré as she stared over at Monica. It was turning her on that Monica was standing in the corner watching her fuck. Monica slip a hand down her skirt and gently rubbed herself. She found herself imaging licking and rimming Honey as he hear her moaning loudly in the background. Honey was sliding up and down Maré’s cock at a fast pace. Honey was in a zone bouncing on that dick effortlessly. Up and down, in and out, she was giving the King of New York the ride of his life. Suddenly, she paused and then  slipped one leg between Maré’s, and burrowed his penis right into her G-spot. Honey resume fucking Maré in this position. The pleasure of his cock so deep inside her sent Honey over the edge. She felt herself nearing another orgasm.

“Oh, my God, you’re so deep in me. I’m going to cum so hard!” She declared.

Honey was ricocheting on the cock wildly. Eyes closed and mouth open, she never dreamed that fucking would be such an event beyond the cameras. The sensations were just too much. Soon she was screeching and her pussy was pulsing around Maré’s cock, squirting all over him. For a few seconds, she passed out before waking back up.

“That was incredible!” Maré spoke.

To his surprise, Honey wanted more. She crawled to the edge of the bed and got on all fours like a sultry feline.

“I’m not done with you, superstud!” Honey said. “I want that bbc up my ass!”

She put her face down on the bed and stuck her ass invitingly into the air. Maré was ecstatic as he slowly slid his dick at the entrance to her anus and began to push. It took him no time developing a rhythm and pounding her ass hard. He held onto her luscious hips and pushed his dick balls deep to the hilt. The slamming of his shaft in Honey’s butthole drove her wild. It felt like her hole was on fire.

“Yes, I love anal; it makes me feel so dirty!” Honey screamed with passion. “Keep pumping me! Punish my ass with that big dick. Make me your anal whore.”

Maré pumped harder and faster. Finally, he let out a groan as he unloaded in Honey’s ass. He was on his knees and drained. Sweat dripped down his muscular body as he looked down at Honey tenderly. After Honey caught her breath, she crawled up to Maré and they shared a passionate kiss.

“Sex with you is so good that we should celebrate it by having sex.” Honey jested with a kiss. “Let me go clean myself for Predator.”

Honey bounced from the bed and raced to the bathroom.

“Well, Predator, care to give me any feedback on my epic performance? How did I do?” Maré asked jokingly.

Monica poked him in the chest playfully. “Not bad, Maestro. Now, it’s time for me to complete her best of both worlds experience. I have a taste for honey.”

“Awesome. Well, I have some homemade cinnamon rolls I need to bake for our sexy guest. See you both in a few. Peace.” Maré said as he left the bedroom.

About ten minutes later, Honey walked back into the bedroom looking even more radiant. Strangely, all the hard fucking seemed to have embellished her. Monica was even more turned on by the glowing beauty in front of her.

“I came five times from my ass thanks to Maré. He rocked my pussy until I could barely stand. He fucked the living daylights out of me.” Honey laughed. “I’m still aching a little from the anal sex, but I’ll let Maré do it again like a shot. I’m sorry.”

Monica chuckled. “Don’t apologize for wanting sex and being a sexual creature. We’re only human.”

“I want a woman who will ravish me. A woman who makes me think I’m in control, but in truth she’s calling the shots.” Honey flirted with a wink. “A woman who isn’t afraid to give or receive pleasure. I crave a woman who is so enticing I’d beg to be pleasured by her…”

“It sounds like you’re craving the Predator.” Monica said softly.

Their eyes met and the magic happen.

“I love your  turquoise eyes. It literally looks like the reflection of heaven is in your eyes!.” Honey continued in her sultry voice. “Take me now. I’m ready to be your next sexual prey.”

That moment, Monica got closer to Honey and their mouths met in a wet tongue-probing kiss. Monica put her whole body into that kiss that almost made Honey drip. Both women were getting hotter and more passionate as they continued kissing. Honey helped Monica pulled her top over her head. She seemed impressed that Monica was just as fit as her with the perfectly defined six-pack abs. Honey traced Monica’s abs with her finger. Then they resume kissing. Monica sucked hungrily on Honey’s tits while feverishly fingering her box. The sound of wet pussy was erotic music to her ears.

“I love the feeling of your wetness.” Monica murmured. “Flood my fingers with your juices.”

“Yes, keep doing that.” Honey cried. “I like feeling like a slut. I want your tongue buried deep in my pussy. Would you like something to eat?”

Monica nodded.

Honey lay on the center of the bed with her legs apart and her pussy open for Monica. What a sight it was for Monica to be inches from her pussy. She was so close to it that she could smell the sweet scent of Honey’s cunt.

With a big smile on her face, Monica crawled to her pussy and said, “TGIF.”

“What?” Honey asked with a laugh.

“Tongue goes in first.” Monica answered with a smile.

Honey giggled. That moment Monica began lapping at her hot honey-pot like the best cunnlinguist that ever existed. She fingered and licked circles around her sweet-tasting cunt. Honey’s breathing quickened and she soon began to tremble as Monica glued her mouth to her throbbing clit.

“Yes, eat me!” Honey shrieked. “Eat my pussy good. Lick that clit.”

Monica continued exploring every inch and fold of Honey’s pussy like a mad predator. The scent of her pussy seemed to have her possessed. Honey was moaning, tossing the pillows around and kicking. Monica watched as Honey closed her eyes and squirted all over her face with a loud cry that echoed the entire duplex.

“Quench my thirst with your fuck juice.” Monica told her.

“Do you like my pussy? Do you love the taste?” Honey asked.

“Yes, I never tasted pussy like this.” Monica admitted. “The taste and smell has me feeling like a super predator. You taste exactly like your namesake.”

“That orgasm I just had was so intense that I can’t even move. You can do whatever you want to me. My body is yours.”

Monica slowly kissed her way up Honey’s body, leaving a wet trail all over her legs, belly, tits and face. After she stuck her tongue in Honey’s mouth so she can taste her own sex fluids, Monica rolled Honey on her stomach to give her luscious ass some action. She plant wet kisses on her soft ass cheeks, pushed them apart and contented herself by licking her ass crack. It was kind of a symbolic thing for Monica to rim her sexual prey. Putting her tongue up Honey’s ass would make her a long term lover.

“I’m going to give your ass a good cleaning.” Monica promised. “I love running my tongue down your crack.”

Honey responded with a moan. The pleasure she was getting from Monica probing her asshole had her tingling and giggling. She couldn’t believe how good Monica’s tongue felt inside her intimate depths. Honey’s moans and groans built to squeals of ecstasy.

“You know how to eat a ass so good.” She cooed.

“I love eating your ass.” Monica replied.

The combination of Monica rimming and fingering Honey was putting her over the edge. Honey began drizzling all over Monica’s fingers and face as her cries of orgasm pierced the night. She tried to pull away from Monica because she could take the pleasure no more. Monica chuckled as she continued pleasuring Honey with her gifted tongue and fingers.

“You’re not getting away from me.” Monica mumbled.

Minutes later, Honey exploded with an orgasm surpassing all the ones she previously had. Her entire body was trembling from the climax. Monica rolled Honey on her back and kissed her wet lips. Honey was basking in the afterglow of the hot sex as they lay face to face.

“That was dope!” Honey giggled. “My pussy is still tingling. I can’t stop giggling and smiling.”

Monica chortled. “You’re too cute. Do you feel nice and sexually satisfied?”

“Oh, yeah!” Honey exclaimed. “Very satisfied. You and Maré are the best!”

“We’re the best of both worlds.” Monica sighed. “And you taste like honey, Honey.”

“I know, I know.” Honey continued. “All my lovers told me that. I smell cinnamon rolls. The King of New York is  baking my favorite dessert. Let me go and keep him company. He is my date.”

They helped each other off the bed and joined Maré in the kitchen, laughing at the wildness of their lesbian sex. Maré smiled at the two sweaty girls standing in front of him as he was bobbing his head to “Honey” from The Best of Both Worlds album.

“You two sex creatures sure look happy.” Maré commented. “Baby, I can’t figure it out,
your pussy is just like honey…”

Honey and Monica looked at each other and laughed.

After a brief period of eating cinnamon rolls, Maré and Monica double-teamed Honey. The duration of their epic threesome lasted early in the morning when they fell asleep in Maré’s bed with big smiles on their faces. Honey got the best of both worlds and she enjoyed every second of it!


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Black Erotica



Her yells warble through the luxury Manhattan master bedroom. Riding him like an untamed bronca is a short Welsh beauty with blonde buzz hair. She is Riley Nixon, the rising adult film star and a pro in wild sex. She looks energetic and happy bouncing up and down on Maré’s cock.

“Whose dick is this?” Riley mouths in a sultry tone.

“It’s yours! Come… come on with it. Fuck me!” He shouts.

“Ooh, you like how I’m riding this dick, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. Ride it! Fuck me good.” He encourages her.

Riley begins plunging up and down with unrelenting force. She is lost in a sexual zone of sensation where her body is feeding off the raw sexual energy of Maré. He is thrusting up into her in a smooth rhythm. Looking down, Riley’s lush eyes are rolling in the back of her head as she pants.

“Gonna… cum…” She declares.

Instantaneously, she lifts herself off his cock and squirts on him. An intense orgasmic ripple shakes her out of senses. It subsides, and she laughs. Maré contents himself, sucking her natural 32D tits; then he rolls her on her back and ravishes her delicious womanhood. He continues pounding, getting down to her love hilt. Her cunt is sloppy, welcoming every inch of his big shaft. Their crotches collide, skins smacking again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh, my God! Fuck me!” She screams.

Yelling, she scrapes the sweaty skin of his back. The pricky sensation triggers him to dig his way into her canal. Finally, in three hard pumps, he shoots his cum into her womb. It spills out of her box, dripping down the groins.

“You love the way I’m fucking you?” He asks.

“Yes, fuck me like a whore. Fuck me like you hate me. Fuck me like I broke your heart.”

She watches that big black cock, wet with her fluids and his cum, moves in and out of her hairy snatch. The sight of it has her feeling even hotter as she is looking up at him with eyes full of lust. His fast, rhythmic motion is driving her wild. Seconds later, he stops moving his hips and kisses her wet lips.

With a sultry smile, she asks, “Are you going to fuck my ass?”

“Oh, yeah, baby.” He replies. “You know I love that position.”

“Go ahead!”

Laughing, she raises her fat luscious ass to his access. He begins fucking her then and there. She pushes her ass back against his straining dick, urging him on. He spanks her plump cheeks, making her squeal in ecstasy. Red blotches on her flesh arouses him with an impression of sexual dominance. His taunt shaved balls are slapping against her pussy. Reaming her ass harder and deeper, he gains his plateau.

“I’m going to cum, my buzz goddess.” He declares and makes his last thrust, pumping hot cum all over her asshole. She scrambles, turns around, and takes his cock in her mouth, nursing at the head to keep it hard. He closes his eyes and moans.

After regaining their composure, they go to bathroom and take a shower. Drying off, they stand in front of the mirror marveling each other’s impressive nudity. His eyes falls on her curvalicious body and wraps his muscular arms around her.

“I am working on a coffee table book called Naked. It is going to have black and white photographs with adult content like softcore porn and simulations of sexual acts. I would love for you to make a cameo. Are you interested?”

“Yes, I would love to do it!” Riley agrees. Flush of excitement surfaces on her face. “It sounds like fun. I hate how rarely I get to do shoots that make me feel cute, sweet, and sexy. I don’t wanna be that butch lesbian or the cross dresser anymore.” She says. “I like being a pretty girl.”

“And you will be. I want to capture your essence.”

“Come on, let’s shoot in your fancy living room.” She suggests. “No clothes allowed. Just us working in the nude.”

They walk into the spacious well-lit living room. He loads the black and while film to the camera, and begins snapping away. She proves to be a photogenic marvel, who needs no directions. All her provocative and sensual poses are spot on. The camera seems to fall in love with her natural beauty. A sultry smile curves her lips as she notices his raging hard-on. She reaches down, parting her wet labia with fingers, which he instantly captures. The photo is followed by several more of her erotic poses.

“Wow, that was hot!” He admits. “You are terrific!”

Entering the penthouse, where the duo enjoys intimacy, wearing a button-up shirt and ripped tight jeans is Monica. She is lost in the music blaring from her Beat By Dr. Dre headphones. Monica stops in her tracks when she sees Maré and Riley naked chattering.

“Hey, what’s going on, Maestro? Why is this girl naked?”

“She’s a nudist.” Maré tells her.

Monica playfully hits Maré in the arm. “You’re so silly.”

“This is Riley Nixon, the hottest girl in porn.” Maré continues. “She’s posing for my new book, Naked.”

Riley seems to be starstruck as she says, “Oh, my God, I know who you are. I saw you in John Wick: Chapter 2, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Orange is the New Black. I had such a huge crush on you.”

Surprising to Monica, Riley gives her a big tight hug. She finds it funny that Riley is mistaken her for film star Ruby Rose. “Wow, I am glad you’re such a big fan. Thanks!”

“Are you going to pose for the Naked book too?” Riley asks.

“No, she already retired from taking her clothes off in front of cameras.” Maré jests.

“Well, since we have this hot girl here I might just come out of retirement and pose for Naked. The Predator needs to be unleashed again on the pages. In my bedroom please,” Monica says, winking.

There, she strips down and put on her fresh pair of Hender Scheme x Adidas NMD R1 leather sneakers. As she is doing some of her signature poses in the center of her bed, Maré is snapping away. Standing behind him is the smiling Riley. She is smitten by Monica’s boldness. Deliberately, as if acting some curbed impulse out, she raises her index finger to her mouth and rubs her pussy with one hand. Perhaps, she is catching Monica’s attention that turns the latter’s Predator mode on.

After the photo shoot, Maré leaves the bedroom so the two sexy creatures can be alone and explore each other. Riley joins Monica in the bed and there is definitely a strong sexual attraction between them.

“You like what you saw?” Monica asks her.

“Yes, you got me so wet.” Riley said. “I am still dripping.”

“I want to devour you right away.” Monica continues hoarsely. “You want to be my sexy prey, don’t you?”

“You know it, my sexy predator.” Riley smiles.

Riley lays on her back as Monica rubs her hands all over her moist body, from her toes to her face. She kisses Riley gently on the lips and licks her face. Then she nuzzles down her neck and begins to suck her pink erect nipples, one after the other. She reaches down to massage and slip two fingers up her wet pussy. Riley moans with pleasure as Monica’s fingers move in and out of her.

“You like that, baby?” Monica asks.

“Yesss… Predator.” Riley warbles.

“I’m gonna take care of your pretty pink pussy.” Monica promises.

She sucks, flicks her tongue, and nibbles on Riley’s clit. Then she inserts three fingers in her wet pussy. Riley arches her back as if she is ready to climax intensely.

“Oh, my God, you know how to eat my pussy. Yes…” Riley murmurs.

Monica runs her tongue along the insides of Riley’s wet pussy lips, and then pushes it deep into her. Riley moans and whimpers, which entices Monica to suck lightly on Riley’s clit and keep on ravishing her pussy with finger doublet. All this makes Riley horny, moan, and tremble.

“Cum for me, doll face.” Monica yells.

Riley screams for the ripples of pleasure running through her cunt walls. All the juice is flowing through her love passage. She kicks, hisses and quavers for a hot bed-trembling orgasm.

“I want to taste you.” Riley says with a smile.

“All the better,” Monica said, smiling. She crawls atop Riley, nuzzling her sweaty skin, and finally squats on her face.

Riley pulls Monica down until she has her mouth glued to her lubed pussy. She sticks her tongue out, probing it inside Monica’s vaginal lips. She laps them avidly, letting Monica moan and gyrate her hips. Riley holds her firmly and captures her cunt lips anew. Monica’s love juices instantly ooze, filling Riley’s mouth that still sucks her. A measured entry of finger makes the Predator shake like a leave in wind. As she hears Monica’s moans, her tongue works faster. Monica’s body undergoes convulsions and she screams for the delirious pleasure.

“Oh, my God, don’t stop, baby.” Monica shrieks.

Riley palms Monica’s small tits as she continues digging deep in her pussy with her tongue. Riley’s tongue action is really driving Monica crazy! Monica lets out a scream of sexual release, drenching Riley’s tongue and lips with her pussy juice. She slowly falls on her back and rubs her pussy. Riley rises and hovers atop Monica to kiss her full on lips. Monica closes her eyes for a good lip-lock, as she tastes her own juices on Riley’s lips and tongue.

“Mmmmm, you taste so good.” Riley admits.

“I do love how you taste.” Monica replies with a smile.

Riley stands up and begins to lower herself between Monica’s legs. Monica smiles because this is one of her favorite positions. Their pussies squash, like lovers’ lips in kiss, and they begin humping against each other, fast and hard. They keep up with the good work until third bout of climax shakes them all over. Cumming, they embrace and kiss each other.

“What a pleasure, my movie star.” Riley breaks the ice.

Monica laughs. “No, you’re the real star. I’m not Ruby Rose, the woman you think I am. My name is Monica.”

“Oh, my God… I feel so silly.” Riley says, laughing aloud. “I don’t care if you aren’t what I thought! You’re hot; the best!”

For an answer, Monica gives Riley a long French kiss.

Later, Riley surprises her bedmates with an enviable sexual stamina. They spend the rest of the day naked, taking more shoots and having sex all over the penthouse. It is a day they will never forget!

The End

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Black Erotica

You Want In On This Action and Hear Me Cum


The weather was superb on this Tuesday morning in New York City. Sunny, breezy and low humidity. It reminded me of a perfect spring day as I took a stroll to Riverside Park South for fresh air and respite from the busy streets. The sight of the dozen geese walking along the lawn as if they were having a family reunion put a smile on the face.

Out of nowhere, a redhead jogger with a short black top and matching shorts past me. I liked the sight of her bare back and long smooth shaped legs. I wondered what her face looked like. Part of me wanted to chase her so I could get a great look of her full package, but I really wasn’t in the mood to run. So I kept on walking in my normal pace relishing the beauty of nature.

Minutes later, as if God favored me today, the redhead jogger was standing in front of Linda’s Lawn taking selfies. As I got closer, she put her smartphone away and turned around. To my surprise, it was my friend, Karlie Montana. She is a popular adult film star that starred in over a 100 porn movies. Blessed with a pretty face and flat tummy, Karlie always had a voracious appetite for sex with men and women.

“Good morning! How are you?”

“I’m good; looking for a job. I have a possible interview coming up, but my eye is on a different position that isn’t letting me know. It’s mind boggling! Ha!” Karlie said. “You?”

“Well, I’m still wealthy in spirit and pockets.” I told her. “I really do hope you land something soon. I heard about a job opening all the way in Queens.”

“Exactly. Everything seems far.” Karlie continued. “Queens is great if you live out there. This one job I applied for doesn’t have the benefits I’d like. So my eyes are on a second one, but no one tells you you’re hired.”

“Thank God, I’m a self-made man. I love being my own boss.”

“Yes, that’s a blessing! I pray that I be on your level soon. I know it’s fun being a young billionaire!”

“I enjoyed every second of it. Thank God we still have our health.”

“True.” Karlie agreed with a giggled. “I might lose my mind soon!”

“I know. Hang in there.”

“I will. Thanks!”

“What is your field?”

“Physical therapy. I love to be physical. Especially with a billionaire stud.” Karlie winked and then pointed to her pussy. “You want in on this action and hear me cum.”

“You know it.” I replied.

We stared at each other and shared a wet kiss. Now, I was convinced we were going to fuck. We had to have each other’s body. There was definitely a sexual attraction between us and we both needed some raw untamed sex to calm down.

I accompanied Karlie to her building on Riverside Boulevard. When we walked inside her fourth floor luxury apartment, she lured me to her spacious medium grey bedroom where we immediately locked lips passionately and twirled our wet tongues with great delight.

“I hope you don’t mind a little sweat.” Karlie whispered in my ear.

I caressed her buttocks and responded, “I love girl sweat.”

Then I slipped my hand down her shorts to rub her soaking wet pussy. She moaned her appreciation, and pulled away to removed her top and pushed down her shorts.  Wow, I stared at her hot body and red-haired pussy for two minutes before I tossed my GoodFellas T-shirt and kicked my khaki pants off. The raging erection I sported begged to be suck. Karlie took my cock in her mouth and cherished it like a rare black diamond.

“You have such a beautiful cock.” She told me. “Oh, I love it.”

Karlie continued sucking me off, enthusiastically deep throating me. The sensations she gave me with her oral magic was superb. I loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her mouth as she gazed at me. Karlie coated my cock with her spit and saliva before she hotly kissed the crown of it and began sucking my balls.

“You certainly do have a talent in fellatio.” I moaned. “Oh, don’t make me cum in your mouth.”

Karlie giggled and asked, “Are you ready to fuck my pink pussy?”

“Hell yeah.” I answered softly. “You haven’t become a real woman until you’ve had an orgasm from the King of New York’s dick.”

Karlie laid in the middle of the bed with her legs spread. I sighed as I sunk my dick into her warm moist pussy. I was in paradise thrusting her pussy fast and hard. The crazed fuck-face Karlie flashed me was an indication I was hitting the right spot inside her. I knew I filled her depths with every inch of my cock.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. It’s good.” She screamed.

“Is it?” I asked gently.

“Yes, oh, it’s just good. I can feel you all in my stomach.”

“Your pussy feels really good.” I expressed. “So good, baby. You’re so hot to look at.”

Holding on to her missile shaped tits, I began to speed up my rhythm even more. I watched as Karlie formed an O with her mouth as she began nodding to let me know she was about to cum. Then I felt her pussy clenched as she came with a roar. The panting and trembling of her body was as arousing as the sight of the red haired snatch that begged to be eaten.

“Your luscious cunny is calling me.” I murmured. “I need a taste.”

I dived into her pussy. She tasted good, sweet but at the same time slightly salty. Karlie giggle as she reached down and directed me to exactly the spot where she was excited the most. I glued my mouth on her throbbing clit as I pinched her erect nipples. I learned a lot about cunnilingus from Monica and the movements of my tongue was driving Karlie crazy. Rolling my tongue over her wet clit, I skillfully kissed, nibbled and sucked the lips of her vagina. When she arched her back, I knew she was getting close to cumming.

“You’re doing more than licking my pussy.” Karlie moaned. “Holy shit! You don’t need to be taught how to eat pussy. Fuck! Oh, my God! How do you do that with your tongue?”

“I got you.” I murmured.

As I kept adding to the stimulation with my skilled tongue, Karlie squirmed with pleasure. I found myself consuming the fluids that were oozing out of her quivering pussy. I tongued her to two more orgasms, which excited her. The pleasure became too overwhelming that she pushed herself away from my mouth. She could not take no more of my tongue action.

“I can’t cum again.” Karlie told me with a giggle. “You drank all my juices. It is time for you to cum. Put it back.”

“Put what back?” I asked her.

“Your dick. Inside me.”

I gently inserted my dick in her love hole and resume thrusting that good pussy of hers. The bedroom seemed to steam up as I pumped faster. I was fucking the shit out of her  and wanted this pleasure to last, but I couldn’t.  I felt myself preparing for the ejaculation of a lifetime.

“I’m so close to cumming, baby girl.” I announced.

“Cum for me.” Karlie sighed. “Please cum for me, okay.”

“You want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes, keep fucking the shit out of me. Keep fucking me.”

“Oh, here it comes.”

Karlie grabbed my ass and pulled me in as deep as I could go. That moment, I shot a big load of golden cum in her cunt and collapsed on her tits. We lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

“I needed that, baby.” Karlie spoke. “I can’t remember the last time I got fucked so good. I’m your future slut.”

I chuckled. “Okay. Good.”

“Are you coming back tonight?”

“You can’t get enough, baby girl?”

“Well, when the dick is good, you want to keep getting it.” Karlie acknowledged.

“Sure, I’ll be back.” I promised her. “Your the cream to my coffee.”

With a smile on her face, Karlie placed her mouth directly against my ear and whispered, “Anal.”

My cock sprang back to life for another demo with my new red-haired freak.


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Black Erotica, Lesbian Erotica

Monica’s Hot Night

Ruby-RoseThe full moon shone brilliantly over the vibrant city of Miami. The weather was superb for all the local freaks to come out and party with the rich and fabulous. Hence, a celebration was going on at one of the hottest nightclubs in South Beach called Club IX44. The music blared and the energy was wild! I threw an exclusive birthday bash for my best friend, Monica, and the party theme was Scarface. I invited all her sexy friends from the Florida area. The fashion in the place was a throwback to an era when cocaine ruled the world with the Versace Esque Hawaiian shirts, light-colored polo shirts, and oversized designer sunglasses.

I chilled in the VIP area sipping on A2 champagne and observing the scene. Donned in a crispy black-on-black pinstripe suit and Maury gators, I felt like a don living my mafioso dreams as I grooved smoothly to Mobb Deep’s “It’s Mine” song. I was so happy at the turnout as I took pictures and greeted fans of my GoodFellas magazine. Two sexy Cuban women with long hair and big tits sat on my lap and also danced in front of me.

Finally, Monica made a grand entrance to the song “On Fire” by rapper Lil’ Wayne in a double breasted pinstriped cream suit with ruby splayed collar shirt. Holding her hand to everyone’s surprise was the greatest porn star of all-time Jenna Jameson. She was decked out in a blue one-shoulder Cushnie et Ochs dress, which was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s wardrobe in Scarface. The guests went crazy as they cheered at the sexy duo. If this was a movie, Monica was doing a great job in the starring role of Tony Montana.

I kissed Monica on the cheek and said, “Happy Birthday, Predator! The world is yours! Look around, your party is a major success!”

“Thanks, Maestro! I feel like I’m in a movie!” Monica smiled. “This is Jenna, my prey for the night.”

“Hi.” Jenna replied softly.

I stood awestruck. I could not believe that this iconic blonde bombshell was right in front of me. Her confidence and sexiness had me smitten on the spot.

“Hi. Nice to meet you.” I said, finally, and then turned to Monica. “I’ve been with a few adult film stars, but never the greatest adult star. You definitely outdid me, baby girl!”

Monica responded with a grin. Then she told me, “You know I always get my prey.”

“That’s right. It’s your night! Have fun and we’ll catch up later.”

Monica walked away, leading Jenna to the VIP section where her all-time lovers, Samantha and Nina, occupied the table reserved for her. Looking curvy and sexy in their matching black dresses, they rose and yelled enthusiastically as they hugged and kissed Monica. She was definitely in her element surrounded by her lovers. They took Tequila shots to start their celebration in no time at all.

“Happy Birthday to the baddest bitch I know.” Samantha shouted. “34 years young.”

“And you’ve got a lifetime of amazing sex ahead of you.” Nina smiled.

Jenna French kissed Monica and added, “Of course. She always gets her prey.”

After closing the drapes to the table for privacy, Monica and the three beauties began sipping on Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The aroma of vodka and the ambiance of sexual energy had them aroused in a jiffy. Lust sparkled in their eyes and sultry smiles curved their rouged lips. They began kissing. I walked past the table, evesdropping on the sighs and murmurs emitting from their mouths. Smiling, I went back to the dance floor, letting them enjoy their privacy.

By the time Monica’s vanilla vagina shaped birthday cake with sprinkles was rolled out, all the guests sang “Happy Birthday”. The retractable roof opened for a celestial display of fireworks and, like the iconic scene in Scarface, a Goodyear blimp soared up, which read, “The World is Yours”. Right on cue, DJ Gates began spinning Nas’ classic record, “The World Is Yours”. It was wonderful! I caught this short, slender and buxom brunette stunner clad in a red dress checking me out. She was smiling and blowing me kisses. I knew I couldn’t approach her since the place was too packed but I knew I would see her again before the conclusion. 

It was close to three in the morning and yet the party went as viral as some smutty video. The strong wafts of liquor and cocaine permeated the air. Everything was positive as far as I could see. Sweaty bodies packed the dance floor, effusing heat; their multihued faces still brightened up and wild. Several shirtless gay men that looked fresh from the runway of a Versace fashion show, and majority of women, who wore very little, danced and bumped. The floor presented a good set for one wild orgy. Nobody seemed mindful as they indulged themselves into an endless erotic Utopia.

Monica was dancing behind Jenna as DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” blared smoothly. She slyly pulled down Jenna’s straps, exposing her big firm tits. Nina and Samantha accoladed in unison, making the duo giggle and keep up with the salacious steps. I noticed, smilingly, until a soft feel on my booty caught my attention. I turned around and saw that brunette stunner standing there with a sultry smile on her face. She kept me from talking with an instant French kiss. Endorsing an avowal to that amorous invitation, I clutched her by the waist and we began dancing to the blaring rap. She laughed and kissed me, letting me fondle her curves all along.

“You can get it, sweetheart! What is your name?” I asked her.

“Brittni Ruiz.” She answered with a lovely voice.

“Cute name. Are you charged?”

“Very much, hun! You should see how I get laid.”

“Really?” I was intrigued. “Am I somebody you’d get laid with?”

“Be my guest,” Brittni’s husky voice felt sweet to my ears. “You’re the King of New York, aren’t you?”


“Then this King must not be alone in bed.” She spoke, in a trill, clutching at my shirt.

“By all means, baby girl!” I promised her.

We both laughed and continued dancing to the bang.

On top of Knight Inn hotel, I took Brittni by her hand as we walked slowly across the 500-foot-high pool, which gave us a glass-bottom-view of the streets below. We could hear French Montana’s vibe song, “Unforgettable” that transcended in the night as we stopped marvelling at the breathtaking view. 

“This is awesome!” I expressed. “Look at us, we’re floating above Miami.”

“Yes, this is so cool.” Brittni continued. “This pool is one of a kind. I’ve never seen anything like that. I feel like we’re superheroes.”

“Superman and Wonder Woman.” I quipped.

“I’m in the mood to give Superman some super head.” Brittni hinted. 

That second, with a sultry smile, she pulled out my cock and began stroking it in musical rhythm. Then Brittni began performing fellatio on me. She pulled me deep into her warm mouth and sucked me with expertise. The loud sucking and slurping sounds echoed in the night air like an erotic tune.

“Yes, suck that dick good, my princess.” I moaned. “Your mouth is cock heaven.”

“I love your cock in my mouth. So good.” She purred.

Brittni continued to deep throat me before she licked and sucked my balls in her mouth.

“Yeah…” I groaned.

“I want your hot cum deep in my asshole.”

With her fat ass up, I gently inserted my dick into her asshole. Then I began pounding her, but the thrusts turned into shoves. The sensation was so astounding for her that she groaned and pushed back against my thrusts. The skin-smacks were unforgettably incredible. I felt like the ultimate stud in heat fucking Brittni doggystyle while looking down at the racing cars.

“I’m cumming!” I declared.

In unison, we climaxed then and there. Brittni shrieked and flooded my dick with her sex fluids as I charged her butthole with a hot load of cum.

Beneath the two carnally charged lovers, inside a Presidential suite, another sexual demo ensued. Fully clothed Monica was on top, osculating Samantha as Nina and Jenna watched in the nude masturbating.

“It’s my birthday and I want you.” Monica told her.

She kissed Samantha again and gently worked her way down to her big round boobs and navel. Finally, she was face-to-face with the pussy she had been pleasuring for years and began preying on it with expertise. It did not take long for Samantha to strain her torso and squirt her juices into Monica’s mouth; the latter sucked on the quivering womanhood, swallowing the nectar she always cherished.  

“Oh, my God. You’ve shook me all over.” Samantha sighed. “Yes, taste it. Taste it. Wow. I’m gonna cum.”

The dirty talk encouraged Monica to mushroom her oral and feeling action. Samantha’s voluptuous body trembled to the pleasure of being eaten. She clutched at Monica’s head, pushing it against her throbbing pussy and climaxed anew for a good ten seconds. Monica swallowed her, noisily sucking out the sex fluids that dripped down her chin.

Licking her mouth clean, Monica turned to Nina and said, “Now, it’s your turn.”

“Come and take me, birthday girl!” Nina smiled. “You know my pussy loves a good licking.”

Monica hit the right spot, clutching and pulling Nina who gasped and laughed. She rolled her over on her stomach, pushed those miuntainous ass cheeks, and contented herself by licking that cleansed ass crack. The tickling sensation of Monica’s  lingual strokes had Nina’s rear entrance be teased and made the darling girl squeal with delight.

“Oh, my God, she’s loving my ass!” Nina screamed. “Your teeth… ahh… going up my ass. Mmm, yes. Give my ass… mmm…”

Both Samantha and Jenna laughed. Monica ravaged Nina’s intimate depths until she climaxed. The birthday girl was not done with her latina prey. She rolled her over. Nina covered her face with the pillow to stifle her laughter and Monica dove between her supple soft thighs, inhaling her heady aroma. Clamping her mouth on Nina’s open twat, she sucked it as she would a juicy plum. She ate her out, unwittingly nodding over her vulnerable crotch.

“It feels so good.” Nina moaned. “This is your birthday treat! Don’t stop… please!”

She ran her fingers through the damp cropped hair of her lover who went on with licking, sucking and fingering her pussy. The sensations were just too much for Nina to withhold; she panted, squirting her juices out and filling Monica’s mouth up to the brim.

“Yes, I love your nectar babies,” Monica expressed, “the tastiest juices ever!”

Now, it was time for Monica to devour the pussy of the woman, whose carnal fantasies impregnated the minds of women and men. Jenna lay there, opening her legs. Monica took it as a gesture of invitation to have a go at the open feast. She already had those wild thoughts of adding Jenna’s juice on her face and suit, kneeling and stooping down to the dripping pussy. She inhaled the feminine essence that had the porn stars be intoxicated for an on-screen oral sex.

“Save the best ever and after.” Monica winked.

She caressed and kissed Jenna’s supple skin, deliberately crawling atop her naked splendour. Gluing her mouth to Jenna’s engorged pussy lips, she sucked the nectar oozing from her ripe pleasure harbour. Lapping Nina’s pussy, as some wild would lap the milk, she grabbed at her hips and let her be pleasured even more. Monica probed her tongue as deep as she could into Jenna’s lubed canal. She sucked her clit, noisily and avidly, nibbling on the soft pink petals along. Nina and Samantha approached the duo together, and without further ado, began sucking Jenna’s nipples.

“Come in my face, my sexy prey.” Monica begged. “I want you to cum hard. Yes… I want to make your beautiful pussy cum!”

“I’m going to cum.” Jenna cried. “It’s building up. My pussy is about to erupt.”

Jenna moaned and then screamed, giving one copious eruption out that left her body trembling. The three girls watched in pure pleasure as Jenna passed out from her intense orgasm.

“That was fabulous,” Samantha admitted. “What an explosion she had!”

“This is the best birthday ever.” Monica acknowledged. “I cannot believe how much ya’all have awarded me with your juices… these delicious juices! I’ll never get this suit  dry-cleaned.”

“That’s a good one, Monica!” Nina laughed.

“Your suit gets stained with our juices. I say, our pussies are far tastier than your birthday cake hun! My love!” Samantha said, kissing Monica on her mouth.

“It’s ours,” Monica said, putting her arms around their waists. 

The three lovers shared a passionate lip lock before ensconsong together with Jenna in their queen-sized bed. It was perhaps the perfect way for Monica to celebrating her birthday night. Well, it wasn’t the last one. They’d be having it off again in the morning but that will be another story!

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