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You want in on this action and hear me cum


The weather was superb on this Tuesday morning in New York City. Sunny, breezy and low humidity. It reminded me of a perfect spring day as I took a stroll to Riverside Park South for a little exercise. The sight of the dozen geese walking along the lawn as if they were having a family reunion put a smile on the face.

Out of nowhere, a redhead jogger with a short black top and matching shorts past me. I liked the sight of her bare back and long smooth shaped legs. I wondered what her face looked like. Part of me wanted to chase her so I could get a great look of her full package, but I really wasn’t in the mood to run. So I kept on walking in my normal pace relishing the beauty of nature.

Minutes later, as if God favored me today, the redhead jogger was standing in front of Linda’s Lawn taking selfies. As I got closer, she put her smartphone away and turned around. To my surprise, it was my friend, Karlie Montana. She is a popular adult film star that starred in over a 100 porn movies. Blessed with a pretty face and flat tummy, Karlie always had a voracious appetite for sex with men and women.

“Good morning! How are you?”

“I’m good; looking for a job. I have a possible interview coming up, but my eye is on a different position that isn’t letting me know. It’s mind boggling! Ha!” Karlie said. “You?”

“Well, I’m still wealthy in spirit and pockets.” I told her. “I really do hope you land something soon. I heard about a job opening all the way in Queens.”

“Exactly. Everything seems far.” Karlie continued. “Queens is great if you live out there. This one job I applied for doesn’t have the benefits I’d like. So my eyes are on a second one, but no one tells you you’re hired.”

“Thank God, I’m a self-made man. I love being my own boss.”

“Yes, that’s a blessing! I pray that I be on your level soon. I know it’s fun being a young billionaire!”

“I enjoyed every second of it. Thank God we still have our health.”

“True.” Karlie agreed with a giggled. “I might lose my mind soon!”

“I know. Hang in there.”

“I will. Thanks!”

“I love to be physical. Especially with a billionaire stud.” Karlie winked.

We stared at each other and shared a wet kiss. Now, I was convinced we were going to fuck. We had to have each other’s body.

I accompanied Karlie to her building on Riverside Boulevard. When we walked inside her fourth floor luxury apartment, she lured me to her spacious medium grey bedroom where we immediately locked lips passionately and twirled our wet tongues with great delight.

“I hope you don’t mind a little sweat.” Karlie whispered in my ear.

I caressed her buttocks and responded, “I love girl sweat.”

Then I slipped my hand down her shorts to rub her soaking wet pussy. She moaned her appreciation, and pulled away to removed her top and pushed down her shorts.  Wow, I stared at her hot body and red-haired pussy for two minutes before I tossed my GoodFellas T-shirt and kicked my khaki pants off. The raging erection I sported begged to be suck. Karlie took my cock in her mouth and cherished it like a rare black diamond.

“You have such a beautiful cock.” She told me. “Oh, I love it.”

Karlie continued sucking me off, enthusiastically deep throating me. The sensations she gave me with her oral magic was superb. I loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her mouth as she gazed at me. Karlie coated my cock with her spit and saliva before she hotly kissed the crown of it and began sucking my balls.

“You certainly do have a talent in fellatio.” I moaned. “Oh, don’t make me cum in your mouth.”

Karlie giggled and asked, “Are you ready to fuck my pink pussy?”

“Hell yeah.” I answered softly.


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Monica’s Hot Night


The full moon shined brilliantly over the vibrant city of Miami. The weather was superb for all the locale freaks to come out and party with the rich and fabulous. Hence, a celebration was going on at one of the hottest nightclubs in South Beach called Club IX44. The music blared and the energy was wild! I threw an exclusive birthday bash for my best friend, Monica, and the party theme was Scarface. I invited all her sexy friends from the Florida area. The fashion in the place was a throwback to an era when cocaine ruled the world with the Versaceesque Hawaiian shirts, light-colored polo shirts, and oversized designer sunglasses.
I chilled in the VIP area sipping on A2 champagne and observing the scene. Donned in a crispy black-on-black pinstripe suit and Maury gators, I felt like a don living my mafioso dreams as I grooved smoothly to Mobb Deep’s “It’s Mine” song. I was so happy at the turnout as I took pictures and greeted fans of my GoodFellas magazine. Two sexy Cuban women with long hair and big tits sat on my lap and also danced in front of me.
Finally, Monica made a grand entrance to the song “Push It” by rapper Rick Ross in a double breasted pinstriped cream suit with ruby splayed collar shirt. Holding her hand to everyone’s surprise was the greatest porn star of all-time Jenna Jameson. She was decked out in a blue one-shoulder Cushnie et Ochs dress, which was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s wardrobe in Scarface. The quests went crazy as they cheered at the sexy duo. If this was a movie, Monica was doing a great job in the starring role of Tony Montana.
I kissed Monica on the cheek and said, “Happy Birthday, Predator! The world is yours! Look around, your party is a major success!”
“Thanks, Maestro! I feel like I’m in a movie!” Monica smiled. “This is Jenna, my sexual prey for the night.”
“Hi.” Jenna replied softly.
I stood awestruck. I could not believe that this iconic blonde bombshell was right in front of me. Her confidence and sexiness had me smitten.
“Hi. Nice to meet you.” I said, and then turned to Monica. “I’ve been with a few adult film stars, but never the greatest adult star. You definitely outdid me, baby girl!”
Monica responded with a grin. Then she told me, “You know I always get my prey.”
“That’s right. It’s your night! Have fun and we’ll catch up later.”
Monica walked away, leading Jenna to the VIP section where her favorite lovers Samantha and Nina held the reserved table for her. Looking curvy and sexy in their matching black dresses, they rose and yelled enthusiastically as they hugged and kissed Monica. She was definitely in her element surrounded by her lovers. They began taking Tequila shots to start their celebration.
“Happy Birthday to the baddest bitch I know.” Samantha shouted. “34 years young.”
“And you’ve got a lifetime of amazing sex ahead of you.” Nina smiled.
Jenna French kissed Monica and added, “Of course. She always get her prey.”
After closing the drapes to the table for privacy, Monica and the three beauties began sipping on Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The mixture of vodka and sexual energy had the ladies aroused. They had lust in their eyes and wore sultry smiles on their faces. Then they began kissing. I walked past the table and listened for a minute and could not believe that I was hearing the unmistakable moans and murmurs of sex. I laughed and went back to the dance floor so Monica can have her privacy.
By the time Monica’s vanilla vagina shaped birthday cake with sprinkles was rolled out, all the guests sang “Happy Birthday” while the retractable roof opened for a celestial display of fireworks shot off. And like the iconic scene in Scarface, a Goodyear blimp soared by that read, “The World is Yours.” Right on cue, DJ Gates began spinning Nas’ classic record, “The World Is Yours”. It was epic! I caught this short, slender and buxom brunette stunner clad in a red dress checking me out. She was smiling and blowing me kisses. I knew I couldn’t approached her that moment because it was too packed, but I knew I would see her again before the party concluded.
It was close to three in the morning and the party was still going strong fuel by a wild combination of liquor and cocaine. The ambiance was still positive and sweaty bodies packed the dance floor. Sweat dripped from the multihued faces of the energetic crowd. Several shirtless gay men that looked fresh from the runway of a Versace fashion show, and most of the women wearing very little were bumping and grinding. The dance floor was quickly becoming a set for one wild orgy. Nobody seemed to care as they were lost in their hot erotic Utopia.
Monica was dancing behind Jenna as DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” blared smoothly. She slyly pulled down Jenna’s straps, exposing her big firm tits. There were a collective yes from Nina and Samantha, which made Jenna giggled and continued dancing more sensuously with the birthday girl. I observed them with a smile until soft hands squeezed my booty. I turned around and saw the brunette stunner standing there with a guilty smile on her face. Before I could respond, she French kissed me. Then we immediately started dancing in rhythm with the blaring rap music. I was having a great time playing with her body, sliding my hands from her tits, belly and ass.
“You can get it, sweetheart! What is your name?” I asked her.
“Brittni Ruiz.” She answered with a lovely voice.
“Cute name. Are you sexual?”
“I’m very sexual. You should see how I squirt when I’m fucked so hard.”
“Really?” I was intrigued. “Am I somebody you would take home and fuck?”
“Of course.” Brittni continued with a big smile. “You’re the King of New York! I always wanted to fuck you.”
“Oh, we’re fucking tonight.” I promised her.
We both laughed and continued dancing to the banging music.
On top of Knight Inn hotel, I took Brittni by her soft hand as we walked slowly across the 500-foot-high pool, which gave us a glass-bottom-view of the streets below. We could hear French Montana’s hot song, “Unforgettable” echoing in the night from a distance as we stopped to marveled the breathtaking view. 
“This is awesome!” I expressed. “Look at us, we’re floating above Miami.”
“Yes, this is so cool.” Brittni continued. “This pool is one of a kind. I never seen anything like it. I feel like we’re superheroes soaring over the city.”
“Superman and Wonder Woman.” I smiled.
“I’m in the mood to give Superman some super head.” Brittni hinted. 
That second, with a sultry smile, she pulled out my cock and began stroking it in musical rhythm. Then Brittni began performing fellatio on me. She pulled me deep into her warm mouth and sucked me with expertise. The loud sucking and slurping sounds echoed in the night air like an erotic tune.
“Yes, suck that dick good, my princess.” I moaned. “Your mouth is cock heaven.”
“I love your cock in my mouth. So good.” She purred.
Brittni continued to dreamily deep throat me before she licked and sucked each of my balls in her mouth.
“Yeah…” I groaned.
“I want your hot cum deep in my asshole.”
With her fat ass up in the air, I gently inserted my dick in her asshole. Then I began pounding her slowly, but the thrusting soon accelerated. The sensation was so astounding to Brittni that she was groaning and pushing back against my thrusts. The wet sounds of our skin smacking were incredible. I felt like the ultimate stud in heat fucking Brittni doggystyle while looking down at the racing cars.
“I’m cumming!” I cried.
We both climax in unison. Brittni shrieked and flooded my dick with her sex fluids and I discharged a hot load of cum in her butthole. My grunting climax echoed to the night.
Beneath the two sexually satisfied freaks, inside a Presidential suite, another sexual demo ensued. Fully clothed Monica was on top of her longtime lover Samantha kissing her passionately while Nina and Jenna watched in the nude masturbating.
“It’s my birthday and I want you.” Monica told Samantha.
She kissed Samantha again and gently worked her way down to her boobs and navel. Finally, she was face-to-face with the pussy she pleasured for years and began preying on it with expertise. It did not take long for Samantha to strained her torso and dripped her juice all over Monica’s tongue. 
“Oh my God. You’re making me so wet.” Samantha sighed. “Yes, taste it. Taste it. Wow. I’m gonna cum.”
The dirty talk encouraged Monica to increased the intensity of her oral and finger action. Samantha’s voluptuous body shivered to the pleasure of her clit being suck on. She seized Monica’s head against her throbbing pussy and climaxed for a good five trembling minutes. Monica consumed the sex fluids with some of it dripping down her chin.
Licking her mouth clean, Monica turned to Nina and said, “Now, it’s your turn.”
“Come and take me, birthday girl!” Nina smiled. “You know my pussy loves a good licking.”
Monica surprised Nina by rolling her over on her stomach. Then she spread her luscious ass cheeks and proceeded to lick her moist ass crack. The hot sensations of Monica’s tongue tickling Nina’s salty anus had her giggling and squealing with delight.
“Oh, my God, she’s loving my ass!” Nina screamed. “I can feel your teeth going up my ass. Mmm, yes. Giving my ass a great licking right now.”
Both Samantha and Jenna laughed. Monica continued to ravage Nina’s intimate depths until she climax. The birthday girl was not done with her Latina so she rolled her over. Nina covered her face with the pillow to hide her laughter, which made Monica giggled.
The heady aroma emanating from Nina’s pussy attracted Monica’s mouth that had her devouring it like a juicy plum. Slurping and sucking sounds filled the room as Monica rubbed her face all over that shaved pussy, licking greedily at it.
“It feels so good.” Nina moaned. “Please, don’t stop! This is your birthday treat!”
Nina ran her fingers through Monica’s damp hair as she continued licking, sucking and fingering her pussy. The sensations were just too much that Nina panted and spurt on Monica’s face. Monica quenched her thirst by consuming every drop of her juice.
“Yes, I love your nectar, baby.” Monica expressed. “The tastiest juice ever.”
Now, it was time for Monica to devour the pussy of the woman who have been the ultimate fantasy to both sexes for many years. Jenna lay there invitingly opening her legs ready to be taken by the Predator. Monica already had the wild thoughts of adding Jenna’s juice on her face and suit, as she kneeled down to Jenna’s pussy. She inhaled the feminine essence, which had her high on lust.
“Save the best for last.” Monica winked.
Then she began caressing and kissing Jenna’s supple skin all over. Gluing her mouth to Jenna’s dripping pussy, she sucked the nectar from her ripe pink pussy. Lapping her pussy wildly, she grabbed her wide hips and gently make her stretch out to pleasure her even more. Monica speared her tongue as deep in her moist hole as she could. She sucked hard on Jenna’s clit and nibbled on the soft lips of her pussy. Both Nina and Samantha wanted in on the action so they licked and sucked on Jenna’s sensitive hard nipples. They were having their way with Jenna’s body.
“Come in my face, my sexy prey.” Monica begged. “I want you to cum so hard. I want to make your beautiful pussy cum.”
“I’m going to cum.” Jenna cried. “It’s building up. My pussy is about to erupt.”
With that, Jenna had one giant eruption that left her body trembling uncontrollably. The three girls watched in amazement as Jenna passed out from her intense orgasm.
“That was fabulous,” Samantha admitted. “What an explosion she had!”
“This is the best birthday ever.” Monica acknowledged. “I cannot believe how pussy drunk I am right now. I’m never dry cleaning this suit.”
“Your suit is stained with all our juices.” Nina chuckled. “Our pussies are tastier than your birthday cake, hun.”
“The world is yours, baby.” Samantha added.
The three lovers shared a passionate lip lock before drifting off to a deep sleep. It was the perfect way for Monica to end an epic night of celebrating her birthday.
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Predator Unleashed At Last

The work day started off smoothly in the headquarters of GoodFellas magazine. Sitting behind the gold plated desk in my state-of-the-art office, I was online gazing at the portfolio of Florida model Monica Hershel. Her natural style enamored me. The chameleon-like transformations in each photo: short hair, long hair, tomboy sexiness, girl-next-door style, Hollywood and urban glamour really impressed me. She was flawless!
“Good morning, Mare!” Briana said, taking me out of my reverie.
Briana Banks was a short, sex blonde with big tits and a fat ass. She could easily pass for a Playboy bunny. Besides, what I loved about her the most was her taking personality; she was always down with having a great time.
“Hey, good morning, gorgeous! How are you?”
“Great. Who are you looking at?” She asked.
“Her name is Monica.” I told her. “She has a photo shoot with us today, the model I was bragging about to you this weekend.”
“She is cute. This should be fun.” Briana smiled.
“I hope the chemistry between the two of you may be magical. I want this to be one epic shoot for ages.”
“It will be, trust me!” Briana said, giving me one wink; her blue eyes held a glint of intrigue.
That moment, Monica showed up in my office. Her predator self was accentuated in ripped jeans, black leather jacket, and pixie hairstyle. Her rebelliousness had that tomboy swag that commanded attention. Strangely, she reminded me of her runway model contemporary Omahyra Mota.
“Well, the badass model from Florida is here. How are you?” I said.
“I’m good.” Monica spoke.
“Are you ready to work.”
“Let’s get started. Monica, I am going to capture your essence. I want you to give yourself to me. Trust me, baby girl! I want you to relax, but most importantly have fun with this sexy blonde standing next to you.”
Both girls started giggling.
“Trust me, I will!” Monica responded; her tone lowered as she appraised the curvaceous, half-naked Briana Banks. I could easily perceive the mischievous glint of carnal appetite in her eyes.
Briana and Monica changed into their “costume” for the photo shoot, which was only a large white button-down shirts. They both weren’t wearing a bra underneath the shirt. Now, it was time to began the session.
“Okay, Briana stand behind Monica and rip off her shirt slowly please.” I said, smilingly. “I want to see you with another woman and that reaction when you are touched!”
Briana did what I told her to do. She ripped open Monica’s shirt, and the sound of the tear echoed the room as the buttons fell on the floor like shell cases from a gun.
“Great. Now, Monica remove Briana’s shirt.”
After Monica removed the shirt, both ladies stood topless. “Breasts are so lovely whatever the size, shape, or color they have. Now I want the two of you to touch each other as if y’all lovers. Very gently, please! You love each other.”
The two models began feeling each other tenderly. I could tell they were really into each other with that eye contact pose and sensual touching. They explored each other’s body and I was capturing every bit of it with the camera.
Monica was totally into the action as she clutched Briana’s ass, which triggered her to squirm and smile up at her. They fed on each other’s energy and every pose they did was spot on. For me the highlight of the shoot was when Monica crawled on top of Briana and licked her hard nipple. The way she flashed her sultry eyes at me through the lens and it was spot-on symbolic to her on the top game!
“Monica… you have graced my studio with your swag and beauty, and I thank you. Job well done!”
“Anytime,” Monica replied.
After scrutinizing the negatives and prints, they resumed their off-the-camera kissing. Monica sucked Briana’s mouthwatering tits, playfully squeezing them to her gratification. Reaching down, she inched one finger parting her welcoming receptacle of pleasure. This erotic dalliance aroused me to an erection and I approached the ladies with an intention of partaking one sensational threesome.
Monica raised one hand, making stop dead in my tracks. “Hold up, dude!” She spoke up. “This won’t be a threesome party. I make love to women only.”
“Sorry, Nature Boy.” Briana laughed. “Sit back and watch how women make love with passion.”
Feeling slightly embarrassed, I stepped back and took a seat. I didn’t want to ruin their mood either way. They continued their hot amorous action, going completely oblivious to my presence. The kissing sounds emanated, echoing through the room. It was hard for me to avoid the urge of feasting my eyes on the game of two girls.
Monica was a natural when it came to pleasuring women. She sucked and caressed Briana’s tits with an artistry of her own, thereby licking the vulnerable nipples and coaxing them to hardness. Now, she had Briana completely at her mercy. Licking up her neck and kissing her body down to her groins, Monica worked her fingers and tongue into and out of her cunt. Briana moaned with pleasure as she let her pussy be devoured by her lesbian lover. She rolled her eyes in the back of her head as lust and heat rippled up her spine, making her tremble all over. Monica glued her hungry mouth on her pussy and began nibbling on her clit. Briana shrieked as she released her sex fluids, directly coating Monica’s mouth. Wow, I loved watching a woman have an orgasm.
“What a show.” I said softly.
“That’s enough for now, baby.” Monica told Briana.
“That was marvelous, absolutely marvelous,” Briana finally spoke.
They kissed some more and Monica got dressed. The aroma of girl-girl love was still fresh in the air.
“Thanks for the exclusive show.” I replied.
“See ya later.” Monica winked and waved goodbye.
When she walked out of the room, I turned to Briana and said, “You were great, girl. Wooo!”
“I know, I am so turned on. Come here.”
Briana grabbed me by my arms and we French kissed. We ended up having sex like a pair of wild rabbits in the blazing summer heat.
I Kept late hours in my office before driving back to my Sutton Place home. All I could think of was the lesbian sex demo during that photo shoot. Images of Briana and Monica making love kept flashing inside my head like a classic Michael Jordan highlight on ESPN. Now, I wanted some pussy. I pulled out my smartphone and called my freaky blonde bombshell, Nicole Aniston, who was a popular adult film star.
“What’s happening? I’m getting ready to slide through, baby girl.”
“Cool, but I don’t think the Predator would like that.” She told me.
“Predator?” I paused for a few minutes and then said, “Well, I’ll see you some other time.”
“Okay. Goodnight!”
The conversation ended. The first thing that came to my mind was, who the fuck is Predator? I knew Nicole did porn, but she never mentioned anything about her messing with somebody else in New York. I drove home feeling somewhat disappointed.
It was a warm Friday night and I decided to go clubbing with my friends at the biggest nightclub, located in the heart of the city’s famous East Village called Webster Hall. The flashy crowd mostly college students in their twenties packed all four floors of this twisted mausoleum. I was in my element, dancing with young hip people. This pretty brown-skinned woman with long hair and a short top was shaking her hips fiercely on my crotch. I knew she enjoyed dancing with the king of New York to Ciara’s “Go Girl” song. I knew she felt my arousal during this dirty dancing demo.
When the dance finished, she looked right at my crotch and then my eyes and said, “Don’t hurt me, big daddy!”
I responded with a laugh. We took a selfie and said our goodbyes. After that, I looked down to the third level and located this gorgeous brown-skinned Latina dancing close with a skinny person who wore a cap. I focused on her face and noticed it was my friend, Nina Mercedez. She looked hot in her close-fitting black dress and curly hair. I watched her dance with this person for several minutes before deciding to go downstairs. Unable to contain my excitement, I raced my way down to the third level.
“Nina!” I shouted when I saw her standing solo at the same spot.
Nina looked up in my direction and said, “Oh, my God, Mare! What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to try something different.” I answered. “You look great! I saw you dancing with a admirer.”
Nina blushed. “Oh, my God, I met this amazing person here. I’m wet right now.”
“Really? Where is the lucky guy at?”
“Woman.” Nina corrected me excitedly.
That moment, the skinny woman with cap walked over to Nina, wrapped her arm around her waist and pulled her close. Then in slow motion, they engaged in one of of the most epic French kisses I had ever seen. The woman was Monica, the person I watched Nina dancing with. They were really into the kiss as I observed them caressing each other. After about a couple of minutes, they looked at me and started giggling.
“What a week you are having.” I said to Monica.
Monica winked. “Yup. I am having a time of my life in New York!”
“Y’all two know each other?” Nina said; a hue of puzzlement stole over her beautiful face.
“Yeah, she did a really hot photo shoot for me. She is a natural!” I spoke.
“Thanks.” Monica replied. “I hope to do another shoot with you. Well, not to be rude but I want to dance the night away with my new sex prey.”
I laughed. “Cool. Do your thing.”
The two love birds held hands and went to a lower level to dance and have some salsa. Loitering there, I went back to the fourth level to meet up with my friends. They already had a group of girls with them. So we chilled until the club closed.
The next night, I was at my office looking at the next cover of GoodFellas magazine that read, MONICA UNLEASHED in big bold red letters. The sensual spread of that photo shoot really came out hot. I knew in my heart that this spring edition of the magazine was going to be a big sell. Suddenly, I got a text from Nicole saying to come over to her place so we could make love. I raced downstairs like a shot. My destination was Tudor City.
Every time I walked in Tudor City, I always thought of one of my favorite movies, Scarface. As I approached the elevator, I saw Monica standing there in a red sweatsuit. We greeted each other and walked inside the elevator. To my surprise, she pressed the 13th floor button, which was the same floor I was getting off on.
“Oh, wow, what a coincidence I’m getting off on that floor too.”
“Yeah, okay.” Monica smiled.
“No, I’m serious. I don’t know why you think I’m following you. My girl lives in this building. Do you live here?” I asked her.
“No, I don’t live here.” Monica answered.
The elevator door opened, we both got off, and began walking in the same direction. To our amazement, we stopped at the same apartment door.
“You know Nicole, too? Oh, my God.” I said.
Monica laughed. “Yeah. That looks crazy, isn’t that?”
She rang the doorbell twice. The door opened, and there stood the blonde sex symbol Nicole Aniston in her pink flimsy robe. Through the material, I could make out the dimmed shadows of her wetness between her thighs and erect nipples on her full bosom.
“Hey, y’all finally here! Now, we can have this threesome!” Nicole said excitedly, as she invited us inside her luxury apartment.
I was grinning from ear to ear. “You know, that’s a great idea, baby girl!”
Monica wasn’t having it. “Don’t even think about it, dude! You already know I only fuck girls. What’s going on, Nicole? I thought I was here to pleasure you.”
“And you will, Predator!” Nicole smiled as she planted a kiss on Monica’s cheek. “You are jealous, aren’t you?”
“Ha! So this is the ‘Predator’ you were talking about? Wow.” I was shocked.
“I like dick and pussy.” Nicole continued. “I am horny, ever ready to be devoured. How about us heading to the bedroom and better get acquainted.”
“Let’s go.” I hollered.
We slowly walked to the master bedroom. The perfect view of my favorite New York skyscraper, the Chrysler Building, was mesmerizing indeed. Nicole removed her pink robe, exposing her very voluptuous tanned body. Monica tossed her clothes to the side, revealing her skinny, but toned figure. I stripped myself in a matter of seconds. We took a few glances at each other, impressed with each other’s natural assets. We were ready for this marvelous venture!
“Come here, you two,” Nicole demanded. “I want you, Mare, to suck my tits while Monica eat my pussy. I want you both at the same time.”
To be honest, I did not mind sharing. Monica looked reluctant about sharing Nicole’s body with a man but I knew she wasn’t leaving without getting a taste of Nicole’s pussy. I could see her transforming into a pussy-crazed predator.
First, Monica and I took turns kissing Nicole. As I French kissed Nicole, I felt her soft hand stroking my erect cock. Then I grabbed her boobs and began sucking the erect light brown nipples. Monica knelt down, passionately kissing Nicole’s stomach and licking her abs. Nicole giggled from the ticklish sensation. I rolled my eyes and noticed Monica gluing her open mouth on Nicole’s pussy, burrowing in deep with her tongue. She was devouring the sex fruit like a hungry predator. Monica’s oral fixation on Nicole’s wet pussy had her moaning and trembling. Nicole tenderly caressed my face and jiggled her tits around my mouth, enticing us to keep up the great work.
She pulled back and said, “Shit, y’all good!”
Monica laughed. “Oh, no. You aren’t getting away from this tongue.”
The girls sat on the queen-sized dark bed. Monica gently pushed Nicole on her back and hovered atop her; their naked bodies touched reciprocally. It was an arousing contact, not only for them but for me as well. Stroking the shaft of my hardened cock, I ogled at Nicole who enjoyed Monica kissing her passionately and licking her cleavage. Monica slid up and darted her tongue out, entering Nicole’s mouth. They French kissed, while Monica playfully squeezed her supple boobs. Going south, she glued her mouth to Nicole’s shaved pussy, which triggered the latter to sigh. Nicole grabbed my cock and began performing fellatio on me. I enjoyed the feel of her wet lips around my dick. I felt like I was learning the secret art of eating pussy while observing Monica’s cunnilinguist techniques.
Nicole looked up at me with eyes filled with flaming lust. She purred, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna erupt.”
Seconds later, in a cinematic slow motion, Nicole’s flat belly tightened. Arching her back, she released her love juices all over Monica’s mouth. Their chemistry had me spellbound instantaneously. Monica crawled over Nicole like a puma and slowly sat on her face. It was the time for me to put some work in. I slowly pushed my cock into Nicole’s pussy and began pounding her away. Building my rhythm, I had the bed shaking picking up the tempo and rolled my eyes up watching Monica ride Nicole’s face. As feline as she ever was, she looked at me and gave a smile.
“I love it.” Monica murmured, looking down at Nicole. “Keep your tongue on my clit.”
She moaned and squirmed as Nicole tickled her spot. She grabbed Nicole’s head, holding it between her thighs. I knew the Predator’s climax would ensue any second as her breathing got shallow to heavy. Yelling, she trembled filling Nicole’s mouth with her nectar. That triggered Nicole to have an orgasm on my cock. It was absolutely fantastic!
Monica and I tried outsmarting each other as we pleasured Nicole. It was hard to tell who had the upper hand yet obvious that Nicole was going through the highest level of ecstasy she ever had. We had our ways with Nicole, trying various sex positions that came to our minds. Monica fondled her thighs and ass cheek, slurping at her clit along. Nicole’s pussy squashed against her chin as I grunted, holding one leg and fucking her wildly. Nicole shivered from the hot pleasure that drove her to the edge.
“Yes, fuck me! It is so fucking good!” She screamed. “I want to cum so HARD!”
It was such a turn on watching her go untamed. The sounds emitting from her mouth had me on the verge of releasing my golden sex sauce. Giving her violent thrusts, I felt her cunt quivering around my dick. Moments later, she squirted in gratitude. Her orgasm triggered me to withdraw my cock and push it into her rectum.
I cast a glance at Monica whose head bobbed between Nicole’s open thighs. She used her cunnilingual skill, lapping Nicole’s pussy of her cum. I resumed my tempo, penetrating her ass as deep as I could. In a matter of minutes, she shuddered to another climax. I groaned, unloading my golden sauce into her. While Monica sucked Nicole’s pussy swallowing her juices, I withdrew my cock and rolled on my back. Nicole followed my example and laughed as Monica rose, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. We regained our composure and stayed silent for a few minutes.
“Thank you for the best sex ever!” Nicole finally spoke. “It was fantastic! I hope we can do this again.”
“I cannot do this.” Monica said.
“This is a little weird.” I admitted. “I have threesomes with women who are into me. This is not going to work. You might have to choose, baby girl.”
“Right, because I don’t share pussy with a man.” Monica was very adamant.
“I choose you both.” Nicole smiled.
“No, no, you have to choose one of us.” Monica was serious.
“Well, I wish we could work something out because I like you both.” Nicole continued. “Well, goodnight!”
Nicole excused herself and went into the bathroom. Monica and I took that as a cue to start getting dressed. It was strange but we both knew our job was done there. We walked out of the apartment without saying goodbye to Nicole. Getting outside, I proffered Monica a ride to her hotel. She jumped in the passenger seat, I put my Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in gear, and we raced up the streets. Casually speaking about our sexual encounter with Nicole, we enjoyed the ride.
“I’m going to be a great pussy eater thanks to you, Predator.” I jested.
“I love eating pussies as much as you love fucking them.” Monica said, giving me a wink. “I was impressed with what you did to her just when she were with me. I think…”
“We can make a good team.”
“You know, this could be the start of an epic friendship.” I acknowledged. “Believe me, we could have a pussy conquest like no other.”
Monica smiled. “Sounds good to me. I have been thinking about getting an apartment out here. New York is a beautiful place!”
“I’ll help you with that.” I promised her. “I’m the king of New York. You know I have connections.”
I was in a good mood that I needed to hear some music. I had this collaborative album by R. Kelly and Jay-Z called The Best of Both Worlds blaring from the car. It felt like the dedication of soundtrack to our new friendship.
Monica turned to me and shouted, “Nature Boy and Predator, yeah, the best of both worlds!”
“That’s right!” I agreed. “A duo like no other!”
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A Very Merry Red Xmas with Jayden Cole


It isn’t a white Christmas outside this year. However, it is a red and sexy Christmas inside my Alpine, New Jersey mansion as my living room bathes in the evening’s sunset red-gold glow and the flashing red lights of my Christmas tree. I am glued to the huge flat screen TV that is airing the highly-anticipated rematch of the 2016 NBA Finals rematch between the Cavs and Warriors. I didn’t want to miss not one second of this basketball game. Sitting next to me clad in a silky sheer tank thong bodysuit lingerie is the sexy redhead nude model named Jayden Cole. She is getting mad and disgusted that I am giving her the attention she craves.

“I can’t believe that he rather watches a stupid basketball game than beat up this pussy.” She mumbles. “If he doesn’t fuck me right now, I’m going to hurt him.”

Her remark has me chuckling. Jayden leans closer and gives me wet kisses on the side of my face. The feeling of her warm, wet tongue on my neck and face arouses me. Then she grabs my crotch while trying to stick her tongue in my mouth.

I pull back and said, “Chill, baby girl! Stop. This is the second half of the game. I can’t miss this. I have my money on LeBron James.”

Jayden sucks her teeth, rolls her blue eyes, and crosses her arms under her perfect boobs.

“Go ahead and watch that stupid game.” She tells me. “I don’t care. Forget you.”

“Thank you.” I reply with a smile. “You look so hot when you’re mad. It turns me on.”

Jayden hits me in the arm. Then she gets up and said, “I know how to get your attention.”

As she storms out the living room, I playfully pat her ass. Staring at Jayden’s backside until she is finally out of my sight, my eyes are back focusing on the game.

Jayden reappears again standing in front of the TV completely nude. My brown eyes widens with astonishment and my dick become erect. Her hands moves down to her shaved pussy. She massages her moist clit slowly with one hand, and with the other she spreads her labia open so I can see the deep pink color of her erotic opening.

“I like that.” I murmur.

Jayden crouches down on her knees between my legs and begins stroking my cock. Still staring at me, she is wetting her full lips in anticipation. Then she slowly takes my dick into her warm mouth that has me in paradise. My mouth forms an erotic “O” as Jayden is licking and sucking my dick with artistry. She gives my balls attention with her saliva and tongue.

“You’re so hot.” I tell her. “The hottest Goddess I know.”

Jayden smiles and then deep-throats me, which has me groaning with delight. My face is contorting in pleasure as she is stroking, licking and sucking my cock in almost musical rhythm. She stops performing fellatio on me and asks, “You want to taste my pussy?’

After nodding, Jayden stands in front of me.She pushes her supremely trimmed pussy to my face to give me a better look. I can already smell the sweet aroma emanating from her cunt.

“I know it’s juicy like cherries.”

I give her pussy a wet kiss, and then lick it. Spreading her cunt lips, I begin sucking her clit. She is very creamy and I am quenching my thirst with her erotic juice. After consuming enough of her essence, I let her get a taste of her own fluids on my lips as we French kiss passionately.

“Put your big cock inside me.” Jayden proposes. “Beat up this pussy good.”

Now she is laying on the couch with her legs spread. I begin rubbing my dick up and down the opening of her cunt until I finally insert my cockhead into her ravenous pussy. Jayden sighs as she stares at me with those lustful eyes of hers.I start penetrating her slowly, but once I hear the Cavs won the game, the pace quickens. Jayden’s moans and groans of passion quickly overwhelmes the sound of the TV.

“It is paradise inside you, baby.”

“Fuck me.” Jayden moans. “That’s it, fuck me harder.”

I am thrusting deeper and harder inside her. Looking down, I love the sight of my dick penetrating Jayden’s shaved pussy lips. Now, I am hearing Jayden’s breathing becoming heavy and rapid. I know she is close to cumming how she is panting and her eyes getting glassy.

“You’re about to cum on this dick?” I asks.

The pleasure is so good that Jayden cannot talk. I continue pumping in and out of her pussy. Clawing at my back, Jayden’s body shudders as she has has one massive orgasm. I feel myself getting ready to cum. After two hard pumps, I shoot my warm golden load into her pussy. The sensation of her erotic hole hungrily milking my cock is epic. My own cum mixing with her juice is dripping out of her cunt. Sighing, Jayden is cupping my face with her soft hands and we are kissing again.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

“Merry Christmas, baby girl.” I whisper to her.

Smiling, Jayden says, “It is a holiday. I am not done with you yet.”

Jayden sits on my erect cock facing me, and begins riding me. We are soon performing every sexual position we can think of during the duration of R. Kelly’s 12 Nights of Christmas album playing on my stereo. This Christmas has truly been one of the best in my life.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Sisters in Sin on Thanksgiving

starr-sistersThe Thanksgiving Day started out with the chef’s kitchen in my Park Avenue triplex. I was seasoning the turkey wings and vegetables; meanwhile, Monica was cutting cheese for the macaroni. We were in the zone getting on with our culinary, listening to the classic rap music. I looked at Monica, inwardly appreciating her for giving me the helping hand. She looked radiant, sporting a short side part hairstyle.



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Cum Over