Black Erotica

Take You Home With Me

The night air was breezy and pleasant in Miami. Maré and Monica were in his electric blue Ferrari 599 GTO looking like the 21st century version of Crockett and Tubbs, only sexier, as they cruised down dreamy Ocean Drive with the neon lights flashing in our faces. The Game’s “Ferrari Lifestyle” was blaring clearly from my car.

“I love Miami nights!” Maré exclaimed. “It is so beautiful and epic. The sexy ladies, the bright lights and the parties…”

“Yes, the nightlife in Miami is vibrant and full of energy.” Monica continued. “Miami is the party capital. I’m glad we are spending time here. I needed some southern hospitality. You don’t know how excited I am they we are hooking up Lindsey Pelas and Abigail Ratchford.”

“Those kinky girls love to put on a show for us.” Maré smiled. “They are so hot! I enjoyed partying with them whenever I’m in town. I know tonight it is going to be epic! We are fucking them. I feel it.”

Monica laughed. “Yes, we’re going to give them the best of both worlds experience.”

“You know it.” Maré agreed. “Our Barbie dolls are very sexual and craves those epic orgasms we give them. Sexy people with deep pockets always attract attention.”

“Yeah, but you’re the one with the deeper pockets.” Monica acknowledged. “I’m rich, but you’re wealthy. You’re the billionaire. You know how to make money better than many. I always wanted to know how you do it.

“I love being me! I’m not going to lie.” Maré said excitedly. “I enjoyed being smarter and richer than everyone else. I’m gifted enough to make my own luck. The millions of dollars I made from gambling and real estate, I invested in Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, Apple and Starbucks stocks that led to awesome rewards. I live a great lifestyle! I owned Genisys, the hottest gentlemen’s club in New York City, and GoodFellas magazine for six years now. My life story is dope!”

“You really are feeling yourself tonight.” Monica laughed. “Wow. It is so exciting listening to you brag about yourself with your New York accent. I’m not going to lie, but I don’t think I can fuck with that stock shit even though it is tempting.”

“Investing for the first time can be really risky.” Maré expressed. “Past returns do not predict future results. However, if you find the right stocks, it can lead to real rewards. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you about investing in stocks.”

“Cool. I don’t need to make a billion dollars from stocks. I’ll be fine sitting on $100 million.” Monica jested.

“You’re crazy.” Maré chuckled. “Let’s make our grand entrance in the this club and leave with the baddest bitches there.”

They entered the Liv nightclub, which was packed with sexy-ass women. Maré and Monica felt like the biggest stars in the world. Maré had his Hermès shirt unbuttoned to show off his impressive physique. Monica, in her usual fashion, strutted in LIV with her ‘Naomi Campbell walk’. That was art in motion that was definitely turning heads. She looked hot in her white designer sleeveless vest that exposed her amazing abs and matching leather pants. Several women and gay men were shouting, ‘Yasss’ at her. Monica acknowledged them with a smile. Screening the place, Maré finally spotted their girls in the VIP section.

Maré and Monica walked inside the VIP area where it was a bit quieter. Abigail Ratchford and Lindsey Pelas were already sipping on cocktails. They looked nice in their matching pink sleeveless sheer mesh club mini dress! When they noticed Maré and Monica, they yelled enthusiastically. Abigail and Lindsey rose from the leather couches, hugged and kissed them.

“Heyyy!” Monica said, as she took Lindsey’s hand and spun her around getting a good look at her sexy body before greeting her with a kiss. “You look amazing, my Barbie doll! Damn, I love your boobs!”

“30HH and all natural.” Lindsey smiled.

Lindsey Pelas was a short, busty blonde from Louisiana. She was a popular glamour model and a social media personality.

“Heyyyyy, Maré, King of New York!”

Abigail was the sexy brown-haired, green-eyed goddess. Her lips were perfect for kissing and sensual sucking. She was a glamour model that was blessed with a great body. Her dress really complemented her figure well.

“What’s up, baby?” Maré said.

“Come dance with me. Show me your moves.” Abigail suggested.

“Let’s go!”

The deejay put on the hottest rap song, “Otis” by Jay-Z and Kanye West, and people went crazy! Abigail surprised Maré with her dance moves. She moved well with the rhythm of the song. She was grinding her pussy against his dick, which had him aroused. Monica and Lindsey were also bumping and grinding. They started rubbing their hands up and down each other’s body. Sexual energy filled the room, and the heat coming from them had their space hot and muggy.

“I’ll bet you can’t wait to get me out of this dress and fuck the shit out of me right, Maré?” Abigail said, as she leaned back against me, swaying to the music.

Maré caressed her ass and answered, “You know it, baby girl! I was thinking about beating up that pussy all day.”

Abigail chuckled. “Yes, your hands feels so good on my ass. Oh, my God, you have me in the mood to fool around!”

“I cannot wait to have my way with your body.” Maré said.

“I love that nasty shit.” she cooed. “I might be young, but I’m ready for a stud.”

“I know you like to be treated like a slut in the bed. I’m going to give it to you real good, girl.” Maré promised.

As the evening progressed, the drinks got all of them in a mellow and horny mood.

They were ready to leave, so they left Liv and walked to the parking area where their cars were coincidentally parked side by side. Lindsey pulled out her smartphone and took selfies of her friends. All four of them felt excited on how they were going to end the night.

Monica pulled Maré aside and said, “I’m gonna ride with Lindsey in her Lamborghini so you can your privacy with Abigail.”

“Cool.” He responded.

The blue Ferrari and white Lamborghini racing up the highway was a sight. It was like a scene from Fast Five. Inside Maré’s car, Estelle’s hot new single, “Break My Heart,” blared from the custom stereo system. Abigail turned up the air-conditioning, pulled down her top, and fanned her bare tits. They were nice and firm and her pink nipples were standing at attention. Maré knew she was teasing him as he chuckled. Abigail started smiling at him.

“What do you think? Do you like?” She asked, as she leaned over.

“Hell yeah, they’re perfect!” Maré answered with a smile. “I cannot wait to suck on those jokers.”

“I heard some flattering things about you,” Abigail continued. “I hope the legend is true about you.”

With one hand, Maré pulled out his dick, and said, “My dick is so big I see fear in women’s eyes when I unzip my pants. This is the biggest dick you ever saw, right?”

“Oh, my God, it reminds me of the fat part of a baseball bat!” Abigail blushed.

“I’m going to make you feel good. You’re going to feel it in your stomach,” Maré told her.

“I can’t wait to have you inside me, Maré!” Abigail winked.

They headed to Maré’s Miami glass 4-story penthouse. Abigail and Lindsey were in awe with the breathtaking water and city views, and the mosaic of him on the wall.  opened the sliding glass door leading to the balcony to air out  bedroom with the nice summer breeze.

“You have a really nice place, Maré! It is paradise in the sky!” Abigail said.

“Thanks!” Maré responded.

“This penthouse is epic, and you’re on the top floor,” Abigail smiled.

“I’m a top floor boss, doll face,” Maré responded. “I love the feeling of being on top of the world!”

“Are you going to fuck me good with that big black cock?” Abigail asked seductively.

“You know it.” Maré said. “Let’s get it poppin’ in my bedroom, ladies.”

Laughing, they all retired to Maré’s spacious master bedroom where they immediately started stripping. Abigail and Maré sat on the edge of the king-sized bed kissing. Monica stood in front of Lindsey with her strap-on jutting out proudly in front of her. Lindsey dropped to her knees and began sucking on Monica’s big fake cock like a lollipop.

“You look so hot sucking that cock like that.” Monica grinned. “Yes, get it nice and wet so I can easily put it inside you.”

I moved closer to Abigail and we started kissing. Our tongues danced with each other and our hands explored every inch of our upper bodies. She lowered her head and sucked on my nipples. I loved that shit! It tickled, but it turned me on. I undid the clasp of her bra with one finger and squeezed her bared milky breasts. She moaned softly as I sucked and traced each nipple with my tongue.

Abigail lowered her mouth on Maré’s dick and started sucking it. Her sexy lips engulfed the head and her tongue flicked at its tiny opening. Then she gently stroked his dick with one hand, and massaged his balls with the other hand.

“Oh, shit, that feels good.” Maré moaned. “Suck that shit, baby.”

Abigail kept stroking his shaft as she inserted her tongue in his asshole. I thought I was going to cum but she stopped. Thank God, because I did not want to cum yet.

Maré crawled on top of Abigail and inserted his dick in her wet pussy. As he started thrusting forward, he felt her pussy expand to accommodate the girth of his big dick. Maré was stretching her pink pussy to the limit. She enjoyed every second of it. Her face contorted in pleasure from the pounding.

“Fuck my pussy, baby,” Abigail grunted. “Yes, fuck my pussy good with your black anaconda!”

“You like this dick?” I asked her.

“Oh yes, I love your big beautiful dick!” she cried.

“My dick loves your blonde-haired pussy,” I replied.

To the side of me, Juan was now sitting in a chair; Sharlene was straddling him and grinding her bald pussy into his dick. Juan being the pro he is was still working the camera making sure to capture every filthy moment. I was fucking the shit out of Ashleigh! As I went deeper in her pussy, I felt myself on the brink of cumming. She curled her legs up so I could really slam her wet pussy.

“I love the way you pound it! Tear it up! Tear it up!” Ashleigh shouted.

“I’m about to lift off, baby girl!” I announced.

“Give it to me, Maré! Fuck!” she said.

My balls tightened and I released a nice load in her pussy. She put her fingers in her cunt and licked them clean. I moved back to catch my breath.

“How does it taste?” I asked her.

“Good. I want some more,” she replied.

Sharlene was now riding Juan, facing away from him and toward us. I saw Sharlene getting ready to cum and she lifted up off Juan’s cock. Juan made her reach a state of stimulation so high that she discharged a clear, fluid ejaculation a good four feet across the floor. Some of her love fluids landed on my toes, Ashleigh’s face, and the floor. It was such a huge squirt blast!

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about, Juan!” I shouted. “Tear that pussy up! That’s what she wants!”

“Fuck! You fucking squirted on my gators!” Juan said, as he pulled Sharlene’s head back by her hair. Juan walked over to Ashleigh, holding Sharlene by her hair, and instructed her to suck my cum out of Ashleigh’s pussy. “What did I tell you would happen if you didn’t stop squirting on my expensive ass shit, girl?” Juan said as he shoved Sharlene’s face into Ashleigh’s pussy.

“I’m sorry! I can’t control it!” Sharlene said into Ashleigh’s cum drenched pussy.

Juan handed me the camera and I filmed Sharlene sucking my cum out of Ashleigh’s pussy as Juan got behind her and said, “I said I was gonna fuck you up your ass every time until you learned didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did! But I can clean it I promi–”

Juan interrupted Sharlene with his cock stretching her asshole out and sinking in until his balls came slamming into her sweet pussy! I got on the bed and put my dick in Ashleigh’s mouth as Sharlene slurped my cum and Juan fucked her ass. It was like a fucking filthy daisy chain! Sharlene finished cleaning Ashleigh’s pussy and I handed Juan the camera.

“Doesn’t her ass ever get sore from having you inside her, Juan?” I asked.

“No!” Juan and Sharlene said in unison. Juan grabbed Sharlene by her toned hips and slammed into her tight butt-hole repeatedly and they were both soon lost in their ass fucking La-La land.

“Come and get this pussy, Maré!” Ashleigh told me, as she pulled me on top of her.

As we were kissing, I was massaging her tits. Then I lowered myself and hungrily started eating her pussy. Ashleigh was squirming around and she reached for the sheets to cover her mouth to keep from crying aloud. She pushed her hips up to meet my probing tongue.

“This pussy tastes good,” I said softly.

“Oh, my God, this can’t be real,” she sighed.

I flipped Ashleigh on her stomach. Her ass cheeks looked so smooth and firm. I put my hands on them, and spread them apart slightly. I started tonguing her ass. I probed deep in her asshole with my tongue and heard her moaning of approval.

“Oh, my God, I’m going to cum! Don’t stop!”

I went deeper, and she trembled with pleasure as she came. I held her until her body stopped shaking.

“You like that?” I whispered.

“Love it!” Ashleigh answered. “Now, I want to ride that big black dick. I want to feel it stretch out my ass!”

Ashleigh got on top of me, sank her asshole right on my dick and started bouncing up and down, squeezing my dick with her incredibly strong sphincter muscle. This freak was obviously experienced! It went in easier into her ass than her pussy. This was amazing! Flecks of cum were clinging on my dick.

“Fuck me, baby girl,” I said.

Hearing that, Ashleigh became crazy with lust, as she began to ride me harder like a wild horse. She was squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples. Ashleigh closed her eyes as she moaned and groaned loudly. She climaxed hard, and began to grin broadly, as she looked down on my face.

“Oh, you’re so fucking good! I know this is turning you on. You’re not used to fucking girls up their asses are you, Maré?” She asked.

“Seeing you this wild with my big dick in your pink ass is a big turn on, Ashleigh,” I replied.

We switched to the doggie-style position, and Juan pulled his dick out of Sharlene’s ass for Ashleigh to clean off, as he was a firm believer of not going from ass to pussy with his sexy Sharlene. Ashleigh hungrily performed fellatio on Juan. He instructed Sharlene to get on her back in front of Ashleigh so she could lick her pussy clean too. Sharlene lay on her back waiting to get her pussy worked on while shooting daggers at Juan with her brown eyes. He had his hand on the back off Ashleigh’s head really enjoying her expert sucking technique. Juan could feel Sharlene’s look burning a hole in him and slipped his dick out of Ashleigh’s mouth. He feared that Sharlene would choke him in his sleep later that night! Ashleigh switched to cleaning Sharlene’s pussy as I caught it all on film.

Sharlene stood up on the bed and pulled Juan’s face to her clean pussy. She moaned loudly as she fucked his tongue in a nice, rapid rhythm. Sharlene was dripping all over his face. It was crazy! I never saw Sharlene this wild with lust. She squirted yet again with a screaming fury as she ran her fingers through Juan’s raven hair. Sharlene’s endless pussy juice did not drown Juan, which surprised me! She got it all over my Versace silk sheets, ruining them! I was starting to understand Juan’s love/hate relationship with Sharlene when she does that shit!

After that, I performed cunnilingus on Ashleigh. I had her pussy completely at my mercy as I ate her out. I worked three fingers in and out of her pussy. She tightened on my fingers and shrieked so loudly that I knew that the entire Manhattan had heard her. I climbed on top of Ashleigh and kissed her soft lips. Her pussy was getting so wet so I had easy access deep in her pink pocket. Her pussy lips were swollen and red, and I could still smell the wild lust in her. It felt like a pink pussy paradise inside her cute Swedish cunt.

“You’re going to make me cum yet again with that big dick! Not even my boyfriend can make me cum so many times, Maré!” Ashleigh screamed.

“Yes, I want you to cum all over this dick!” I told her.

I gradually picked up the speed. I was fucking her pussy faster, harder, and deeper.

Ashleigh was hollering in ecstasy. She looked as if she was ready to explode.

“That’s right you big black dragon of a man, give it to me hard! Make me cum! You are hitting it! Yes, fuck my cunt! I love feeling like a slut.”

Ashleigh screamed out her climax, squirting and writhing in an orgasmic seizure. The sight of that triggered my own orgasm. I shot my gooey golden load all over her tits and stomach. Sharlene walked over and rubbed it on her skin giving it a flawless ‘glow’ as Juan filmed the two sluts. Sharlene leaned over and began licking the cum from Ashleigh’s soaked tits. They both moaned with delight, which made it looked so erotic. Sharlene did her cunnilingus technique on Ashleigh until she had an intense orgasm yet again! These were the horniest girls I had ever seen!

The sight of this had both Juan and I steel-hard again. Ashleigh looked at Juan’s dick, opened her mouth wide, and begged for cum with her eyes. It did not take him long to shoot huge streamers of jism in her mouth right before I finished topping it off with some more cum blasts! Juan zoomed in close as Ashleigh held her hair behind her head, stood up, bent down toward Sharlene who was on her knees with her mouth open waiting to be fed like a baby bird and let the cum drip out of her mouth into Sharlene’s mouth! Sharlene held the huge warm cum load in her mouth before Ashleigh gave her a kiss and greedily sucked the thick milky man gravy back into hers and swallowed all down. She leaned toward the camera, blew a kiss with her cum covered lips, and kissed Sharlene again.

After Juan and I wrapped white cotton towels around our waists, Ashleigh and Sharlene left the bedroom giggling and they showered together. Juan was putting the camera away, and I walked out to the balcony to get some air.

“I had no idea these broads were so freaky man. I knew Sharlene was a dirty little squirting slutty super soaker … But I did not realize her blonde friend was just as crazy!” Juan laughed.

“That was some good shit! It was the best! Ha-Ha!”

“We were like fucking gods giving these girls a sexual epiphany!” Juan said as he sparked up a cigarette.

“Manuel has his work cut out for him, because Maré is a hard act to follow!” I stated.

“Fuck me,” I begged in a strained voice. “Please fuck me.”

Eleanor s, caressing the phallus with my hands while slathering my saliva on it. I climbed up on thdonned the strap-on, now standing in front of me with her fake cock jutting out proudly in front of her. I dropped to my climbed on top of the bed, kneeling on it and presenting my backside to Eleanor. She approached me, using her hands to caress my bottom. She parted the cheeks of my ass, dragging the side of her hand through my slit, rubbing the natural lubrication across my engorged labia and anus.


“Oh fuck Eleanor,” I moaned. Getting seconds on sex was a rare treat.

Presumably succumbing to her baser instincts, I felt Eleanor’s tongue, first lapping at my dripping cunt and then upwards to rim my asshole.

“You can’t get enough, can you Eleanor?” I groaned.

“Never,” was her reply, as she continued licking me.

There was a momentary pause where the only sounds in the room were our labored breathing. Then I felt the tip of the plastic invader massaging the entrance to my pussy, sliding slowly inside me, opening me up and filling me. My lover started to thrust, pushing her fake cock deeper inside me, the friction a delicious accompaniment to the feeling of fullness.

“Oh God yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard,” I implored. I was cumming, the orgasm slowly washing across me. I started to sag as the orgasm sapped me of the energy to kneel.

I felt Eleanor’s soft hands now grasping my hips, pulling me upright, as she pushed harder, her pelvis now pressed against my buttocks. Another orgasm crested, this one sharply spiking, making me feel as if my head was going to explode.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I cried out as I collapsed on the bed, Eleanor’s plastic phallus popping out of my vagina.

“That was scary good,” I thought. I’m never going to get enough of that. Ever.”

We were both exhausted, staring and thinking nothing, just experiencing the feeling of full contentment. Could it be any better than this? Could I have pictured five years ago that I would fall madly in love with a woman? The last five years had been a mad swirl of activity — fun, work, fucking, fighting and just plain loving. I tilted my head so I could see Eleanor, still with a glazed look in her eyes. The love of my life.

Black Erotica



A sexual demo is in progress in the master bedroom of Maré’s extravagant Miami glass penthouse that overlooks South Beach. The action from the bed is intense as Maré and the stunning Gallienne Nabila is continuing where they left off on Valentine’s Day. The glass walls seems as if they are seconds away from melting from the sultry heat emanating from the hot sex.

“You love this pussy.” Gallienne Nabila moans. “You love the feeling of my pussy throbbing all over your cock.”

“Yes, I do.” Maré sighs. “Please moan some more, baby girl! Your voice is so sexy.”

Gallienne moans louder as she picks up the pace bouncing up and down on Maré’s cock. They don’t need any music because their moaning, panting, and groaning is the erotic soundtrack to this sex session. Sheen of perspiration is coating their dark skin as their intense fucking continues. Maré is gazing at Gallienne’s tits that is bouncing up and down above him with her hard thrusts. Holding onto her breasts like prized possessions, Maré begins pinching her hard nipples.

She cries out, “I’m going to cum so hard on your dick, Maré! Oh, my God,  this is the best dick I’ve ever had, Nature Boy!”

“Cum, baby.” Maré encourages her. “The best part of us fucking is when you cum.”

That moment, Maré feels her walls tightening around his cock as she begins to cum. She is dripping all over his cock and legs. Gallienne laughs and playfully slaps Maré’s bare chest.

“I don’t know what it is about cumming, but when I experience an orgasm when I’m riding the cock it is like the most euphoric feeling ever.” Gallienne says. “I think it’s my favorite way to cum.”

“The most euphoric feeling is tasting your pussy.” Maré flirts.

“You love the taste of my pussy, don’t you?” Gallienne asks.

“Oh, yes.” Maré replies. “The best taste in the world.”

Gallienne chuckles. “My pussy needs some tongue action from you.”

Maré licks her damp neck and slowly works his way down to her perfect tits and pierced navel. Gallienne is so ticklish that she didn’t let him stay there long as she pushes his head down to her pussy.

“Such a beautiful pussy.” Maré says softly. “I want to consume a gallon of your juices. The power of the p-u-s-s-y.”

Maré takes his time enjoying the scent and feeling of her pussy as Gallienne is dripping her juices on his tongue. Looking up at Gallienne’s pretty face, Maré notices she closes her dark dreamy eyes and starts breathing rapidly. He teases her clit with his nose and fingers. Gallienne’s clitoris is sliding over the bridge of Maré’s nose, which is giving him a tickling sensation. By riding his face like a BMX racer, Gallienne is receiving a sensory overload of pleasure. Maré’s tongue is filling her moist love hole, and his nose is caressing her sensitive clit. The combination of Maré’s tongue and nose action is putting Gallienne over the edge.

“I’m fucking cumming!” Gallienne declares.

Seconds later, she gushes Maré’s face with more of her pussy juices, but he continues performing cunnilingus on her. He knows exactly where to lick and the amount of pressure to apply before sending her over the edge. Gallienne resumes riding Maré’s face; going with the flow as waves of pleasure are trembling through her sexy body.

Gallienne gently pushes his face away from her pussy and says, “I need a minute to get myself together. Oh, my God, I love the way you eat my pussy!”

Smiling at her, Maré sits up and watches her body trembles from the aftershocks. Gallienne stands on her knees and gives him one of the best blowjobs ever that triggers him to discharges the biggest load of cum on her tits. Then they stare at each other with fiery lust in their eyes. Maré can tell she is still horny as he begins rubbing her pussy smoothly. Moving closer to her, he gives her a French kiss so she can taste her own pussy juice on his wet lips.

“I taste so good.” Gallienne expresses. “I have the best pussy in the world. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, you have the best pussy in the world.” Maré agrees. “You look so hot covered in my cum. I know you want another round of fucking.”

“Yes, I’m still horny as fuck. Having sex makes me want more.” Gallienne admits with a sultry smile.

“Do you like girls?” Maré asks her with a boyish smile.

Gallienne flashes him a sultry smile and says, “Yes. All girls are beautiful.”

“I know girls are beautiful, but did you ever see a girl that’s so beautiful that you just can’t believe it? Like how can she exist and just be so…. beautiful?

“Maybe.” Gallienne answers as she strokes Maré’s hard cock.

“Well, my friend loves women with a passion. She is a lesbian and the world’s greatest cunnilinguist. Her name is Monica and she’s going to give you the ‘Predator Experience’. Wait here, Goddess. I’m going to get her.” Maré tells her. “Make sure you clean my load off your chest with the wet wipes on my dresser.”

“I want the ‘Predator Experience’ now. My pussy is tingling. I hope Monica is a ultimate freak like me, King of New York.” Gallienne purrs.

After kissing Gallienne, Maré leaves the master bedroom. In the darkness of the glass penthouse, Maré feels a wet tongue licking the side of his smooth face. He knows it is Monica Hershel, the Predator. Looking to his right, she is standing there in the dim lights smiling. To Maré’s surprise, Monica is topless and only wearing black boy shorts. Her skin is damp from showering.

Monica licks her lips. “The juice on your face is intoxicating.”

With a smile, Maré said, “It’s Gallienne’s pussy juice. She’s in the mood for that renowned ‘Predator Experience’! Do what you do, Predator! And trust me, you’re going to love her. She’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Her pussy is magical.”

“Great. Let me go and devour my next sexual prey.” Monica winks.

Then she walks off and enters the bedroom. Gallienne’s mouth forms an “O” as she appraises Monica’s naked splendor. It is the body of a slim sexual gladiator with short cropped hair that can make any woman wet between the legs.

“Wow, I didn’t know girls could be this attractive.” Gallienne murmurs. “I’ve never been more attracted to a beautiful woman like you.”

“Maré told me you’re in the mood for the ‘Predator Experience’.” Monica continues as she approaches Gallienne. “I hope your sexy body can handle a hundred orgasms.”

Monica kisses Gallienne on the lips.

“So soft.” Gallienne whispers. “And wet.”

Almost instantly, a strong sexual desire arises between the two hot sexual beings. Their wet hard kisses echoes the room like a shot. Monica playfully pushes Gallienne on her back. Gliding down between her toned legs; she splays them and went down on her. Parting Gallienne’s labia and teasingly licking her wet pussy, Monica is enjoying Gallienne’s tasty pussy. Her pussy licking, fingering and sucking has Gallienne whimpering.

“This pussy tastes so good.” Monica acknowledges. “I can feast on your wet pussy all night.”

Gallienne’s body shivers from the pleasure. Her chest heaves as she utters the guttural sounds of lust and passion. Grabbing Monica’s head, she arches her back to the glass ceiling. Monica continues on with her cunnilingus action. The aroma of feminine essence incites her to devour Gallienne’s sex fruit. Flicking her pointy tongue on Gallienne’s clit, licking it side to side, circular and teasing it vertically, Monica glues her mouth to the pulsating pussy, savoring the greatest taste in the wrold! The sensation of Monica’s carnal worship is driving Gallienne’s crazy.

“Yes, yes, yes, right there.” She chants. “I’m about to splash all over your face. Keep going. Don’t fucking stop!”

Her perfectly toned tummy tightens as the hot bliss soars up to the zenith. With a shriek, Gallienne sprinkles all over Monica’s mouth with her love fluids. Monica swallows her juices avidly that seems to energizes her. She rolls Gallienne over on her stomach to give her luscious ass some special attention. She plants wet kisses on her soft ass cheeks, pushing them apart and then licking her ass crack. The tickling sensation has Gallienne covering her face in the pillow to keep from laughing.

“I’m going to give your ass an early spring cleaning.” Monica promises as she starts rimming her. “Oh, the sight of your ass is turning me on even more, baby. You smell so fresh!”

“Oh, my God being fucked and eaten out from behind is … my favorite.” Gallienne squeals. “Please, don’t stop, my Predator!”

The pleasure Gallienne is getting from Monica probing her asshole has her body tingling. She can’t believe how good Monica’s tongue feels inside her intimate depths. Gallienne’s moans of passion are building to cries of ecstasy. Monica is really focus on her work as she covers more of Gallienne’s crack with each wet swipe of tongue and rubbing her pussy rapidly.

“Gush on my face again.” Monica demands.

“I’m cumming. It’s going to be a big one. I can feel it!” Gallienne shouts.

That second, Gallienne explodes with an orgasm surpassing all the ones she previously have as her cries of orgasm pierces the night. Her entire body is trembling from the climax. Monica’s face and hair are soggy from Gallienne’s downpour, which has her chuckling. Monica is still in her ‘predator mode’ and needs to cum fast to get out of it. She removes her boy shorts and climbs on top of Gallienne, and lowers herself between her legs. They are in the scissors position as they begin humping against each other furiously. The juices from their pussies are sprinkling wildly. They keep up with this position until Monica finally has her orgasm that shakes her entire body. Gallienne embraces her as they share a passionate kiss.

“Lesbian sex will have you up all night like you don’t have a job to report to. Every single time.” Monica says, as he catches her breath.

“And it is worth it.” Gallienne adds, as she is basking in the afterglow of the hot lesbian sex. “I needed that ‘Predator Experience’, baby. I wanted it so bad.”

“That is why I exist, to pleasure beautiful women like you to the maximum.” Monica winks. “Maré and I, are the best of both worlds.”

“You and Maré are the best!” Gallienne acknowledges.

“And you have the best pussy.” Monica smiles.

Maré walks back in the bedroom and joins the two lovely ladies in the king-sized bed. He sits back and breathes the exquisite aroma of PUSSY.

The End.

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It is Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love and affection. The weather is sunny and beautiful in New York City, and the pigeons are chirping love ballads above. Looking fresh in my black slim fit pinstriped suit and matching slip-on croc printed leather moccasins, I am standing in front of Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in midtown Manhattan waiting excitedly for my special Valentine.

Finally, my chauffeur 2019 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class pulls up in front of Magic Hour. When the door pops open, out comes my Valentine, Gallienne Nabila. My East Indian beauty is dressed in a Coca-Cola red tight-fitting mid-length, short sleeve knit dress with round neck and rhombus knit lines. The red rock n’ royalty satin pumps looks amazing on her feet. Gallienne’s moves are elegant as those from a supermodel, her lethal curves dances before my eyes as she approaches me.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, goddess!” I said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my king!” She replies softly.

Gallienne’s voice is so sensual and sexy like famed singer Sade. We embrace with a wet kiss. Her hair smells like the tropics, and the aroma of  Mon Guerlain fragrance is emanating from her body. Wow, she is the definition of class and beauty. Entering the Magic Hour, I can tell Gallienne is blown away by the inviting decor, multiple bars and seating areas, and the retractable roof with a great view of the iconic Empire State Building.

“Do we have the place to ourselves?” She asks.

“Yes,” I tell her. “I rented it for us. I didn’t want a crowd around us on this special day. Your beauty can caused a disturbance and have both sexes going crazy.”

Gallienne flashes me a smile. “Aww, thank you. I’m glad I took the trip to New York to spend Valentine’s Day with you.”

“Me too. When you hang with me it is like a moving motion picture filled with excitement.”

We occupy a table where I have gifts for her. She is speechless when I give her a dozen solid gold and red roses, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu fragrance, and a box of chocolate.

“Also, to celebrate the occasion, I’m dedicated a little Valentine’s Day playlist to you called Forever Mine. I have some Marvin Gaye, Sade, Keith Sweat and Anita Baker on there.”

Aww… thanks. I cannot wait to hear it tonight. I have a surprise for you, too.” Gallienne surprises me with a diamond Gucci wrist timepiece. “I hope you love it!”

“Thanks. I do.”

We share a passionate kiss.

“I am happy you like it. It is so hard to buy something for a billionaire. You have everything!”

I begin laughing. “So true.”

We decide to take a tour of the lounge. We come across an oversized topiary garden and a putt-putt course called Foreplay that features life-size animals in naughty poses. Then it is the Elephant Lounge and the popular moving carousel seating bar. This “urban amusement park” have us in great spirits as we are capturing every moment with our smartphones. It is as if we are filming our own love documentary.

Now it is time for us to eat. The service is attentive and fast, but the appetizers are artfully arranged and tasty. We are feeding each other Maine Lobster Roll and Carnival Burger like a pair of lovers. The DJ is spinning the record “Don’t Go” by Kevin Ross, which has us bopping our heads to the music.

“I hope this does not make you blush, but you are my biggest crush.” Gallienne winks at me. “I cannot help it. You send my blood cells in their legions. Flooding into my secret nether regions.”

“I like that. It is so poetic… I went to the Black Panther movie premiere at the Museum of Modern Art last night, and that movie is phenomenal! What a BRILLIANT installment it is! It is perhaps the best action-packed movie I have seen since The Dark Knight. What a perfect film at the perfect time in our history!”

“What is the one thing you loved about the new Black Panther movie?” Gallienne asks me.

“The one thing I loved about the movie is that T’Challa, the Black Panther, saw the Black women around him as equals. He didn’t have them lower themselves in order for him to feel worthy as king. He always look to women around him for leadership and support.”

Gallienne sips some champagne. “Any lesson from the movie?”

“One lesson from the movie is to serve a bigger purpose that is beneficial to not only just you.” I tell her. “That is what heroes do. Sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.”

“Wow, I’m excited for the Black Panther movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it this Saturday before I fly back to Florida.” Gallienne said.

“Somebody said white people shouldn’t be mad about Black Panther because they got Pink Panther.” I jests.

Gallienne bursts out laughing. “You’re so funny. That’s a good one. Speaking of pink, that “ruby” chocolate Kit Kat we you put in that box is so delicious. I never saw it in that color before.”

Taking a bite of the Kit Kat. “I got it just in time for Valentine’s Day. I knew you would like it.”

Moments later, we are moving smoothly to Sza’s hit song, “The Weekend”. I love the feeling of her soft skin. Kissing her beautiful mouth passionately as my hands are roaming freely to every spot imaginable, Gallienne trembles with pleasure.

Whispering in her ear, “You are too cute.”

Her reply, “You are turning me on. I am so wet. Tonight, I’m going to fuck you so good.”

“Ooouuu, I cannot wait to get you out of this dress.”

Then I squeezes her hips. Our laughter blends smoothly with Bruno Mars’ “Finesse (remix)” playing in the background as we carry on with our dirty dancing.


Love is still in the air inside my fabulous Manhattan penthouse as Keith Sweat’s “Make It Last Forever” song is blaring from the Forever Mine playlist. We are now in my bubble filled Jacuzzi. Our wet lips merges in a delicious kiss, but instantly gets more passionate. I am squeezing Gallienne’s erect nipple as her hand seeks my dick, already at full erection. Her hand slides up and down my dick, as we keep on kissing. My hand moves from your tits to her tiny waist, then to her toned thighs until it finally reaches it’s destination… the PUSSY.

“Am I making you this wet or is it the water?” I asks her softly.

“Both.” She purrs.

Her wet body is responding perfectly to my sensual touches as my fingers ran back and forth across her clit. Increasing my finger action, Gallienne is moaning and trembling all over, cumming hard on my fingertips. She hugs me tight until the resolution of normal breathing.

Asking her softly, “Did I make you cum hard, baby?”

“Yes.” She purrs. “Oh, I love being horny as fuck and feeling my little pussy throb. I need to FUCK! Not getting some good dick everyday is fucking with my orgasms. Take me to your bedroom and FUCK ME.”

We both get up and begin rinsing the foams off our bodies. After drying off, we slowly walk to the master bedroom. Sade’s signature song, “Sweetest Taboo” is now playing from the playlist. Gallienne is flashing me her bedroom eyes, and her body is telling me she is ready to go all night. Gallienne crawls on top of me. The caress of her firm, perky tits and dripping pussy has me in ecstacy. Gallienne kisses me and gently licks her way down to my hard abs. Then she takes my cock in her warm mouth and begins performing fellatio with expertise. The pleasure has me moaning. I love the sight of her stroking, sucking and licking my shaft in a smooth pace.

“Oh, I love the way you suck my cock.” I groan. “Keep it up, baby girl.”

Licking the head of my cock, Gallienne says, “I never understood why some girls don’t like sucking dick. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

The eye contact Gallienne is giving me as she blows me is LIT. I feel myself nearing ejaculation, but Gallienne stops sucking me off to save the moment. Chuckling, she positions herself on top of my cock and begins riding me with ease. Reaching up and playing with her tits, this seems to trigger her to get wild as she increases the tempo of her riding.

“Yes, play with them!” She beckons. “I love it. Your fingers feels so good on my hard nipples. Yes, pinch them!”

After pinching her nipples, I move my hands down to her moist hips. Gallienne loves bouncing her ass up and down on my cock. She continues her rodeo movements for several minutes before she slows down and climax with a loud cry. Then she collapses on me.

“Oh, my God, baby! You are unbelievable.” I confirm. “Wow. Now, I need to take you to the highest level of ecstasy.”

“I love sex so much I wanna fuck again after we fuck.” She admits.

Gallienne lies on the bed signaling me to devour her sexy body. She spreads her legs as an invitation to her sex paradise. Climbing on top of her, I am taking my time kissing and caressing her pretty face, tits and belly until I am face to face to her pussy.

“This is my favorite snack in the whole world.” I whisper.

I take my fingers and spread her thighs apart, she gasps when I lick her clit. Once I push my tongue as deep as I can in her intimate depths, I begin licking and sucking on her clit, which is juicy. The scent and wetness has me devouring her pussy. I eat her out with relish as I am staring at her pretty face. She bites her bottom lip and whimpers. Now she is squirming in circles.

“Yes, yes, yes that feels so good!” Gallienne squeals. “Please don’t stop, Nature Boy. My wet pussy loves the attention! Oh, my goodness. That feels so good. You’re so good to me.”

“I’ll eat your pussy to eternity, my Goddess.” I said.

Gallienne wet pussy continues secreting its tasty fluids and I am slurping it up. Her love juices are coating my mouth. She clutches my head and moans aloud as I keep licking and sucking her puffy clit.

“Maré!” Gallienne shrieks as she has one explosive orgasm. “Fuck!”

“The show is not over yet, baby!” I say.

“Yes, put that cock inside me.” Gallienne expresses. “I want to cum so hard on your dick. Make me cum so hard.”

I am between her legs and slowly inserting my cock in her love hole. Gallienne gasps as my dick moves further and further in her. Grabbing Gallienne’s tits, I begin thrusting her fast and deep. Gallienne is gazing at me as I am pounding her soaking pussy. I can feel her showering my hard dick with her juices. The sensation has me gripping her hand tight so I can thrusts deeper inside her. The intense pleasure Gallienne is receiving has her almost fainting. It is so surreal!

“Yes, deeper in there.” She exclaims. “Fuck. I want you so deep in my pussy.”

“God, you’re so fucking sexy.” I professes.

Pumping her harder, I soon stop my action to flip Gallienne on her stomach. Holding her in place, I am teasing her as I begin inserting my cock in and out of her hole gently. Moaning and groaning are escaping from her mouth.

“Faster, baby.” She squirms. “Your cock has me nice and wet.”

Spanking her ass twice, Gallienne sighs passionately. I grab her hips and resume fucking her, which has Gallienne lurching forward. She lets out a shriek as I start reaming her.

“You like this position, baby?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me please.” Gallienne begs.

She throws her ass back to get every inch of my big cock. My tight balls are slapping against her pussy. The pleasure has me screwing her ass harder and deeper, hitting her G-spot and clit simultaneously. Gallienne moans and grunting are louder than ever.

I feel myself nearing a big blast as I declare, “I’m going to cum, baby girl! I’m gonna cum.”

Roaring like a sex beast, I am shooting a hot load of my sex sauce right up her ass. To my surprise, Gallienne yells in ecstasy as she begins cumming violently on my dick. It is epic!

After climaxing, we are cuddling and kissing. Gallienne lies on top of me with her tits pressed gently on my chest.

“You have so much energy.” I tell her with a smile. “What a sex session.”

“Oh, my God, you are a fucking sex magician! Let’s take sexy post-sex nudes while we’re still high off our orgasm.” She suggests. “And have more sex.”

“Love is love.” Is my response.

Gallienne walks over to the dresser to get her Galaxy S8 smartphone and jumps back in the bed. Almost instantly, she starts taking sexy nudes of us in various poses. Then we begin kissing and another sexual demo ensues to the tune of Luther Vandross’ “Better Love”.

The End.

Copyright 2018 by Gianni Shamari. Reproduction of the content, or any part of it, is prohibited without prior consent from Gianni Shamari. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to do this, please contact me with your request.

Black Erotica

Love Is Love



It was on January 4, 2018 when I woke up to a complete whiteout that morning. The bomb cyclone blanketed the city with heavy snow. Everything was white from the windows of my luxury midtown Manhattan duplex. The fog was crazy! I couldn’t even see far ahead. Columbus Circle and Central Park were gone. It was as if I was staring at a massive blank image from a movie projector.

I put on my cozy navy blue Brunswick robe and ankle socks, and went to the bathroom to freshen up. About ten minutes later, my iPhone X began ringing. The name Lily was flashing. I began smiling because we always have fun, flirty conversations on the phone.

I answered my phone, “Lily, what’s up?”

“Hey, Nature Boy!” Lily continued. “Oh, my God, it is wild out here. The wind is relentless. There are snowflakes harder than dicks hitting me in the face.”

I laughed. “What? You are crazy. Why are you outside in that snow?”

Lily giggled. “I’m just venturing out in these streets. It is amazing how deserted the streets are. I never saw New York like this. The city is usually live! Wow, this gust of wind feels like needles against my face. I might stop by your place to relax for a few hours.”

“Sure, stop by. I would love to see you.”

“Are we going to fuck?” Lily asked.

“What?” I wanted to make sure I heard correctly.

“Are we going to fuck? You know I’m going to need your body heat to warm me up, Nature Boy!” Lily said.

“Yeah, we can fuck.” I agreed. “Do you still remember my address?”

“Yeah, I know your address. One57. Billionaires’ Row.”

“Good. See you in a few. Peace!” I ended the call.

I breathe the scent of cinnamon-vanilla flavored oatmeal emanating from the bowl as I consumed my savory breakfast thinking about Lily. She was a popular adult film star that starred in hundreds of adult movies. I was a big fan of her work. We often hang out whenever she was in town. Not to sound too horny, but I rather have Lily’s pussy for breakfast.

An hour later, my doorbell rang. I opened my  door and there stood Lily clad in a vantage white North Face mid-thigh length parka jacket, sweatpants and Timberland boots. She was a tall, slender blonde beauty of Panamanian descent.

“Get in here, you crazy girl.” I told her.

“Thanks.” She replied.

We kissed each other on the cheek and hugged. As I hung her coat up, Lily removed her wet Timberland boots by the door. Then we began slowly making our way to the living room to chill.

Scanning my large windows Lily replied, “Wow, I forgot how high you live. Where is your cute roommate?”

I laughed. “Monica is in California enjoying the warm weather. She hates the cold weather. She loves it when the sun hits her bare tits and back.”

“I like your friend.”

“Oh, you want the ‘Predator Experience’ too, I see.”

Lily nodded. “You know it.”

“She’ll be back in New York by the middle of the spring. I’ll hook y’all up.”

“You better.” Lily continued. “Oh, I forgot to say Happy New Year to you.”

I chuckled. “Happy New Year, Lily! The start of the New Year means new beginnings — new goals to achieve, new business endeavors to strive for, and…a new love life!”

“A new love?” Lily asked in her sultry voice. “More like a new dick to fuck.”

Those words aroused me. We stared at each other with lust-filled eyes, and we moved forward in slow motion. We began kissing. Our passionate kissing quickly turned into aggressive ones, devouring each other lips. Our warm, wet tongues burned inside each other’s mouth. Lily’s pierced tongue was so enjoyable. My hands roamed all over her lovely body, exciting her badly. She did the same to me. I started caressing her slightly trimmed pussy, warming it up and watching her get hotter by the second.

“You’re a great kisser, baby girl.” I told her. “I love the warm feeling of your pussy. I feel it getting fat and juicy.”

I removed her shirt and bra, exposing her pierced puffy nipples. Lily unwrapped my robe, uncovering my chiseled chest and sexy abs. She licked my strong torso and stomach as my boxers dropped to the floor. My erection for perfection captured her attention.

“I love sucking black cock.” Lily winked.

“You know, my cock needs attention.” I murmured.

Lily knelt down in front of me and wrapped her lips around my dick. I watched as her head goes up and down while she was sucking me off with artistry. She soon increased the rhythm, which had me moaning and groaning. I sounded like I was ready to explode, but I didn’t. Looking into my eyes, Lily loved the sight of me twisting with pleasure as she continued pleasuring me. She stroked me with her right hand and fondled my shaved balls until a drop of clear sticky cum wormed from the tip. With a sultry smile on the face, she licked the tip of my dick clean. It was so erotic!

“I’m happy on my knees taking care of you.” She purred. “Now, I want to ride this big black cock.”

Lily straddled my lap like an agile feline. Then she  slowly lowered her warm, wet pussy down that swallowed my cock deep inside her. She began riding me with ease. I started playing with her tits as she bounced high on my dick.

“Keep it up like a good girl; slide up and down my dick, baby doll.” I moaned. “That’s it, baby girl, cum on daddy’s dick.”

“I’m gonna cum, daddy!” Lily declared. “I’m gonna cum so hard on your dick, daddy!”

I squeezed and sucked hungrily on her hard nipples, which sent her in a frenzy. Lily began riding me faster while screaming her excitement. All of sudden, she went still and started breathing heavy. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my dick, squirting all over it.

“Yeah, cum baby!” I sighed.

Seconds later, I grabbed Lily’s ass and hoisted her up. Then I gently lay her on the couch. Now I was face to face with her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit, which made her body trembled with excitement and joy.

“Yes, yes, yes, eat my fucking pussy.” Lily cried. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Squirt again, baby.” I mumbled.

Her juice began overflowing, wetting my chin and filling my mouth. It drove me crazy; made me intoxicated. Lily’s spine arched, her lovely tits pointed to the ceiling, her long hair fell over her back reaching my belly. I was doing my best to consumed every drop of her sex fluids that dripped in my mouth. I French kissed her so she could smell and taste the sweet remnants of her essence.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me now!” Lily demanded. “I need to be fuck now. Stretch my pussy with that big cock.”

“You’re going to love how I fuck the shit out of you.” I said.

“I know I am, King of New York!” Lily retorted. “You’re going to love my pussy, too.”

I got between her spread legs and smacked her pussy with my cock three times.  The contact I made on her clit seemed to excite her. Once I was inside Lily, I began fucking that wet pussy of hers hard and fast like an elite porn star. I was getting so much ecstatic pleasure from the missionary position that I didn’t know how long I can maintain my rhythm.

“You love how I’m fucking your tiny pink pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lily groaned. “Oh, my God! I want it so fucking bad. Yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Lily was furiously rubbing her pussy as her juices poured out of her. I pinched her nipples as she rocked back and forth to the pace of my thunderous thrusts. Then with a loud roar, I shot a huge load of sauce all over her pussy lips.

“Oh, yes! Fuck.” I grunted.

“Fuck my ass, Nature Boy!” She shouted.

Now, Lily had her sexy ass up high. Once I inserted my shaft in her ass, I wasted no time reaming her. At first, Lily yelp and shrieked. Then she began panting and moaning.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Lily begged. “Keep fucking my ass.”

Pounding her harder and faster, I was driving Lily crazy with my dick. She let me do whatever I wanted to her. I owned her sexy body. Once I established a smooth tempo by pulling Lily by her long blonde hair, I was able to penetrate her ass with enough force to hear my sweaty balls slapped against her skin with each thrust. The pace I had was perfect that enabled me to use my other hand to spank her. It didn’t take long for my hand prints to appeared on her luscious ass. As my rhythm and the force of my hand slapping her ass cheeks both increased, Lily climaxed that triggered my own intense orgasm. It was great!

We lay caressing each other as our breathing gradually came under control. We didn’t say a word as we listened to the strong wind blowing outside.

“Hot damn, Lily, that was epic!” I finally spoke. “Shit, I think it was better than all your sex scenes in your movies.”

Lily giggled. “The sex was great. You fucked the shit out of me.”

“When Maré and Lily play, expect something amazing!” I acknowledged. “What the hell do we do for an encore, baby girl?”

“Well, Nature Boy,” Lily gently squeezed my cock. “If you can get this bad boy hard again, we can have another fuck session in your bedroom. Are you down?”

Taking Lily up on her suggestion, we raced to the bedroom and fucked like supreme sexual beings all day without taking a break for lunch. By the time evening arrived, we were exhausted, but extremely sexually satisfied. Needles to say, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Peace!

Black Erotica

When Maré & Lily Play




I am lost in ecstasy, floating in a river of white. The snow has me surrounded with its beauty of nature. I’m in Switzerland and it is proving to be one of the most amazing places on Earth. I promised myself a white Christmas, and God has blessed me with one. Celebrating the holidays with me is the blue eyed Swiss blonde-haired bombshell Elle. She is one of the most popular Instagram models, but also the most genetically gifted women I have ever come across.

“There is nothing like a white Christmas!” I expresses. “The snow has a way of putting me in the holiday spirit. I wouldn’t be in this state of mind back in New York.”

“It really feels like Christmas.” Elle admits. “The light snow falling softly from the sunny magical skies is so awesome.”

Putting my arms around Elle, I tell her, “I’m not a fan of winter, but I needed to be somewhere outside of the States that is cold and snowy for this Christmas. I like doing something new before I bring in the New Year.”

Elle has a big smile on her face. “We have our own Christmas village.”

That second, I catches Elle right in the face with my snowball, which has me laughing. She rapidly wipes it away while smiling and blinking away the blurriness. She begins chasing me around the house a few times before we fall to the powdery snow. Elle starts giggling almost immediately, pushing her golden hair away from her face. I am lying on top of Elle, looking deeply into her icy blue eyes, rapidly breathing misting in the cold December air.

“You are so beautiful.” I murmur.

Leaning down, we are soon kissing passionately. Elle’s lips are cold, as are mine, but our lips thaws as the kisses get hotter. I could feel her wet tongue in my mouth, hot and soft, as it intertwines with mine. Elle moans as I smooths some of the hair from her angelic face with my gloved hand. We are kissing tenderly, which is so arousing. She moans a little louder, letting me know she wanted him.

“Take some nude photos in the snow for me.” I suggests.

Elle chuckles. “What? You came out of nowhere with that. Well… I had always wondered how it would feel to be naked outdoors in the snow. How the snow would feel against my naked body. How my body would react to the cold. How would it feel to have a snowflake melt on my nipples,  my big booty and other hot places? Okay, I’ll do it.”

She races back inside the house to get ready. Now standing, I am marveling the snowman we created in front of the house yesterday. I am lost in my thoughts until I see Elle walking out the house holding my camera.

“Wow.” I murmur.

There Elle is standing there, completely naked in the falling snow, with only her new white Ugg Adirondack III snake boots on. The photo shoot begins, and she hits me with her sensually posing in a natural way without me having to give any indications. We are definitely making magic with this photo shoot. It is amazing how her tanned skin is contrasting with the snowy background exquisitely. Elle’s photos are perfect. The camera is falling in love with her, as she devours it with her sultry eyes. Elle is enjoying the showering snowflakes from the sunny sky. The snowflakes hit her long blonde hair, her angelic face, firm boobs and ass.

“You’re a goddess! I cannot wait to show you these epic photos!” I tell her.

“Let’s hurry back inside.” Elle says.

Holding hands, we walk back inside the house. Elle immediately begins putting on her bra and panties.

I take out  my smartphone and give Monica a call. “What’s up, Predator? I’m just calling to wish you and Samantha a Merry Christmas! How is your Christmas so far?”

“Christmas was fun, but the preparations leading up to the holiday were time consuming and hectic to say the least.” Monica continues. “I hope you are having wonderful Christmas. Now we have a few days before we celebrate the New Year.”

“You are right about that.” I chuckles. “I’m still in holiday mode and have no rush to get back to the states this week. I love Switzerland.”

“I bet. Enjoy your time out there with your sexy snow bunny.” Monica says softly.

“Thanks. Before I let you go, I want you to know that your friendship and support means a lot to me and is very much appreciated. Have a great and safe holiday and I’ll see you again in 2018.”

“Awww… see you in 2018, Maestro! Peace.”


Now Elle and I are binge-watching our favorite Christmas films such as Home Alone, Die Hard, Gremlins, and Lethal Weapon. I cannot remember the last time I stayed indoors and watch movies, but I have to admit this is fun.

“Why would I have dinner when I can have chocolate?” Elle winks. “A hot chocolate stud fucking me next to the fireplace is better than dinner.”

Black Erotica

Maré’s White Hot Christmas Lust

Black Erotica, News

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His Highness_cover

Billionaire playboy Maré is the creator of GoodFellas magazine and owner of Genisys, the hottest gentlemen’s club in New York City. Nicknamed Nature Boy, his extravagant lifestyle is a moving motion picture when it comes to VIP treatment, exclusive parties, exotic trips around the world, fast cars and trysts. Women love him and he lives for giving women maximum pleasure. Maré truly is the King of New York!

This novella takes you into the world of the King of New York where you feel like you’re in a hip-hop erotic movie and celebrating a lifestyle that very few can brag about. These erotic tales are perfect for your erotic fantasies and sexual desires.



The sunset around me looks like a masterpiece by God on this Thanksgiving Day as I’m cruising in my Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo listening to Cam’ron’s new mixtape, The Program. I’m about forty minutes away from my house in East Hampton, New York when I see a short, blonde-haired woman donning a gunmetal jacket, tight jeans and boots standing alongside the road sticking her thumb out. She looks young in the face and to my surprise, she raises her shirt exposing her great pair of tits. It is hard not to stop at a young girl flashing her boobs at me.

Rolling down the tinted windows of my car and telling her, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

She smiles and races to the door. “Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping.”

“Where are you heading, baby girl?”


“This must be your lucky day. Hop in.”


I unlock the passenger’s door and she immediately hops in. This young girl barley looks a day older than 18. Her innocence and commercial-ready smile makes her so adorable. She seems to be enjoying the music blaring in my car.

“You must have been chilly out here. Do you always go around flashing your boobs at drivers?” I wonder.

“No, but I knew my boobs have the power to make a driver stop for me.” She answers with a giggle. “Do you always pickup hitchhikers?”

“Fuck no. Never. Today is my first time.”

“Well, today might be your lucky day.”

“I’m lucky everyday, baby girl.” I wink at her. “My name is Maré, the King of New York!”

She laughs and says, “I’m Elisa. Thanks again for picking me up. That was really nice of you. I cannot believe I’m riding with the King of New York. Where is your king crown?”

“In my house, gorgeous!” I continue. “Are you out here to have Thanksgiving dinner with your family?”

“Yeah, I was with my ex, but we had a fight on our way here. He kicked me out of his car and left me stranded.”

“Wow, what an asshole.” I expresses. “Something really bad could have happen to you.”

Pulling up to the cream lavish mansion have Elise all smiles. I can tell she cannot wait to eat some delicious food. The mansion resembles the White House in Washington, D.C., which impresses me. There are three luxury cars already parked in the driveway.

Walking inside the house, I immediately see paintings hung on the walls, an open floor plan, high ceilings in the living room and dining space where her family is. The laughter blends smoothly with the hum of conversation happening between adults. When they acknowledges us, Elise introduces me to them. Elise’s family welcome me with open arms. There must have been fifty people here for Thanksgiving Day. Most of them are from Florida. When Elise introduces me to her parents, I am almost awestruck. Robert, her father, and Gwen, her mother, strikingly resembles Hollywood legends Richard Gere and Patsy Kensit. Not only are they genuinely nice people, but I can tell they are love by all the people around them. The energy in the house is very positive.

The mansion’s full-time staff is serving Thanksgiving dinner on a massive table in the dining room. I’m sitting next to Elise consuming the hot turkey, mac and cheese, and cornbread. As I’m sitting on the cherry flavored Pepsi, I feel Elise on my zipper. She soon unzips my pants and pulls my cock out. I am scanning around to make sure nobody is aware on what’s going on under the table. My erection has Elise’s attention as her hand slides up and down my cock. She seems to enjoy the warmth of my dick as it pulse bigger and harder.

“You are a great businessman and a talented photographer, Maré.” Robert tells me.

“Thanks. I love what I do.” I expresses. “Steven Meisel and Rita G are my biggest influence in photography. I want my work to be as great as theirs or better.”

Smiling like a young girl at Toys ‘R’ Us, Elise says, “I knew you’ll love him, dad.”

“I do. I like him right away. I like him more than your boyfriend, Jake. You need to be around great men like Maré .” Robert admits. “I can tell he grows on people.”

Stroking my dick even harder, Elise replies, “Yes, he definitely grows on people.”

“I’m honor to have the King of New York over for Thanksgiving.”

“Mr. Robert, I’m really honor that you allow me to spend Thanksgiving Day with your family.” I said.

“It’s our pleasure.”

Hours later, Elise and I retires to her bedroom upstairs for some privacy. Removing my Air Jordan 32 “CEO” sneakers, I got comfortable sitting on the edge of her bed. We begin binge watching Daredevil and She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix.

I excuse myself and went inside one of the bathrooms. I pull out my portable GoSonic toothbrush and begin brushing my teeth. I did not want any food debris on my teeth if Elise is planning on giving me some pussy. The thought of us fucking already has me aroused to the max. My dick is trying to push its way through my pants.

“I like to get my little pussy destroyed before bed.” Elise kisses me on the lips. “Helps me sleep. I need that bbc to satisfy my needs.”

Black Erotica

P.Y.H. (Pretty Young Hitchhiker)